Monday, 21 July 2014


For something now I have stated that I have been lied to and massed about by the NHS.

I have also stated that I have in recent months been refused a Doctor by simply ignoring my requests for one. 

Very recently I was turned away by one desire the fact your not supposed to be these days. You should ask know that I was kicked off two GP registers illegally. This for not bother me as I do not want egotistical idiots who lie and think themselves smarter and of some higher order then me as my Doctor.

On some occasions I have stated that the game they have played is a dangerous one, for them!

It is all well and good playing these games but when the subject matter and everyone is publicised to an impressive audience this that are corrupt and guilty need to seriously consider the consequences, read jail time or rioting even, that works have to be faced by all involved just in case if any ... accidents or mishaps! Along with the last thing I alluded to this is yet another!

It may just then out that something if these unfortunate mishaps may be about to arise!

Unfortunately I was also prepared for the fact that this could be ... serious to me and my health. Very serious! Indeed this may even involve my ... death?!

Now I have had something that has occurred that is ... physical and was not there previously. I have been keeping track of this for weeks now and the only possibility that I am aware of ... is not a good one!

It is also not something you would want to openly talk about even with friends or family.

Tonight while lying on my bed sweltering from the incessant heat and humidity I noticed the biggest sign thus far that something is not ... right!

Now due to the serious nature of what this may be and due to the fact that many public services would likely live to see me vanish into thin air ... I am going to post about this here and now, just so there are no doubts or later misinformation if things did become dire?!

Something is certainly not right! I cannot say much more than that but mention of it in detail would have people thinking the 'C' word and one specific to men!

I have bit had the chance to mention this to a GP because ... well I have not had one and the last become all ... self absorbed, fibbed about several things and see patients as just cattle that provide their huge salaries.
Should this turn out to be very bad and it had ever change to do so I could feasibly die.

Should this be the case then the entire play house I have been blowing on will come crashing down and I only hope it happens before I actually clock out?!

This will be something I will deal with separately to any GP I end up with and possibly walk in somewhere to have checked! Not looking forward to that!

I have always had a plan in place just in case I met my fate in whichever grisly fashion that this may take place so that everyone on here knows.

I won't lie it's a bizarre situation I did not foresee and would never have predicted in all honesty! Would have bet large against it if I am honest but then my life has not ... caused me to use certain things much and I do not know if this is a contributing factor?

If I ever do find out either way I will eventually state on here and should I be unable to there will be others that will state on here if I met my demise.

Not sure exactly when I first noticed it? To be honest I thought I was imagining it when I first noticed it but then every few weeks I would notice it again and again. Each time it seemed to be more ... prominent than the last time. So I think at a weeks estimate it may have been two or three months?

Only now though I have noticed that it's pronounced enough to be worthy of a mention and to have checked out?

When I will get around to doing this is anyone's guess. After all I am kept occupied by the very people who I should be telling about this ... appearance!

I am not filled with confidence and being she to trust anyone to diagnose correctly and be honest.

Hmm now I wonder why?!


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