Thursday, 10 July 2014


Public sector strikes but have they smelt the coffee?

Are they a group of self obsessed people many of which no idea they have been buying second hand goods as new and paying double fur fuel?

Are they staff that now sympathise with the shite that they have dished out by command of people above that should be burned at stakes like witches of old?

Is the foul aroma that they were used as tools to deceive while this that ordered such things can keep up their abuse of the public purse as of born with the Good given right to be provided for to any whim or want by those that are hard working for peanuts?

We can only hope but if they do not right now they will! As sure as eggs are eggs.

Even if they have to afoot this approach out if selfishness only because they will not get the complete support of the British public without it.

Public sector strikes held across UK

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