Friday, 4 July 2014


I hope you enjoyed the title?

Now this is a run through of Fibromyalgia and all that I can remember thus far and all the pitfalls to watch out for if suffering with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

It may turn out that large parts are helpful to others with disabilities too, if so then I am glad to be of help.

Well now let me see.

Wanted to do this for awhile now and it will be several days before I finish this using OfficeSuite Pro. I used to use QuickOffice until Google got a hold of it and ruined it like they seen intent on doing everything else. Week that is after they have concentrated on it to make it plush and lively to get everyone hooked before moving into the next in the list of world domination, lol.

As many of you now know I am well aware that I suffer with Fibromyalgia but that I have had this a very long time now. A very long time indeed.

In what seems like an eternity I spent many a month which soon became a year trying to understand and link together the various things that seemed to be going on with me. I never understood quite how so many things could occur with one person she scientifically it seemed impossible, let alone improbable.

I pleaded with a while string of Doctors in that time in a long list of surgeries and hospitals but to no avail. After awhile I thought I must have something ... exotic, rare and maybe even unique? I figured that there must be medical scientists that like myself in my own fields of science strive for the puzzles contained within, looked for the out of the ordinary either it out our desire to discover and even just after making a band for themselves in a medical journal somewhere. When the series called House M.D. came along starring Hugh Laurie I found myself watching a character that would be similar to myself has I decided to study medicine.
Those that know me and this that have known me long enough know that I am interested in many, many fields. Many of these are sciences and are themselves an unusual skill set to have with Herpetology, Ichthyology, Batrachology and Astronomy/Astrophysics being but more. A diverse set of sciences in their own and then you add my BSc Single Honours Degree of Applied Computing and though I got screwed over by Middlesex University my grades were a damn good Upper Second and a rare Distinction for my Thesis, which I included the Animal Kingdom in and still have to code today.

I strived to understand many of the unexplained puzzles in each subject and find answers to singer while still looking for answers to others to this day. Obstacles of life and all that jazz.

The symptoms I was afflicted with were many from mildly annoying through to severely disruptive right up to passing out from to painful. As I said I could not understand how one could be afflicted by so many so silent many years trying to work out if they could be placed into groups to get the number of ailments down from being utterly ridiculous to something bordering believable and I mean to me. To others was a whole different story.

Now one difficulty I was warned about was that friends and family would not understand and that I would get a hard tune if it. However Dr Tahir failed to mentioned what writing happen if the condition was to stubbornly remain and be accompanied by ever more being his predicted couple of years. I spent years and years being dictated to by people on how it was who had also spent years not wanting to listen or understand it, just as that Rheumatologist did those many moons ago.

I have no doubt now that there are a huge number of people that will read this, if what a caller had told me is correct, that will know exactly what I mean and can totally relate. In my own world I had people scorning me for thinking I could argue with Doctors, showing a complete lack of understanding of what a degree actually is, despite the fact no one could give me a definitive diagnosis. It was my body and if I say they are wrong then I am sorry they are wrong. But through a selfish desire to bit want to hear about my conditions which they only got because they did not listen in the first place priced to me by making statements if me doing things I simply was not capable of doing then they would bit have had to. So an injustice, for want if a better term, was being performed against me when really it was there narrow sighted attitudes and selfishly not wanting to deal or accept it because it was not happening to them and I was getting the because they did not want to hear it.

Now many people could list dozens of excuses as to why this is but I would simply counter with saying 'well if you did not want to hear it from me why did you bit go and read about it?' but had our of this statement ever got uttered to anyone I would then only hear a set if Kane excuses about their own lives despite lacks of any health conditions. Then I would interject and then state 'well hold on a minute, I am now hearing about all your issues being thrown at me as an excuse for your complete lack of willingness to understand someone that dues have q genuine reason for their actions, or indeed lack thereof'.

People truly are strange and even those closer to gone than you might think. But no matter. It never change the facts and you cannot verbs or sheer the facts to fit your own failings. Because failings are exacting what they are and that is failings and if anyone dues not like them then they need to do something about them and not project suit life issues onto others in the hour it's accrued as an excuse for what is an essence someone who simply cannot be bothered unless it is all about them.

So there came a time when the ailments piled up and were either way down the list of priorities on the health to-do list our kept secret because they simply could not handle what they had airway been provided. There were times when this simply could not be avoided and one tine was when my right over just went one day with a ... sound I cannot recall, could have been a pop, might have been a click? But it was in front of several petiole I knew and I could not out weight down on my right leg. The last time I could not out a for on the floor I had just been struck by a car and careered yo the bonnet then the windscreen and if the side of the car, or so I was told because between the point of impact on my left side until secrecy minutes later when I was washing up lying on the tarmac I do not remember anything. Bystanders explained what had happened, stool do not know where that car cane from to this day! I was fourteen.

It was after this the first few things started to pop up and being young and naive it never occurred to be that these new annoying pains had anything to do with that accident.

Fast forward fifteen years and several more knock and whiplashes later and suddenly I had a growing list of things.

Now the fact I started asking then moved on to pleading before then begging it is well documented of late on here just how that went, for the thirteen years of asking and arguing that these were all connected, but what I wanted to do in this post is add things as and when I remembered them off things I linked together.
Now there were many times that I managed to link activities and even toes of food consumed to the appearance of symptoms. These often were mentioned to Doctors who latched onto my findings with both hands, body language tells you a great deal if you take the time to understand it. The best example of this was being told no one knows what aggravated Restless Leg Syndrome and I informed then this was not true, it was caffeine.

In recent years every Doctor I met seems to know this and lives telling me and clueless to the fact that I discovered this. YAWN!! Lol!

If you search through the thousands of posts you will also note that without raiding it to begin with cycling was aggravating the knee condition and this was mentioned secretary times to health professionals with blank looks. It escaped my notice fur a fair while because the cycling aggravated the condition but this condition only surfaced a day it two later when I was walking because my one has to be fully locked to fell the pain, something that simply dues not occur while cycling! Duh!

Another one that airings to mind if petiole being completely unable to take in a single sentence, which in all honesty is not only rude but completely insulting to the person trying to explain things, when they then say ..."Well if your feet hurt how cones you can cycle? " to which they would then get offended, despite being rude and offensive themselves, when I then say "How many fecking times do I have to tell you?! The pain is in the heel which you do not use to cycle, hence why Plantar fasciitis sufferers take to cycling!"

