Sunday, 6 July 2014


Being philosophical is a funny thing. You can be philosophical these days and it is lost on many. Mostly.
I like to think it's almost always and as the ravages of time trundle on become more obvious and eventually to all and not before to long.

The whole point of being philosophical is to force others to think, even if the situation seems a bit .. harsh at times.

Some choices and indeed some facts are a little hard to take and often ignore entirely while leaving all kinds of excuses in your wake.

If faced with the end of society as we know it and indeed even civilization hard choices would be forced upon us that we would need to make and that which is obvious may not always be the case. Plans may exist on who would be chosen to survive any impending collapse in society. But are the choices made the correct ones? In why given situation how do we ever know the worth of one persons skill over another?

The fact is we do not and could never hope to know the truth unless it is experienced by which it is too late. Extremely rare are the occasions whereby any one person survives a series ordeal and returns to tell the tale. History, of course, does not go back far enough, are decidedly patchy and based on limited intelligence and understanding of the time.

Of course in the modern world any horrific events needs to be fuse survived in order to fully inform others. Provided technology duress not completely die out this can be done with no more than an tiny mp3 recorder, otherwise a lot of painter and ink is required, plus contents absence of water.

Though in some cases it can and will be obvious which skill sets are completely redundant but this would friend largely on the tools and means of survival. Time would also play a factor in any given decisions made.
But what be the point of any data provided if no one switches on the tape or had the ability to listen to observations made? This would surely be a waste of experience and knowledge? Chances lost to right the wrongs of decisions past to make things less ... painful in any given future.

So the scale of any given situation of having data to act on varies greatly and from merely more comfortable, to less painful to striving to survive against all the odds!

The end result regardless of the severity of any situation is the same, make things easier by bit making the same mistakes! Or try to inform those behind you from making a whole set of new mistakes.

But what if the recording device is handed to people and they fail to listen. What if they refuse to listen?

Is that any less naive whether this be to steer making away from mistake or from certain doom? I fail to see any difference between the two, it is simply an inability to take on board data that makes a difference in the future.

Of course in any theoretical situation of a collapse in society or in the human race globally with any group their will be those looking out for themselves. Without any sensible reasons as to why. In a hypothetical situation and giving a group of petiole skill sets that are not their own who are then voted to not be included among the main survivors they writing still argue their point, even in a theoretical situation. Because it is the basic animals instinct to not want to face being left behind, desire the hypothetical situation they are in. Our human instinct which bubbles up from that R Complex in the brain fails to see the intelligent and hypothetical side to it and still receives the drive to protect themselves. Deep down at the real root of things we still are unable to differentiate the reality in certain situations.

For the longest time I struggled to think of a theorem to get a message over to all. But what I had on my side was time so was never desperate to do these things far too quickly. A combination of emotional, harsh, gentle, philosophical and anger were all told I had to use in various ways with varies things that occurred both previous to the existence of my musings as well as during its existence.

I think with the hero of some outside influences I have finally managed to come up with the core of my beliefs in a very simple way and keeping things as short as is humanly possible?

I believe that this post on its own will have over a message as well as explain what I have been unable to do to those in my own life.

Rome was not built in a day.

This old adage exists for a millennia for very good reason. But many I know thought that I, a man with no known name, could do this in a few weeks or months. In not doing this it was then decided that I never would.

But then I never intended that I would.

That, dear readers, I'd the job of others. Mainly those that read the musings of this blog.

This of course means you!

Without musings we are nothing.

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