Thursday, 17 July 2014


I had a letter from Atos, which was very weird and now includes the DWP logo?!

Hmm did not look at the date but it came today, 17th July 2014, and yet again does not answer either of my two questions and refuses to hand over any NHS stuff held on me?! Ooh now THERE IS A SURPRISE!

Oddly I have sent the exact same things to the DWP and their PIPS department and got the exact same thing, so now I have asked for the FIFTH TIME!!

I have also called their bluff and first up are two images of the letter Atos sent me and then the emails I sent them ...


Not typing it out again, you and the DWP have had exactly the same emails at exactly the same time all along ...

So here is one I just sent to PIPS regarding your inability to understand and process simple English, also the fact that you refuse to and over what is rightly mine and how you just lie all the time and evade, evade and evade things that I could get a few young Chimpanzees to do in a shorter amount of time than you have!


Dear Vicky

Why have I just had a letter from Atos full of bull?

Do neither you nor Atos understand simple English?! After the letter I have just had I have to state no and in all honesty if such a conspiracy was going to be set up involving the evil trinity of you councils and the NHS you could have at least done a better job of things and they could have employed people of intelligence to lie?!

For the fourth time they have failed to comment on the following and I am still awaiting answers from you ... it is not hard and is not rocket science, there is a file ... you LOOK in it ... and you PROVIDE THE INFORMATION REQUESTED!

Just to go over once again and add some new ones ...

1 Why have I not been provided with the information I requested pertaining on what is held on me, its legal that you provide this (some call them screenshots) and exactly WHY have Atos refused to to do this when the information is MINE?!?!

2 Exactly WHY have they not only repeated once again that I am waiting for an assessment, are they all frogs?, when I am not and have told them that at NO POINT was ai EVER AWAITING an ASSESSMENT and this only occurred when I applied pressure and there is no doubt in my mind now as I stated before that you are all feverishly looking for a way to beat both me and the blog and that you have realised, or your Puppeteers, that it is less than a year to the next General Election and that their is a good chance that everyone will be out of jobs as well as labeled with some pretty awful names.

3 Why are the talking of an assessment when they have ALREADY ACCEPTED four times in the past that I cannot travel and home visits were arranged that they then lied about which are so easily proved are lies and no way on PLANET EARTH you can claim them to be true!

4 Why am I expected to attend an assessment when a local woman was told that she did not need to attend one by both Atos and yourselves and received her money, despite this being only a suspected diagnosis and not a confirmed diagnosis like I received from both Guy's Hospital and my latest GP who kicked me off his register?!

5 I should now add that I am currently heaving many people refusing to speak to me, including the NHS which only makes them look guilty and the time taken shows them up to be scheming, and that I am currently refused a Doctor?! Now think about this for a moment and how bad this looks on my blog and then factor in I have been really, REALLY ill and in a fair amount of pain too as a factor of this refusal! I am not a murderer or a rapist who would not be refused treatment I simply tell the truth and expose corruption and lies and so the NHS look like they will happily treat lower life forms but refuse to treat people now seen by some as a hero?!

Now once again!!!

Please stop the crap, you wont win and you only succeed in making yourselves look ever more guilty and many members of the public who became estranged because of both you and the NHS have yet to hear that it is not obvious that you are going to refuse yet again, and I told them you would, despite them being aware of my condition! NOT GOOD!

Also it may interest you and the NHS to know that I am now being contacted by people who have been put through the exact same thing I have! The refusal of the NHS to diagnose conditions, refer people off and even being alienated from their family over it for a decade!

These people could not be further afield in the UK if you tried and without getting very wet and no doubt very cold! Since having a conversation they realised that I knew more about the condition of Fibromyalgia than even the guys at ... err well Guy's Hospital! Unless they are willing to admit they were lying to me and therefore admitting they were trying to set me up at someone else's request that is?!

I was even requested to right a short summary, bloody impossible with this condition, of what Fibromyalgia is and how it works as well as how it comes about!

Now do you think it very wise after what I recently did to the NHS to continue to find a way to do battle with me? REALLY?!

Of course I know why the stubborn attitude remains, well it is not just about awarding PIPS from new is it? Oh no, no, no its about me being right for over then years and the fact that my story remained the same as did you refusals, even at the biased Tribunal, that you now look like you were lying to your so-called customers you even lie and say you care about all along?!

Oh, no it is the repercussions from this you are trying so hard and badly to prevent, but you cannot. You have failed to see that the only thing you can do is stop what your doing because your only making it worse! 

Or to put it another way your insistence of continuing the conveyor belt of lies and trickery in the desperate attempt to find one single solitary mistake or chink in my armour to put me down?!

The trouble is if you were ever fortunate to find one ... are you so sure it would put me down?!

I know the answer, the question is are you prepared to take the risk because that repercussion you fear so much only builds up in pressure before the top finally blows.

Martin Haswell BSc

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