After you have answered this question several times to the exact same people you internally shake your head in utter frustration and rip their heads off and then your the villain.m All because they could not remember the simple fact that the PF condition affects the heels and somehow they have thrown his they ride bikes as kids.
The reality is and many people will know this is that the twisted question transgendered into something rise when your brain processes it to "Your a fecking liar, that's why I keep adding you to catch you out. I have to SFU this because I have been a cocky big headed twat, despite us all accusing you of this, by claiming to to many people that you have nothing wrong with you and my who won't let me be wrong! I don't want to look like a twat fur opening my big gob so I am going to just keep insisting that you are instead!"

Well maybe that's just me?! Lol!

There in essence is both the psychology and the mentality of those around you ... if your unlucky! In the end you get so distraught that the help and support from those that should give it that when the Fibromyalgia affects your anxiety and depression which is bought on by mental stress and anguish added to the pain, the lack of support because of overblown egos can cause a breakdown. Then the naysayers decide then that your mad too, lol.

I know this only to well as I have lived it over and over for over a decade and the one individual that should know this and completely understand and offer you help if your Doctor. But you all know what happened with that idea. So when you suspect that Doctors and the NHS already know your condition but have left you in a limbo that makes hell look like Paradise and you state this they know too well if the frustrations that would addict people in these given situations and the levels they would get.

So I was accused of violence and I was accused of madness which could be easily applied to the conditions of anxiety combined with frustrations along with depression combined with a breakdown.

If you know what a patient has and he becomes a problem when he or she realises that they have been refused helpvso that we can line our pockets we anyway have the labels ready to also ask over him. Plus we are Doctors, who will actually be brave enough to doubt us?

Now your getting the idea as to how Jimmy Savile fit away with things for so long? He had not the capabilities to hide himself, but Doctors did and do.

I moved to Enfield in 2007 and before I moved here I suspected bullshit was going on everywhere in the NHS. Indeed I saw it and heard it many, many times at the First Road Medical Centre. I just did not want to believe it was true. It was unthinkable and ridiculous but I had to not only face the possibility I was bang on the money I realised that I was the only one that could do anything about it. I longer to hear on the need that they had found something out and with each year that passed by become suspicious of the new media too.
I had hoped upon moving to Enfield in a whole new Primary Care Trust that maybe this time the shenanigans would not occur, but knowing looks from my first to women GPs and I Peru much knew that no matter where I went the song remained the same.

So I had spent years completely ignoring what Doctors told me and trying to piece the puzzle together myself. I thought that maybe if I could I could then expose the NHS fur being the incompetent/lying twats that they are? At times it seems impossible especially with my ever decreasing ability to recall shirt term memory I would Dutch the idea through frustration fur months better resisting it again. It became apparent that to help with the memory recall and to help catch the NHS red handed a series or records would need to be kept, I would often forget what was told to me in meeting and appointments and in the beginning I used a little black book, yes that little black book, and then recordings as I acquired a smartphone to be able to achieve this. Unfortunately some of the overpriced crap now being sold to naive members if the public that walked to work repeating 'I so want an iPhone, I have to have an iPhone, I cannot wait to show of my fashionable iPhone' in their heads getting a device that was capable if doing so may thugs they would never use it for the manufacturers that parted you with the overblown handset price had anyway decided that you were not to use certain smart aspects of the decide and switched then off. A tech issue that so many famous tech sites and so called tech experts took either fecking ages to take up our failed to raise they were doing this at all.

So the phone needed to be rooted to ashore the blocked abilities to be available, iPhone junkies will know this asv jailbreaking as well Sony PLAY STATION owners. Odd because it is not illegal, but then finding out and then dropping the device you have them the best part of av grand for is illegal, but no one dues anything about this either.

So I was on my own. I had to bit only keep a list of ailments, so long it would later shock me, secret bit I also had to work in secret to begin with. When I later had everything I needed what do you think started happening?

The naysayers who could not even bother to read a web page on my blog would then say 'Well WHY either they do that?!' to which internally I would think 'Of for feck sake!! Are you only ever going to believe it when it's toy that's just been rodgered from behind?! It's on the fecking blog and so she the fecking recordings!!' but I would utter 'Well why would you expect me to know that? The recording is on the blog ... It's 'X' amount of minutes long, go and listen, that's what it's there for.' in a calm way when internally I was thinking ' feck me, if everyone is like you this country is fucked and if you cannot understand why people are emigrating your going to get fucked too and I am going to Australia to live!!' Or whatever country I was thinking about at the time. Hong Kong even got on the list at times.

Yes I was very alone on this one but then I always worked better alone because the saying 'their is no 'I' in Team' exists because most are self obsessed and crap at working in a team. I am but finding the right prior would be too hard. Even groups campaigning to want to change things fur the better were no different, it became obvious that egos were a big problem! The message I received was 'well if I can't do it you definitively can't!'

One man broke this mould who became a friend when he said to me 'do you know I thought how can one man do this when groups of many people have failed? Bite I have seen and read along with heard seventeen of your posts and recordings I thought 'hell, bit only will this guy do it he will do it alone!''

I never forgot that Mike! I will be forever grateful for those immortal words!

Now fur my time understanding my condition that one I realised was Fibromyalgia it became an it easier to link things together, fill in the gaps and figure out where I went wrong. Unfortunate this had not helped me see yet because you still need the support.

This means a Doctor who thinks about mitre than themselves for one.

Taking away the quite unnecessary and write unfair stresses that are not of our making and caused by bad governing of government both nationally with the cabinet and house of commons, no balls to put a stop to things or powerful people/celebrities, or local government, where greedy and lazy councillors think that their public owes them a luxurious living for sitting on their arises composing that they cannot get a Gabe to work on their PC so drag a man they have put in charge of the departments because their two self obsessed on greedy across the building to sort it out and pulling him away from something important!

Hmm did you think that was pretty descriptive? Well that is because it is true and happened at Barking and Redbridge Council, hmm it let me see, I was told the sorry in 1997 and the friend of mine left to run the IT Detainment at Barking College having had enough of council corruption.

If your reading this Bill, yeah some things I do retain fur a very long time, lol. Always remembered that story and I went on to hear a lot more. Workers within the Department of Work and Pensions would have one person covering six counters telling the ever more frustrated public they were inundated and under-staffed while an old mate of mine was waking by a group of them standing around our of site for an hour taking about where they were going the following Friday for their drinks do!!

