Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Here is yet another email and is now four over the last month after not receiving replies from much earlier than this.

At the end of the day when you bare all about what you know about corruption, not someone just wanting to label all and sundry as corrupt as that kind of defeats the object, and they then start refusing to answer then this looks bad on them and is not of my doing.

Just wanted to be crystal clear on this matter. If they later turn out not to be corrupt but whining and blaming me that everyone thinks they are ... STOP! NO!

If people drive an impression based on your actions, or indeed inaction when someone keeps emailing you then this is down to yourselves and no one else.

I am and I bloody well repeat for the umpteenth time only interested in those knowingly taking the public's taxes while NOT performing said tasks they claim to those that pay their wages that which they have claimed.


EMAIL to PALS, two NHS Departments and the PHSO which have all just been sent as of RIGHT NOW! LOL!

The recipient addresses, time to be a great deal more specific I think, lol ...

Phso.Enquiries@ombudsman.org.uk - Johnathan White & Ann Cox

patricia.duncan3@nhs.net CENTRAL AND NORTH WEST LONDON NHS FOUNDATION TRUST (think this might be forsty email to this one to be fair) Patricia Duncan

england.contactus@nhs.net - Claire Upton

PatientAdvice&LiaisonServices@gstt.nhs.uk - Hmm sure I had a proper reply with a name and not the usual automated BS?

NWLCSU.NELcomplaints@nhs.net - Adams Edobor

Dear Sirs

As I am in my hotmail account doing some house clearing I may as well contact everyone yet again.

As a result of that I already informed you about and for no more than not accepting being lied to and accepting a false claim that I am a liar, who then refused to listen to the recording I told you I made, I am now being ignored by everyone and as such being refused both drugs and treatment.

Which will look bad to my recently discovered half a million viewers because after all they treat and provide drugs for muggers, rapists and murderers but here is the not so grand NHS now refusing to prescribe me the bare essential drugs and kicking me off registers at exactly a time when my prescriptions are due as if to teach me a lesson for trying to tell the truth about them.

Now just in case you had any doubts about me or what I said at all, pure folly I assure you, and in case I forget to mention it here is my email which is why everyone is now incompetently ignoring me which only serves to make them look bad on my blog. Of course each time I correspond and am then ignored the worse it looks.

This self destruction will not be of my making, even though I did largely set this up as much just in case further attempts to discredit me and my name by way of slander and libel, they would do well to read bout about these laws, were to take place to discredit that I had already achieved.

That no one in the UK does that which they claim to a receive a extremely large budget from the taxpayer for. I simply set the traps it is completely down to the guilt parties whether or not they walk into them.

http://asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com or .co.uk it matters not.

Oh and FYI, I have resorted to taking drugs that I have had sitting around that are over two years out of date now and not only have I realised this I have made this fact very aware on the blog and and FYI 2, no one can claim they did not recieve emails because if they thought they could then I suggest a course in Information Technology 101 for beginners.


Martin Haswell BSc

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