Sunday, 27 July 2014


I am not about to become political, well I always try not be be anyway, and state whether Scotland should it should not become independent.

It's not my place and not is it anyone else's ... outside of Scotland that is!

They will decide their fate and if that is what they want then good luck to them! I can't say I blame them and I have stated this before! However I have quite deliberately cone online to post that statement once again, due to something I heard very recently a Scottish guy stated in an interview.

He said that the British Government has lost touch with the Scottish people then pointed out that they had lost touch with the English people! In fact I think he used the term "Westminster" instead of government but what he stated is very true!

If they become independent I hope they remember the poor English people left in the crap hole?!

I did have to think to one athlete who complained he was told to refrain from saying anything about Scotland and that this take him but was pointed out by another chap, who was Scottish, that his remarks would have been deemed political and not allowed in sport.

His come no one pointed this out to him?! Or did he not care?! Maybe someone should show him a tape oh Hitler at the Olympics? Umm or was it the World Cup? Cannot remember, lol!

The cutting off from the people is long complained about but in all honesty its all this swagger on a works stage at every chance that has spelled doom fur Great Britain and no one was better or more guilty of this than Tony Blair, the News Media's darling! Oddly his cosying up to America during the ... wars seem to do him no harm as he ended up getting a job that far exceeded what he was paid as Prime Minister and that everyone thinks that him being the Middle East Envoy as laughable and no one can see it even figure out what he does not see any benefit or even effects from what he does?!

Probably just paid to pay with the rich dictators of the middle East countries? Of there are any left that is! Or maybe he will just butter up the ones that will take over where the previous dictators did?

This is the whole problem with the middle east, they fail to see that being like they are is why their countries are war torn all the time?! Oh but it's always something else's fault though! They band together to get rid of one dictator but then they all stay warring among themselves over who is taking over and it's done with weapons! End result? Another dictatorship!

One day they are going to realise that holding onto all this hate and prehistoric way of life will only serve to maintain that nothing changes! It's all about who had the bigger gun and they hate the west because we made them all! Oh and at times they have hated Russia to. Funny how their biggest enemies and focus of all their hatred are always this with the means to make weapons?!

Pointed out before they have no issues with using the toys of their enemies. Hypocritical.

Yet year after year there are always civilians running or striking around with bombs falling saying "Why is this happening?! Come and help us?!"

I would simply say "Umm, How?!" Then something along the lines that unless they drip their draconian ways, culture and beliefs it will always be this way. Most disturbing is the breed like rabbits but don't really care about there own offspring because they instill all the beliefs and hatred into them?!

If I instilled something into my children which then got them killed I would never be and to live with myself and take my own life!

Instead I try and do the opposite and teach her how to be honest but not to trust immediately and how to survive. I sometimes think I am not doing a great job but it's worked thus far! As I had radicals, paedophiles, evil mother, evil and corrupt Wirral Council asking with Merseyside Police and incompetent courts and judges aplenty the odds were attached against me from the start!

I have vastly reduced these odds though! Lmao!

Now they only just wriggle and only serve to make things worse fur themselves and have no way of escaping the inevitable outcome!

I must remember to do a post to teach the meanings of the following words ...

Inevitable and what this means in that you cannot escape that which is now your future!

Truth and how and why you should stick to it!

Mathematics which mainly comes under the following two.

Networks Webs and interconnectivity or just tell them to look up why it was invented in the first place?

Computers and their complexities and growth in number with each individual!

I am sure many of these words are alien to them or that they just assume it's alien or somehow just be wrong when someone uses these words?! Lol! Oh that reminds me if another word they need to be taught ...
Literally! Lol!

As for the works stage thing! Stop it! Ban it! Do whatever you must to stop tossers with Good Complexes using it political system to just aristocrats then to higher salaries?!

That's not what being Prime Minister is due you selfish wonkers! Lol!

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