That one cause a prolonged pause of confusion on my face before bursting into laughter!

I date day there are a lot more stories like that numbering in the hundreds if not the thousands? To think these are the petiole that look down their noses at you and even disk down to you for not having a job? Yeah it's hard to get someone to pay you a decent salary fur standing on the wrong side of that COUNTER?! LMFAO!

So stress in Fibromyalgia is a major issue for aggravating a number of symptoms while lack of support is responsible for causing a number of others.

In effect many symptoms of many conditions are actually being deliberately aggravated by this we turn to in times of need.

Ah now then! I beer you were wondering why I was exposing all that? This is titled Fibromyalgia Syndrome 202 after all?! Well it is shot the aggravating of the symptoms and I have covered several ...





But this is probably do they can then lake you as a nutter add padded cells are cheesier then private rents, and so is the food!! Lol!

Things become easier to deal with once you are aware of the obstacles you face and that is the Simone and humble beginnings of any stressful situation or condition and I did state I would help in these respects ... and so I have!

Though I am not finished yet!

The next thing to get your head around is your daily routine! I cannot emphasise this enough but what I can do is explain why.

Over doing things is the name of the game. The trouble is their are absolutely no signs to show you that your are.

At the exact same time if you have issues with getting to sleep then this is a double nightmare!

The day after no sleep at all is absolutely a living hell in itself!

So you have to be controlled and if you have decent understanding and support this will make things so much easier. Pace yourself and if you have the time keep distances in mind and get a bike! Absolutely get a bike!! Do it now! Lol.

Now here is one other major, major thing and they is dehydration, do not allow it to happen you will suffer. At the exact same time avoid caffeine and it's in about every study beverage known to man, out Englishmen, because they are mostly American and we are back on the subject of black holes were gonads once resided and governing the country!! Coke, Lucozade and energy drinks ate out ... especially after around 3pm and make sure you do drink after this time but no caffeine ... AT ALL!

If you like your coffee or teas I am sorry but so did I! Go caffeine free. Have both ties of tea or coffee fur mornings and afternoons. I would be surprised if you do not notice a huge difference after two of the days of being strict about this?!

The other thing is food. This like many others but more so, is easier said than done. I do not always manage it admittedly but avoid bashed type foods especially sugary ones. Limit yourself to begin with, don't think you have to go while hog. Baby steps is best and befit long you will notice it gets easier to change things about. This way you king find things to exchange BSD things fur that you find acceptable and enjoy.

Again this is easier if you have help. If you live alone you need to get organised. The thing to remember is out things you use regularly in areas between your hips and Luis when standing straight. I know we do not like bending or crouching if we have enough if the Fibro issues! Of you leave things and they puke up you will then become more adverse to doing them until they drive you mad.

Memory! Hmm well I leave things right by the street door and still manage to forget them and the only way around this is to become more organised. This will go out the window if you get sleep issues and don't for a night. Nothing around that problem that I have discovered orifice of the primary drug for Fibromyalgia that no one had heard of ...

Sodium oxybate. This is the only drug I am currently aware of that deals with the very core issue of Fibromyalgia. No not the Pregabalin I was rather incompetently touched it if receiving, that's only a second rate drug fire Fibromyalgia. Sodium oxybate puts you into the deep sleep the rids you of the symptoms but it's weird in that you have to wake up several hits into your sleep and take a second pill to keep you in the refreshing sleep mode, no and not REM SLEEP. Beyond REM sleep is a deep sleep where your brain does is own household chores, it did not do it's chores and when sedge we have trouble going out own. Toxins, memory cells, muscles and everywhere in the body guess through a process of being cleared out. Possibly of the substances that causes a misfiring of Substance P that convinces or brain of pains in our bodies that are actually not there?

Yup if you have not rescued that millstone yet the pains ate not there, but they are. Because the end result is the same due to that misfiring substance P. There is no difference in our brains perception in which the limb, hand, foot, knee, shoulder, back dues indeed hurt like hell. The only difference between Fibro pain and normal pain is the sign off inflammation easily detected by a drop in the red blood cell count.

A blood test is performed whereby they count these red clod cells and in the event that inflammation, pain/damage, exists the body produces more of other substances, like white blood cells for one, to desk with the inflammation in which case red blood cells drop in number. With Fibromyalgia the red blood cell numbers are normal.
Also of bite odd that Charcot Marie Tooth Disease can have done similar symptoms and Lupus was also mentioned in the same possible diagnosis as Fibromyalgia to one women I spoke to recently?!

Note that is all I can add for now but hopefully remember more and add them before I post this up, it is the 26th June 2014 and let us see how long this takes?

I have wondered whether much of the condition is to do with during of this Substance P because of a memory of a condition or pain you have suffered in the past, this would fully explain just how you can have so many symptoms and his they are diverse.

But then I say Substance P but not all symptoms of Fibromyalgia are painful ones, ate they now.
Now I am going to list the symptoms I hate the most and ensuring these had made me Curtis over the years. Finding out I have been ensuring these because of fecking money has made me hunger and baying for the blood of the guilty. Pathetic squeaks about how we have only just met and that I am expected to go through the lengthy process from the start and the refused will just want me to skin you alive and hand you from the nearest tent pole and not Kerensky note sympathising with that only serves to make you, the Doctor, look like the chump that you are and not worthy if the title of Doctor. Bit when your periods of your time being far more important than the inordinate amount of time your patient had waited and expected to wait yet again.
I would start looking for a new career as soon as you can and it is not often I give warnings as a year from now you will not be able to practise medicine again.

Note their are a myriad of symptoms and some might not be painful but of these done can be annoying and quite distracting. Preventing someone who has difficulty falling asleep from ... Taking asleep.

In no particularly order are ...

Feeling nauseous for hours and sometimes days on end

The pain in the heels

The sudden lifting like pain in my arches

The aching in my knees

The sudden pain in my right knee that can cause me to collapse and/or unable to walk.

Vomiting without warning (the feeling nauseous and waste of food you may have spent a lot on and the extreme embarrassment in a very public place!)

Insomnia (no sleep causes extreme nausea and often headaches all next day)

Restless Legs Syndrome (As can prevent me from sleeping, causing nausea all day)

Sudden intense heartburn (reportedly unable to differentiate from a heart attack, oops this might not be Fibromyalgia but I should not have had this for twenty years!!)

As well as these symptoms being the worst of the Fibromyalgia to deal with and that last one which may not be down to Fibromyalgia and instead my Hiatus Hernia and Oesophagitis there are a couple of others ...

