Sunday, 6 July 2014


I have given many faces.

Each of these designed to perform a multitude of things.

But there is one face that exists above and beyond all others. That is to have someone like to watch me sleep!

As simple as it sounds the realities are somewhat ... eye opening as I have been single for a decade or more and do not sleep very well.

Yet these two simple things would show that I have got there. I have achieved all that I desire to reach such an milestone as these two.

Many a day I wonder and often meanders into the worlds of dream and fantasy. Visions of a heart warming and goose bump raising nature. Feelings long forgotten but echoes of a distant past murmur to remind me of that which is missed.

But all that remains is merely the mission and the goals.

Still the goals bring about the own rewards, with a little luck and a lot of wanting.

My realistic tendencies refuse me to dwell or dream before very long, because the mission achievements remain paramount.

One wonders to the number of years one has remaining to enjoy such gifts and luxuries and one estimates not many and the thought of the number fifteen feels as if I am aiming way beyond the reach that will become the reality.

At times at ever changing and intense nausea and pain one wishes this be a great deal sooner by some unknown and dark hidden corner.

To have the ability to sleep normally and have someone smiling at me upon waking seems like the impossible dream and I would think me died and gone to heaven if this was possible for simply a week.

One has a couple of things in plan for the forthcoming days and beyond this a switch in tone that would draw forth more of the narrow minded and sleepwalkers. Argued, it could be, that the one does the jobs of the many as if dragging them by the hand to see the view before them for they be unable to do or see this for themselves.

For too long I have done this.

Tired and weary I grow but adamant and completely confident I remain, for this must be seen by many that no matter what there is no margin for movement and no weaknesses to exploit no matter how hard nor long you seek.

Better to give up while hundred of miles behind than dig yourself free from a deep grave.

But the narrow minded become ever narrower.

But while this do take place the soldiers of knowledge grow in number right within the places they least expect. While directing at them I create these warriors right within the same building, perhaps even the same room?

While fact and evidence gathering continues about me others performing my actions are going by unnoticed this is the beauty of seeing the narrow minded. Brave and brash I may be but this was fully intended to hold focus while others garner the ideas I set out and start them anew!

Soon the more apparent it will be that this has indeed been the case for a very long time and then close to the finishing line I will be while my opponents wave and shout form the starting line crying 'false starts'.

Why be it the fault of mine that you missed the starting gun?

All will be well that ends well.

It was never going to be easy nor quick to live up the to the title given to me by some of a modern day Robin Hood.

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