Monday, 7 July 2014


My word, these petiole must live under some very expensive rocks! Or live in big houses that hide the fact that there is a rich that they really do live under.

The National Security Agency are showing beyond a doubt that they bit only give a giving flying fuck what people think if then even their own people but that they obviously think that they know better than the mass populace!

Fucking wonkers!!

Now I am assuming that America is not completely full of dunces and religious fruit cakes that just love the fact the NSA claim to be shooting in Muslims so get their full support, also tossers, and that there are enough to know and voice that there are wrong.

But the NSA are carrying about you and protecting toy by completely ignoring what the mass populace wants, going to assume here it's not what I formally described?

I will be honest I find this situation strange and think that in my personal opinion that when a countries ... agencies guess against the wants and beliefs of the majority, providing its a healthy one and not a healthy one as described by politicians so over 70%, then you have a major breakdown here.

Then the agencies cease in my opinion to be working for the country as a whole!

Someone with balls on both sides of the pond need to stop sitting their sink washing them and donning their codpieces and grow some!

Now it is not rocket science here to figure out a rule when an agency is no longer working in the best interests of its people? Certainly not and I just have a fairly good example.

They also need to actively give the populace a day in this and that is not bloody rocket science either, say why dontcha py to good use that which you have been abusing and gaining illegal entry to .... 


Come to think of it why are there so many fecking test companies in America that also do this, thinking CNet and Softonic here as prime examples, that try to trick you into putting malicious, oh yes it is, software in your computer and after you have clicked no seven times they STILL FUCKING PUT THEM ON THERE!!

Hey, dumb arses why don't you practise what you fucking preach and get your house in order America!
You really are bedding the laughing stock of the world at an increasingly rapid rate! If your not shooting each other, your shooting friendlies, shooting in friendlies and buying out friendlies or running then outta town!

I used to body defend your actions but it will be a long time and a lot of gestures before I would ever do that again!

You can dress it up and be as covert as you like but mutton dressed as lamb is still mutton, as we say here in London!
Our in other words dress it up how you want you still dickwads! Lol!

You had better start doing the things you are supposed to be doing and doing them at home and not abroad. Not just going after everyone as you were, your wrong simple as that. You were wrong, you are wrong and wronger than a wrong person after getting it if the wrong side of bed in bloody ... bloody ... bloody ... having trouble thinking if something ... National Wrong Day!

What? They must have? They have a National Day for everything! Even Groundhogs! Lol!

NSA 'targets' Tor dark web servers

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