Aching in my right groin from Inguinal Hernia Repair that now had black lump that showed on an ultrasound scan they later lied and stated did not exist!

New Inguinal Hernia also appeared on ultrasound and like black lump was also lied about is the only bloody thing I have that causes no bloody symptoms whatsoever!! However I emphasised on them lying about the ultrasound test result because, and I am not sure if it is the same for women, this Hernia can kill you!

I have airway had one, hence the repair. But the only fecking thing the NHS ever touched and they made it painful and a constant problem where the symptoms you get from this hernia are a sight popping feeling and a noticeable ... lump!! Lol!

So they spent twenty years telling me I have nothing wrong, Fibromyalgia.

That I have a Hiatus Hernia but refuses surgery fur twenty years.

Took something I did not know I had and turned that into a big issue for pain too!

Refused me the correct drugs for all of the above which include ...

Sodium oxybate, I never held out much how for Pregabalin but knew they would lure and chest to me about it.

Pregabalin, well it could have worked.

Cannabis, oh did I not mention? This is a listed drug that helps with Fibromyalgia and if you research my archives this is fully documented by me long before I even had a sniff about Fibromyalgia. It is listed as a bonafide drug for Fibromyalgia so I have been refused all three! I don't care add to the reasons now anyone opinion on Cannabis add a drug or the false claims to it's effects on the mind, it's utter rubbish and raising yourself over and over will not change it!

It can, however, bring to the surface issues that were already there, just as alcohol can do but this kills your kidneys and you just as it did Old Ken.

Harping on about things that are against the facts or reality is nothing more them a selfish desire to curve you wants and wished into others! So part of the amoral crowd no matter how much you hide it! Trying to make an argument for your opinion when it's wrong in an attempt to make you sound smart and correct only had the opposite effect. Unless the person tour taking to is a blithering idiot!

I hate hearing people say "No! It's like that because of this?" Oh you have worked out all the factors have you? Performed all the calculations have you? Worked out distance, speed, volume, quantities, rate of decay and anything else that maybe necessary have you? Or is it that you just fecking feel or think your right and love to project into others?

I have merry so many people that absolutely have to argue the toss that they are right when they are not even in the same sea as the continent they are aiming at! They do not even have inflatable armbands and are dining like stones.

At these times I have to say nothing and make out that perhaps I am wrong, yes me with all that I have done, all that I can do and with so that is on here I have to play dumb just so as to not argue. Because it's pointless they're not listening and sometimes do not want to at all and there is no point in trying either.

So I let them think they are right when I know they are wrong.

Now remember that with some people they have complained that I am the one that knows it all and thinks he is right? What you have to remember is that this is an opinion given based on my data on my life, my health and what I have had to endure because blood sucking (Android don't like 'sucking' lol) tossers in British public services think they are due huge salaries while doing next to nothing and lying as well as preying on the public for it?

Whenever I get into a disagreement with someone this is ineradicably what it's about our it is something to do with something I have covered on this blog.

They do not give the benefit of the doubt at all and added to this ...
... they fail to appreciate that on the occasions when I do get ratty about it this is because I can best shrine in an argument but that this is made difficult by the last symptom I have yet to place on the list which itself, as any Fibromyalgia sufferer will tell you, is fecking frustrating all in its own.

Short Term Memory Problems or FIBROFOG!!

The funny thing is, ladies and gentleman, is that I am expecting to be called inconsiderate and uncaring and selfish by a number different and small groups over the next month or two. Many of these I have gone back to being silent with and have not been told about that recent information I posted on here.

Added to this those that would love to hear themselves stating that I am not a Doctor, despite how many times I have proved them wrong (36 at latest count) tricked them, leaf them into traps and laid them out on a slab on here for all to see, week they suddenly become Doctors because after the initial shock of my diagnosis they have retreated back into doubting Thomas' and some even think that Fibromyalgia is nothing based on what they can see. Like I have stated so many times on here I do not know why I have bothered to do all this because I have experts ask around me that like to complain about me?!


What the idiots fail to realise, ladies and gentlemen, is that this is exactly the blind stupidity and the attitude that the rich, powerful and government want you to have.

That old saying 'seeds of doubt' must have been wiped from the consciousness of mortal men and women with a ray gun whose previous owner is none other than Stan Smith of the CIA?!


So there you have it. A report on both the fundamentals asking with the advanced topics of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome along with Hiatus Hernia and the effects of Plantar fasciitis symptoms on all this with the PF alone being a huge problem in itself that no one, not family or friends will understand at all and think they know it all when you do.

Dr Tahir, Whipps Cross Hospital circa 2002-3.

Now to finish up here a little explanation about remarks I have made in the past.

I have stated a fair few times throughout this blog, half a dozen to dozens I just do not remember, that I have often felt like I am searching for something?

I cannot really out into words that even I understand as to what this is. Sometimes I think it is a support group that meets up once a week? Sometimes I chuckle to myself and think maybe it is a hippy commune? Sometimes I think it's Greenpeace or some Eco-Warrior group? Sometimes I think and long that it is done unknown group of like minded scientists that can relate to me as I could them.

Now with all that I have stated here maybe finally this can be understood? In recent times I had several friends. Out of these only one understood me and in my family only three understood me. Every single one of these people passed away.

Of the friends I currently have there is one single subject of mine that I have in common with all of them. Someone I sorry of know locally had something about his person today that made me think he was into something I was that was nothing to do with animals. Unfortunately I never got to ask him. Long story. 

Oddly this is a man who himself had seen the corruption and asking with being a victim of it himself witnessed a young man of only seventeen who worked where he did who to his own life because of the company he worked for! He himself had also had a court battle over his own job and health and he won.

But of curse your supposed to work yourself to death for wages that are not enough to pay the exorbitant prices for things that ate actually refurbished, used and faulty crap anyway?!

Surely and do I pray to a being of a higher order or what, well there must be one somewhere he just knows nothing of our existence, I cannot be the only person that sees all this?

In fact as well as being told I won't win, tonight, even after the half million followers announcement?! Duh! I was also ... damn and darn it!!! I fecking forgot what I was going to type next?!?!

I will say that a statement was also made that I should not get help because I am able to work! Reasoning? Because I worked on this blog and it's my fault I do bit earn money because I exuded not to?! They, DWP, would say that I could get a job working from home, yes because there are so many on offer, and that because I get about on a bike I can work.

