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I got this ...

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 13:16:08 +0100
To: s*************m

Dear Mr Haswell,
Thank you for your email.
I would be grateful if you would clarify if you are raising concerns about both DLA and PIPs. The reason I ask is that we have no recent history for a DLA referral, however, our PIP team have confirmed they have a open referral for you since 11/2/2014. I also can confirm you have a open referral for ESA.

Also I would be grateful if you will confirm if the points raised 1 to 6 below is in reference to the information you received in regard to your Subject Access Request.
Yours Sincerely
Geoffrey Hampshire

So I sent this ...

Dear Geoffrey Hampshire

I should not be surprised that certain details and facts end up ... missing.

I find this astonishing and very bizarre at the same time...

I placed applications in before and all data pertaining to my email has been in the possession of both Atos and the DWP.

I was lied to by your organisation over home visits over three separate home visits over 18 months the reasons provided by you were ... false and easily proven to be, I have already done this online and have had in excess of 500,000 visitors and now receive 15,000 each month and rising.

Please do not respond with excuses of bold claims against the above, your organisation lied and that is the end, check my blog for details.

I have not got a claim for ESA but every time I claim for DLA or now PIPS you throw that one into the ring too and I do not particularly care as to why and as ESA is very soon to be no more I find it quite bizarre as to why this keeps thrown up? A pointless exercise.

I was previously in receipt of DLA and had this wrongly and unfairly stopped, if the DLA are not informing as to these details and the evidence given then you need to take that up with them, again it is all on my blog but I guess they always knew you would be the fall guy at the end of the day.

I recently claimed for backpay for DLA. Hence why I mentioned it.

I also recently applied for PIPS.

Also I find your question odd as any data given over in any application or receipt of benefits is always pertinent hence the persistent questions and reminders about any details of any claimants situation changing needs to be handed over to the DWP and as it is you who currently has my file and directed to you I have provided it.

This was only because friends had pressured me stating that what I had done and achieved these last few years was enough and I should start getting the money that even they thought I did not deserve once and indeed are witnesses willing to testify to the actions of both you and the DWP, with the plausible deniability provided by the NHS resulted in a decade long breakdown of what were once close relationships. Family members can also testify to this.

I also informed the DWP for over ten years of my conditions and these were both consistent and repeated and I also stated that if they continue with a misguided attitude of delusions of grandeur and insist on not listening that I will win in the end and the amount of time it takes me to win will result in an ever bigger way in which they will lose!

But then I guess that they had you to stick everything onto in the event that by some chance in ten million that I would win.

Whenever I plan to win against anyone, and you might be surprised of many of my opponents if anyone pulled their thumb out their rectum and actually bothered to read more of my blog other than about themselves as I knew several have now done including the NHS, anyone would have eventually realised this.

From day one when I started with my blog I made things absolutely clear that I am well aware that those that do these acts against humanity and the British people will have a long line of people to fall upon their swords, whether they are aware of this or not. I also made it clear on my blog that I am not interested in those willing to sacrifice both themselves and their careers for those that decide these evil things and that I would find out who they are.

Despite proving that you failed to perform a Home Visit with me four times and lying about it each time I knew that you were following the instructions of both the DWP and other and this is why I made the remark about Nick Debois stating you were an evil company and they got rid of you to 'well no...they only do as instructed by others ...'

I really do not like it when people just assume or talk to me like I am some sort of village idiot and I can tell it a mile off by audio or by text. This just makes me plan longer, harder and determined to win at all costs.

Now if I really need to drive this point home let me explain that my blog has gone around the NHS like wildfire and I saw these as the biggest of the crimes from what I call the evil trinity of NHS, DWP and Local Councils, because they are Doctors and swore an oath!

Not only have I proved that my blog has gone around like wildfire I can tell you that I was falsely accused of separate things by the NHS, which were lies from Doctors that lied who then booted me off their practise also claiming that I broke the law?!

The facts on BOTH COUNTS that this happened?

1 I never broke any laws as what I did was not illegal in anyway as they are paid by the taxpayer and ergo work for me, are Doctors and are lying! Very bad.

2 They broke the law, I love this bit, because they cannot kick a patient off their register without good reason and they did so without one and those they did was based on lies.

3 For those that really should pay attention I have recorded every single meeting, appointment and hospital test and not just with the evil trinity either!

4 No one stands a cat's chance in hell of ever getting out of the fact I proved what they were and what they were up to along with why

Now I do hope this answers your questions, as I will not be a happy chappy if your are privy to the information I refer to and are just playing dumb. The outcome will be the outcome and it is designed so that those that are guilty are sen as much by more than 50% of the British populace in 2015. All of it not long after.

I was not proud of either the country or the system that either my daughter or my two grandchildren were to grow up in, I was ... ashamed!

But more importantly and as I stated to the DWP who decided to 'cock a deaf 'en', with enough time and enough factual data I had far more than the correct skill-set to do something about it.

Now if recipients of emails like this one decide they do not want to believe it ... well I do not care! It makes absolutely no difference to me at all nor does it to any of my endeavours. I was in the midle of trapping both you and the DWP, the NHS are dead and buried, and I just though 'oh sod this I am just going to call it'. Put a stop to things so to speak as really it is only making things hard for me, due to lack of financial support.

Which incidentally I have also shown that not only am I not the idiot the public services think I am but am instead a totally competent person who could have made a very decent living a long, long time ago had it not been for a bunch of greedy organisations wriggling on hooks to dishonestly make a very large wage from taxpayers money?

Hmm a bit like Ombudsman who I have also now systematically destroyed.

I am going after details at the moment of a case you dropped and held you hands up to admitting over a lady in my vicinity who was diagnosed as having either Lupus or Fibromyalgia and was finally awarded DLA/PIPS and received back pay.

Everyone who once thought me lying and now all angry with the system for spending years setting me up to make me look like a liar have now stated I should send you that letter as if this woman can get it without a definitive diagnosis, I now can!

I gave in and said 'Oh alright then, let's see?'

Now I hope I have explained things to make this all crystal clear. Lengthy as my explanations may be they are only an attempt to stop any further wriggling and just get everyone to not miss the wood for all the trees and stop all this. It might not seem like this from your point of view but for 7 years now I have constantly been working on either one organisation or another.

It is time to draw things to a close, get what I should have done all along and concentrate on my other blogs outside of corruption.

That is all.


Martin Haswell BSc

PS Oh and I did not specifically ask for a Subject Access Request and not for the ESA either. I wanted to know if you had contacted my now previous GP and received a letter from him and if so I wanted a copy, this was the plan ... the trap so to speak.

I know everyone cannot help themselves when it comes to self protection, I KNOW how they will all act and I know what they will look for and I know they all scour the blog looking for the whites in my eyes, chinks in my armour and checking to see what I had.

This was how I made it look all so bloody easy at the end of the day.

I was once asked how I did it because everyone thinks that they are one step ahead of me and he later discovers I am four steps ahead of them. I simply stated that I simply continued to allow them to think they were one step ahead, what possible benefit would I get to correct them? Later down the line when the time comes I can use this to my advantage purely by using the over-confidence and arrogance of others on themselves.

I will continue if I have to but I just do not want to do this anymore.


Just trying to draw that line in the sand.

Just trying to put a stop to the games and say 'look, you should see now that none of you were going to win, lets just all stop shall we?'

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