Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I am up to something, well aren't I always?

I am up to two things and that does not include the big reveal that will come around August, well one big one and one small one ... well more likely a series of both between now and then.

Right now I am looking for an address I need to go to in the next few days and I have to be ... prepared for it!

I am also going to need to send of two emails, oh yeah it is three things, I forgot about the things I have in motion designed to take way too long by knowing how they will behave so that they appear extremely guilty.

Time to draw that line in the sand!

I also have something else to do tomorrow ... oooh for the love o ... four bloody things! Good job when I plan these things and set them in motion many just move along at their own momentum. Some extremely slowly which is so predictable and exactly as I want them to do.

I cannot say what they are until they are done as the element of surprise is everything, especially as I now know they are all on here like hawks! BUGGER IT!!! .... FIVE THINGS! Thank ... you ... FIBROFOG!

Forgetting means nothing nor has any effect ... most of the time and in these cases does not in fact time is an important factor in my systematic destroying of said ... lets say organisations?!

However not only did I want to leave these brain twisters and set them aflight ... out into the ether I also wanted to explain something I forgot to and remembered today and was having conversations with two slightly shocked friends.

I mentioned recently that I spoke to someone on the phone ... no names as ever and no information either other than when they had a diagnosis ... err ... a possible diagnosis of one of two conditions with Fibromyalgia being one Atos got informed about it as did the DWP. What I was told next kind of shocked me ...

1 She was contacted by Atos and told she would not need assessing and that would never need to again

2 The DWP awarded here DLA, possibly PIPS, and that they backdated this for a year on top of this but would go back no further and she received £2,000.

Very interesting Davies!

I was quizzed by some that forget that I forget and I said no and then while talking about why I had not I did state that it did not matter as I had proved what was wrong and that I had already claimed for PIPS and for backdated DLA and that this was solely done at a time prior to the Guy's Hospital visit, which itself was a giant set up on my part, so that I would be refused to be awarded it right on top of having it diagnosed and with my medical records on the missing list.

Yeah I do like to act surprised but only when I am surprised, not that they did what they did you understand but that they acted just as I predicted. Unfortunately I am deliberately misleading by being ... selective with what I say to keep puzzle lovers on their toes and my enemies all at sea adrift without a paddle or a sail.

It seems my friends are more determined to just get me to finally put an and to it and get what I should have done all along. These were friends that told everyone I was not due any of these things and along with many others stated there was nothing wrong with me, themselves angry internally that because of the lack of action towards me by the NHS that they were made to look ... silly. Then what comes next is the asking if what happened to me can happen to them. This is easy for people to convince themselves no and that they know better or know their GP, despite me getting it wrong with the last two!

But then there is something that occurs to them later and makes them doubt their own ... opinions on what has gone on and start to genuinely ask questions of their own situation ...

Because they wonder if they would get lied to about their children, be they just toddlers or even teenagers! Then there is the elderly and frail grandmother or grandfather with his breathing issues and so on and so forth.

Like so many other things this was something I just had to let happen naturally over time. As well as those there are the ones that have lost those closest to them and for this my heart truly goes out to you all. If they had suspicions I may have provided them with the fuel to fan the flames of those suspicions? Or given them reasons and ways to find out if someone's death was indeed of a different reason to that told to them?

It is just a natural process that is painfully slow and I knew 7 years ago that if my suspicions were correct I had to wait for all the things that take inordinate amounts of time each to work their ... stuff!

Rather bizarrely many do not see these and just see this blog and think it is I that has the power to set things off and that after two years if I have not then I never will. With each month that goes by and no big milestones that they have expected to occur do not they become more negative about the outcome and ignore the ever bigger numbers growing faster all the while?!

Now I find these things bizarre and the reasons used to reach them ... fascinating!

I just simply do not work this way and this is why I find it fascinating and I wonder how their minds think? Is it down to boredom with hearing about the bad but never the good? I simply do not know but suspect it is something like that. As this negativity grows so do the numbers I reach, regardless of the percentage of a good way or bad way in which I reach them.

They come back around that mountain eventually one way or another.

As for my ... last hurrahs they were not expected but will be gratefully received and very gratefully so if they come loaded with ripe fruit! Would be a good thing to end certain ... things on that is for sure.

Tomorrow I am busy and will have to try very hard not to tie myself up in knots and am not even sure where I am going just yet!

I also had to admit to my friends that despite £2,000 being a mere tiny fraction compared to all the grief they have caused me for a dozen years is nothing. However, receiving a portion like that right now would not replace my stolen Litespeed but it could allow me to get a much needed new bike and a number of other things that would quite literally propel my YouTube account and my blogs into the stratosphere in as little as 6 months! Provided I get it ... before September that is otherwise it will take a little longer and maybe eight months?

Upon chatting about this it has stuck in my mind and I am thinking of the difference this would make more and more as this day went on. Maybe it is time that I am to put a stop to it all and the trap does not work anyway unless they provide me with paperwork or an email or two!

Now my theory is based on the fact that they have now realised this and that no matter what they decide to do every single move they make against me backfires on them ten fold?!

Solution? Only solution to his problem? Ignoring the enemy on the offensive with every move made. Simply do not answer his or her requests and never send a decision letter. It is not the first time that have done this and last time I let if fly. Because I was not in a good position, needed a better position, needed the factor of time to make them look guilty as charged and added to this ... can you guess? For them to now do this TWICE!


So the answer has not come in what must be a minimum of five months, if February like they stated in letter, or seven months if I applied before Christmas like I thought I had?

But if an answer never comes all they are actually in effect doing is stringing it out as the stupid rule of only back-paying for three  months, though they paid this lady for a year, remains the same. It should not and here lies the exact reason why!

If this indeed is what they now think that this is what they are doing, with each week that passes while not responding it is another week chopped of the year back-pay they do not have to pay. So £200 per week by playing the dumb village idiots!

Now if this is the case they have simply not thought things through, yet again. Nor have they considered that if an argument exists that I have proved time and time again that I will know what this argument against this excuse is ... and I do!

It is date of application and this does not change, you keep putting it off and the only things that realistically happens is the figure handed out gets bigger. The back-pay of a year is only up until the point I applied and anything beyond that is just more gravy!

Or in other words is a back-pay for one year of Fibromyalgia is £2,000 then for 18 months it becomes £3,000 and this is what it is currently close to and maybe tipped beyond this point.

Of course we are all now patiently waiting, well I am, for the outcome of the claim made so many months ago that has no reason to take more than two weeks, states that it is supposed to be done within 6 weeks and currently has taken 6 months, give or take a month.

Of course this payment was made on a basis of an either/or diagnosis while neither Fibromyalgia nor Lupus had been confirmed yet. Which then may have you ask why how is it that they do this and yet have not with me several times? How is it that now a confirmed diagnosis has been made I have not been awarded anything?

So lets alter the playing field shall we?

Watch this space!

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