What the chap in question failed to realise was that by saying they cab use the excuse that you can work from home this would then show them to completely so away with helping anyone with a disability at all! Except in very few cases that is!

The best part about it were two issues one which will be obvious to disabled people reading this in that Disability Living Allowance is not means tested while the other is even better than that ... he receives Disability living Allowance and I personally think he had far, far less reason to receive it than I do?!

Also he missed one vital piece of data in all this and this is well documented on here by me and goes right the way back to the beginning and this is the part that this that get shirty and forceful about their opinion seem to forget, it is not only on the fecking blog but what is on the blog is that I never, EVER expected to actually get either Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independent Payments and fully existed to start making my own money long before I even had a decision.

Because I knew that they would completely drag their ferry easy over the time they are supposed to decide by a factor of four, which the Independent Case Examiner Ombudsman to the DWP, independent but oddly located with the DWP building somewhere, do not think I'd an issue at all. I would like to know what the feck they think is an issue.

Oh I just remembered what was said to me tonight, I won't win because there would have been others that tried and did the same thing as me!


Sometimes my brain goes into freeze frame and just goes 'Whaaaat?!' So no one will ever win because there will sideways be someone somewhere that tried it before them?!

Jesus bloody Christ! I am never speaking to anyone locally about this bog ever again! Lol! When I got frustrated by this line if talk I got told 'oh your problem is you don't like anyone disagreeing with you or trekking you how it is?'

No I don't like people making arguments based on idiotic statements, I have no issues having intelligent arguments in all honesty but when someone is giving out lines like that and then when trying to dish back you get 'No, no, no!' That is not a discussion and is not even an argument!

Oh and before you ask, umm or just wonder ... no none of then read the blog, lmao!

Lol! Simply unbelievable the number of glass houses out there it truly is, arguing about things they know nothing about regarding conditions they have not a clue about and over whether money shuttle be received that they get anyway and I had to be told there were things wrong!

I would not even know the best way to describe this but hypocrisy based on stupidity dies bit really do it justice!

One really is the loneliest number that there ever was.

Now tonight and earlier today I was removed of something else that I have not covered this fat and desire done being mentioned before while others are not thus one belongs in the latter group.

Think of it like Repetitive Strain Injury or I sometimes add a Turbo to front of that and this may be different things that being it on, even if Fibromyalgia causes both.

Now this is like RSI in that anything from a limb to a digit seems to hate doing something to often.
I also get something to do with very little feelings of irritation to do with the slightest feelings, which feel amplified to the point of irritation. To get a basic idea think of the childhood fable about the lady who sleeps atop a dozen mattresses but still feels the presence of a single pea placed under the bottom most mattress.

1) Turbo Repetitive Strain Injury,

2) Irritable Amplified Tactility Syndrome (my naming lol) and

3) Restless Arms Syndrome (affliction when Restless Legs is bad enough, err normally?!)

One last thing is this ... not irritation as such but less so an annoying feeling along the lines of an itch similar to that of Restless Legs Syndrome. I currency have it in my forearms and hands and I used the stylus to my Tablet PC to presses into my hands between my forefinger and my thumb very hard out of frustrating and the to hit a spot that seemed to relieve the feeling momentarily.

The same is achieved when done with my forearms.

Of course this, or the latter part of that explanation, could be down to the a Restless Arms version of the Restless Legs Syndrome but for two things ...

I only ever get Restless Arms along with Restless Legs Syndrome and added to this I have not had anything in the way of caffeine since around midday today and it is 1am now as I tie this out.

Take it from me, do not argue with someone with Fibromyalgia as it will not go down well and I assure you that you do bit fully understand it nor appreciate it. To think I was warned about this attitude with others regarding just one symptom but that there are over one hundred should just go to show unless your utterly stupid, completely self obsessed and selfish or just enjoy an argument or winding people up.

You certainly should not argue unless you have read at least two books and spoken to charities and associations for the condition! Well they have to be good fit something other than making money out if the conditions?! Lol!

I am in total sympathy for anyone who had Fibromyalgia and especially if it causes Plantar fasciitis (like add bit the same at all) symptoms. Because PF is a pain in the arse all on its bloody own key me tell you! Combine that symptom with several others and I am feeling your pain daily!

If you also are surrounded by people that do not read, listen, listen to half of what you have said but will still argue their point on the subject that involves you they have not bothered to read about then you are not alone. I know this frustration too, only too well!

Then there is the boredom. Sometimes I get racing heartbeats along with anxiety too which I know is to do with Fibromyalgia too. This is where the fight or flight issues come in to it to, though I am thankful when nothing and no one phases me at all! Really I am and wish it was stubborn and remained constantly.
I guess it is where my heroic type outlook and charging into evil people and organisations without so much as a bye or leave owes its existence to Fibromyalgia?

In all honesty I have been staggered at the attitudes of people that do not suffer with afflictions, even though some of then received money that they claim others are not deserving of while being fully fit themselves and doing very physical jobs.

I have no idea why such attitudes exist but I do have two theories for it.

One is that they are themselves feeling guilty that they receive what you, or I, should be receiving. A prime example of why the welfare state had needed an overhaul fit a long time. Far too much hypocrisy, thigh their staff are risky in denial over what is so bloody obvious, and far too many different benefits, rules, procedures, protocols, forms, hoops, obstacles and anything else you can think of.

The other possibility is that they have become so brainwashed that they actually just trust things the government or the very bad public services wasn't then to believe, thereby doing the job fur them. When you get this with front line staff we call them jobsworths. Someone somewhere will have to come up with an equally funny title for there naive morons. Wantajobsworths?! Lol!

This is of particular annoyance to me because these naive British people are not sticking together as one and still at each other throats over egos based on false beliefs. False beliefs is what they are and in a case very recently where I was told I just do not like being told, though his argument was based on things not even relevant to his argument, despite being about and angry with this it is I that then had to calm things down and change the subject because the only way of winning the argument is to point out just what a dunce he is! Thus was not my fault but his that he out himself in this position by insisting and being adamant on views based on facts that were not relevant.

The funny thing is that he was very eager to become pals and I was extremely cautious about this and what I told another friend about this was that it has the hallmarks or Mario Mark II! It is turning out to be exactly that and heading down a similar path.

Oddly the guy receives Disability Living Allowance but stated I should bit get it and that the Job Centre or DWP can say that I have been working on this blog all this time. This was how he became stern with me about it and I was angry with his ridiculous argument.

