Thursday, 10 July 2014


Ah now here we are, we are getting somewhere!

More are arrested in Germany and expelled. I have been waiting for this and an ready now to show and explain a bit more regarding the incompetence of the Americans and the American agencies when it comes to shooting in everyone including friends.

In fact this had happened so quickly it is almost like the Germans read my mind?! I shall explain ...

I thought it would take a bit of time for them to make sure that they get things correct, no mistakes and no egg on own faces!

But once enough time had passed I thought and hoped that many would come at once and what with this being thee if them now looking good ... or bad ... depending on your point of view?

Niue what I find interesting here is that it is all the Germans going great guns! I guess they are just more efficient and possibly smarter or pertussis better equipped than other European countries?

Maybe not just European countries either!

The fact that there have been several in a short space of time means that if the so called friends of the Americans were to reciprocate then they would be very good at exposing them!

That is it and that is all!

Oh OK I feel I should elaborate further. If the Germans were spying in the Americans they would have discovered all theses spies a lot sooner and this is based on the Americans lame excuses based on false and fully claims. They truly do have a down the nose attitude towards foreigners and their countries.

Now I expect that France may well be next and then possibly Italy? Later perhaps you might get Spanish arrests and people down the edit door too?

After all other European countries will not want to be looked the fools and out of date?! They should be like all 'oh, hey, hey?! Hire they caught ten and we have jack, eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?'

Germany expels US spy row official

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