Thursday, 24 July 2014


And here we are one again full circle with the Police!

Here is a BBC report I need my own daughter to be aware of because the Police think they can bully a young girl to the edge is suicide and all because they do not like the fact that I have recorded then, literally and more than serval times too, lying and being incompetent and then lying abut the incompetence.
All in here in glorious technicolour ... or Dolby Stereo?! Lol!

Now here is a link to a BBC report on hire the Metropolitan Police investigate justice campaigns?!

Justice campaigns?! My word! I set out from day I've to achieve niue than anyone had previously?! Bit just with one field either but in a large handful of them too!

They take humongous amount of your taxes and then investigate you for accusing them off not pulling their finger it out.

Now to get my daughters attention to this post?!

Met investigated 18 justice campaigns

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