Let us first the fact that I have not earned money for it and leave aside the fact that I have no idea how many hours a week that I have worked on it. I type fairly fast and mostly in the evening while in bed...

Yes let us forget about those things and state that he made a remark abut being fit enough to be able to do a job because I cycled. Except I have explained cycling and Fibromyalgia several times to him. Let us forget that too!

The one sole reason I would not have to explain to anyone intelligent because they would have already spotted this but Disability Living Allowance is not means tested! Ergo you receive it for support even if you do work and earn money. Of course you should not get it if you earn over a certain amount. My old employer did not claim it despite needing not one but TWO walking sticks to get about after being stabbed in the base of the neck. Neither did he claim carers money, for me.

Also the man arguing has nothing notably wing with him and I was told he has a ... personality issue no one can give him the name of desire asking for years. He has limited sight in one eye which I was not aware of. He drives and works which involves climbing ladders.

He gets DLA, thigh admittedly he says this is for a string of things.

However he had no interests whatsoever outside of animals and dies not like anything on TV at all, no science fiction, no comic book stuff, horrors, gangsters or anything and thinks this is normal.

Not interested in science, astronomy, computers, computer games, football, angling, martial arts nor anything else. Not just nine of the things I am into outside of animals but none at all.

Now the fact that he had bit been told what his problem is I find a catastrophic failure of the NHS, or just another example of them trying to save money on possibly drugs.

When I realised this lack on interest I mentioned it to a mutual friend who himself has no idea and he found it completely bizarre too! However, and as I have found out several times, he gets enjoyment out if bring confrontational over certain subjects?! Despite having no interests which seriously limits his ability to learn.
In fact in this instance I an state that I am the exact opposite in having way too many subjects I am into and have been into for a long time. When it comes to arguing about the rules, regulations and being fair in Britain we are polar opposites in every way you can imagine! Every way. I told a friend that suddenly I did not know what to talk to him about! I cannot go around just talking about animals all the time I would get bored. I have takes about animals since I was about 4 years of age and took up 90% of my life for a twenty year period! I dearly love animals but the periods for discovery of the new and different subsided a long time ago for varies reasons any long term expert would tell you. Yes I am currently planning to change this with the help of blogs but right now it is a little way off still. Not long but a few months off.

So my primary subject right now is right here and right now, but it is obvious I cannot talk to him about this.
In essence this is yet another black hole for sufferers of Fibromyalgia because along with the list of symptoms we can acquire we get the dressed Fibrofog. In the case of the above and someone is arguing with you and you know damn well that you are correct but your struggling to recall the important bits which only gets worse with the stressfulness or arguing. Made worse when the reasons thrown at you are not even bloody relevant! From someone that is receiving what you should be getting. Support.

Now I have often for into conversations with people who mention a symptom they have with their illness or affliction and I will say 'oh I get that'. In recent months I have responded by saying 'oh I get that, are you sure you have not got Fibromyalgia?!' then laughing. This has gone on for a very long time mostly without the FMS line. I started to realise two things here and one I have previously touched upon. Trying to be extremely thorough here on Fibromyalgia!

In saying that line I started to sound like my father who a great many people took the piss out of even including me on occasion. I feel both guilty and angry about this, guilty because he was telling the truth and angry because he should have been getting much more support then he did and he died at 56 as a result of this. Now my Uncle Paul also died at a similar age and his situation may or may not have been similar? The coincidence was enough to make other people start looking at the next one in line and nagging them about going to Doctors for checkups.

That was me! I am 45 and ten years away from the ages my father and Uncle died!

Food for thought.

Now the funny thing is about this is that I first of started drumming into them with gusto that I was very fit where they were not, but the truth is Fibromyalgia will make you look lazy! I was obsessed with not being like my father because of the terrible life he had when he was older which became worse over time and if you doubt this then simply ask any one of the 500 plus individuals present at his funeral! Or the fifty or so that were unable to turn up our unable to be reached!

Yerr I really do kid you not here and even my siblings and I were balling at the turn out for this!

So I had to work out a series of exercises I could achieve without too much aggravation but I also wanted the exercises to benefit something else to do with my interests at the exact same time. I never did it to ... look good, that was just a fringe benefit!

To my surprise as I built up the exercises gradually this seemed to help with the Fibromyalgia?! Many symptoms were not as intense add they normally would be and thus was not only a surprise but also along with the other benefits became the drive to keep going!

Hmm cannot remember if they worked fur the sleep thing but then it was not as bad then as it is now.
I have lost count of the number of Doctors that have commented on my physique one way our another but to the chance to be vague about it to make a letter look like there was nothing wing with me with lines like 'Than you for sending me this pleasant and fit gentleman!'

All the letters are scanned and on here and liars should not lie on paper and hand this to a patient who had memory issues and holds onto every little thing because of that! Lol.

For this that have not discovered this yet exercise of a light basis is extremely beneficial to petiole with Fibromyalgia, just do not ask me which symptoms because I do not bloody remember! Lol!

There in lies the rub because food also seems to play a part on this dreaded condition most people don't have a Danny La Rue over (if your not British this is a famous drag queen but cockney slang fur not having a full... bloody clue).
Exercise needs time and did needs both time and money! THE BLOODY END!

So when your stressed out, running around because public services have now decided they have a God given right to be both lazy and vastly overpaid while health sufferers of any kind need to now be Olympic Gold Athletes, lol do you like what I did there?!, you end up losing focus and getting if the wagon, so to speak.

Getting back on us an absolute nightmare and in my situation impossible so my current method of exercise is solely also my method of transport, my Mountain Bike. Well the crappy one, not the really dreamy nice custom built one if a kind one called a Litespeed Ocoee which appeared in What Mountain Bike Magazine after it was built with my name above it in lights!

Nahhh that one was defrauded or of me for a parking ticket asking with tip of the line hinge cinema equipment after breaking into my house and attacking me on behalf of a local council who break far worse laws than petiole that they fibre fit quite literally fuck all.

Whereby another one of that argumentative chaps ... arguments falls flat on its face using simple and mere morals as my argument. So with just about everyone I have come into contact with both public and private breaking God knows how many less each and being very immoral and inhuman to their public or customers ... now WHO should I go and work for now?! LMFAO!

Maybe that is the problem with Britain, it's list the right to call itself Great because naive people and idiots keep voting in the wrist kinds of people in power? Purely because they tell you that to vie for anyone else they will not be capable?

Capable? Think about that while also thinking of the things I have uncovered which I state once again were going on while Tony Blair was Prime Minister! Think about it.

Now I ask if you to provide resins in the little box below what someone else or a different party would do that would be so utterly worse that everything that has been done already?

Now have a look around Europe and even further afield and ask yourself if they're are any examples you can use to go by?

Fear of the unknown should never be an option and you should instantly decide against anyone that uses this as an argument. Harbingers of Doom! Yeah funny that, this was one argument they note have to cross off their list they were going to label me as once they could not avoid me or this blog any longer?!


I decided to stop that segment there as I needed to go out and pay my rent. But I was looking for my shoes to put in which then somehow changed to my shorts and I went downstairs for then which then in my head switched back to shoes, asked myself why I went downstairs for then when I know they are in my bedroom and then remembered I went s that urgeries looking due shorts I was already fecking wearing!


NAUSEA (of which appears to be two types?!)

One of a number of things that Fibromyalgia does for me, or more precisely to me, is cause a number of things I absolutely hate and dues so in one when I am doing the one thing I enjoy doing above all else. Bit also did it at other times but it is quite peculiar.

I always hated feeling nauseous and sick and like so many other things I might say I can hear the 'so, everyone is like that' echoing through living rooms throughout the land. Will I hate it that much that getting completely paralytic on alcohol is not something I do and avoid at all costs. I do like to drink though but not just go mad and is a rare thing for me for many a year, except at certain functions and get togethers and not always. I simply hate it.

So imagine what it is like when you street getting this without having to get pissed but always to the point where if to much alcohol you swear, never again?! Now imagine that taking place daily?!


Only it did not follow what seemed to be it's own rules. It very weirdly comes and goes and I wish to Good there was mitre going than there was coming.

It is for the most part exactly like that of mouton sickness and indeed thus is the other thing that sets it off! SDI the two main things fur setting it off are

1 Computer Games

This is a weird one and is really distracting but when the addictiveness of the game is battling the feeling of being sick it is quite horrid. This comes and goes and also varies depending on the game, rather bizarrely! All three dimensional first person view games but one could be much more prone to causing it then another.

2 Passenger in Vehicle

But never while actually driving. This occurs a lot less if I keep my eyes on the road and this I'd true for cars, buses and coaches. Prone to sea sickness too. Now what is odd is that ...

This had become worse over the years and sometimes cones on easier than others. I took my eyes of the road a couple of times while with a brother and not going far and the feeling was really bad, I feel out the car at his place in Hertford and took hours laying on a toilet for before getting well enough to go home. Was terrified of the return journey.

Other times I can get away with taking my eyes of the road more often and if feeling sick and nauseous can recover in moments by concentrating on the road for a few minutes. This difference had become very wide and very noticeable in recent years to the point of head scratching as to why this is.

I have it right now from gaming!

So it's quite unpredictable and unfortunately congress on far more often than not but I find this fact write fascinating and determined to pinpoint why this is at some point! I have discovered a while list of things never explained to me by the NHS and one is the Vegas Nerve.

The Vegas Nerve is an extremely long, meandering and intricate nerve that runs from the throat and the while length of the spine. One day I had an extremely bad case of constipation I never thought could be so painful and so uncomfortable. It went in for hours and I would have welcomed sudden death during this. Because a number if really bizarre and never befit experienced things occurred...

I was in considerable pain and it simply would not move, add in bowel movements lol, and I do not know why. I had to do unimaginable things because it became seriously bad. I had also taken a laxative as I thought this was what was done, umm NO, and a brother ran it round to me. It had the wrong effect as now it was going to move desire the pain and I started to fell severe pain and attempted really hard to not push but my body started to ignore my attempts at control and it became quite involuntary.

As the inevitable steered to happen I raised up, stated to feel what I can only describe as both hot and cold at the same time and feeling quite sweaty and clammy. I then had this urgent need to syrup of all my clothes and kept splashing water over my face. The pain suddenly intensified to levels not thought possible by myself and I lurched up, uttered something like 'feck' or some other thing and the next thing I knew I was lying on my side by my bath having passed out. I simply laid there competent drained of energy while starting at myself in the mirrored wall wondering what the FECK had just happened to me?!

I still do not know all the details just yet but that, ladies and gentleman, was the effects of to much pressure on the Vegas Nerve. Hmm thinking I have been spelling it wrong now and that it is Vagus, lol.

So whether this nerve had anything to do with the nausea I do not know for sure, but it does seem likely.
What I have also noted is that when I am feeling sick I tend to grab the back of my neck with my right hand. In utter frustration and completely fed up at times I squeeze this hard in some vain attempt that something will get freed up and the feeling would dissipate. After awhile I then noticed what seemed like a lump which seemed to be a little tender which seems to alter the nausea when squeezed or pressed hard. This lump also appears to be on the ... oh crap I just realised that a side of my body which comes up so many times with every issue I have had risen again without my insistent realising it. This is well documented and retorted on here, was spotted by my late friend Ken Bunn and is the right side.

ADDITIONAL EDIT on Other Nausea:

Right now I was reminded yesterday that there is a slightly different kind of nausea that is weird to say the least. Whereas one is like the way too much alcohol effect the other is different. It is … hard to explain but can induce vomiting pretty rapidly, which just hows how odd my non-nausea vomiting is because I can just … POP with very little warning. Now I tried to remember certain aspects of those other nausea but have now forgotten! God damn it! No wonder it has taken over 110 years, well approximately, to get anywhere and the NHS are still clueless, and I do mean literally so when they are not even aware of the only drug that has a positive effect with no side effects!


If you missed it in earlier ... much earlier posts everything I have either appeared on my right side first and was followed by the left side a year our the later or only sorted in the right side, all apart from the metatarsalgia which is in my left foot.

Right foot, right knee, right groin, right hip, right ankle, right hand and now right side of neck unless I have forgotten some. On the left what occurred but to a lesser degree and later were the left foot, knee hip and even groin while this was first predicted by Martin Klein but later lied about occurring by Darren Francis both of Chase Farm Hospital.

Obviously some things will be central like the back and oesophagus. The only thing that occurred bilaterally immediately and equally, as far as I can remember, is the Restless Legs Syndrome and the Restless Arms Syndrome.

Yes you can get it in the arms too!

Now in fact I have accidentally hit upon an extremely key point that I had totally forgotten about and quite possibly the midst key point of all in ask the symptoms I ever experienced!

In Restless Legs Syndrome you get the itchy, shaky and ... week Restless legs and this only occurs at night in bed while lying down trying to sleep. Sound completely mad and it is and it's not painful but it is extremely horrible.

If it's driving you mad then so drinking anything, and I do mean anything meaning tea coffee coca cola and Lucozade, with caffeine in it for two days and see what happens.

After suffering with this for a couple of years it stated to feel as if I was feeling it in my arms but this was complete madness to me as after ask it's called Restless Legs for a reason! But before long it was obvious that I was getting this in my forearms!

Mentioning this to this that knew of the condition and one of these being a member of my family, and I was meet with puzzled looks no doubt because of the name. I starred to one, my sister I think, that I know it sounds mad and I am well aware it isn't supposed to be legs and I have never ever found anything mentioning it occurring in the arms.

Bit I did though, eventually. Take a wild guess as to what condition the one single documented mentioning of Restless Arms Syndrome was linked to?


Forget the fact they within weeks of causing a right storm within the NHS and further the fact that I had just been prescribed two drugs consecutively that not only both whether but the only ones to ever work on my foot pain and finding it they were the only ones to have any effect in Fibromyalgia, being both Gabapentin and Amitriptyline as listed in Black's Medical Dictionary. Forget the fact that heartburn is listed as a symptom as is my stubborn skin conditions, dandruff, insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, Plantar fasciitis (reverse symptoms) knee pain, back pains, shoulder pain and dozens of others I collected over the years. No!

Restless Arms Syndrome ended up being the most notable of symptoms of them bloody all!

Quite unfortunately it is difficult to find all relevant data in one place. Impossible in fact but one very experienced American Doctor wrote an absolutely mind blowing book I can not recommend highly enough. Forget about trying to stick to British books, Doctors and Authors! Forget anything that may have been stated to you by British Doctors starting that American Doctors and medicine should be avoided add they are all mental, lol as it was described to me at Royal Free Hospital. I have not met a figure Doctor, yes even at Guy's Hospital which is supposed to be oh high repute in Fibromyalgia but as drugs has never been heard of I am afraid that is not exactly correct. Nope.

This lady Doctor tells a compelling story of hire she studied medicine while trying to find out what her own condition was. Time after time she drew a blank until someone suggested Fibromyalgia! Then on discovering this is what she indeed had then discovered the condition was frowned upon and was the butt of all jokes where she was studying by senior Doctors and lectured who write simply should know better.

I have letters after my name that mean scientist and I turned down, second worst moment of my life ... maybe third lol, a Doctorate whereby I would have been coding software to teach keyhole surgeons on his to perform surgery, yes I kid you not.

As a scientist of any kind you should not make jokes regarding theories or conditions that have not been disproved. You run the risk of running your own reputation, dumb arses, as well at looking like ... DUMB-ARSES! Lol!

So there you have it in a nutshell, in a very big nutshell.

Quite how the nausea come motion sickness can be so very bad and easy to trigger off one minute and not the next is currently a mystery. It is likely that tension build up in our around the area of note in Fibromyalgia in the neck near the base may play a large part?

It had not been a year yet since I discovered and diagnosed that I indeed do have Fibromyalgia and yes I did not need the NHS nor Guy's Hospital to tell me this! I only orchestrated that appointment to find out about and be prescribed Sodium oxybate, which no one had heard of despite it being the only drug that deals with Fibromyalgia and already given it for sufferers of Narcolepsy. Failing this being possible then getting prescribed Pregabalin was second choice on the agenda and see how that worked out.

But the fact that the NHS thought a very good option was available to them to discredit me in a very major and highly illegal, improper and unprofessional way, bit to mention utterly despicable for Doctors and Health Professionals to even attempt to do and don't it completely incompetently against a patient that warned then several times that any attempt to do so would backfire ... BADLY was to tempting to resist and totally over confident!

Oh well, you cannot say I did not warn them?!

They are still doing things quite incompetently and in a very self destructive way because when enough people see what your did them they see what your are. Then this'd that thought they could his behind a famous brand they have systematically ruined the name of Erik bit serve as a good shield any further.
This week have a knock on effect that I intend to use to make absolutely aware of any or all conditions that have been conveniently and repeatedly swept under the carpet. There is a huge list and I know several friends, ooh yeah they really should have read more if my blog as I do have a network lol, that have conditions while know shut others they have been campaigning to get mute widespread recognition of. I told them I would help them in the end and hopefully they will read this and see that I always make good on my claims as well add my innuendos.

But I will point out that which was obvious to be and I can now say with certainly without drawing legal letters from the NHS!

The simple fact is that these obscure but tricky debilitating conditions are not widely known or accepted because they do not want then to be. This is the NHS we are taking about here and there have been many occasions through the decades that a single effort cities have held each and every one of. But they did not.
Quite hire the varies societies fur each if these conditions have not realised this, worked around this and called foul play I do not know.

Maybe, just maybe they have been far too busy making money out of those with the associated health conditions to actually concentrate on getting the job done all the suffers have been waiting patiently for then to do?

I have achieved half a million in two years and I have no famous name and not do I have a famous or catchy logo..oh OK I kinda do now have a catch logo and used it over on my LinkedIn account, lol.
Hmm I should really incorporate it over here and on so my blogs?! Lol!

Right now it is ... oh crap 3.20am on Wednesday 2nd July 2014 and I have been working on the report, albeit raged right now, for a week or more and have added to it four times currently.

Now I doubt I will be able to add much more to this before it is punished. However editing will most certainly happen at later points, and must tag it so I can find it easily, once I have worked out various things and also acquired new data and separated the what from the chaff and the utterly ridiculous and incompetent.



Those thinking after reading this that this is the entirety of my problems and complaints?

Oooh no, oooooh no, no, no, no, no! Just, NO!

I suggest you use the search field and try ...

DWP, Atos

Local council Corruption, Enfield Council, Waltham Forest Council, Epping Forest Council, Wirral Council

Police, Police Corruption, Metropolitan Police, Merseyside Police

Bailiffs, JBW Group, Equita, Capita

HMRC, fraud


ASA (Advertising)
GMC, NICE, PHSO (Health)
LGO (Local Government)
FSA (Financial Services Authority)
Ofcom, Ofgen, Of ... anything! Oh Oftel.

MI5, GCHQ (Secret Services)

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