Friday, 4 July 2014


I get these annoying and quite contradictory emails from both Labour and Conservatie Party HQ's.

Each one is laughable in its own way and they speak to me, therefore everyone, like I am some sort of idiot and completely shite at mathematics 101.

Now most of the time I cannot be bothered even mentioning them as I myself think that both parties have been absolute shite for donkeys years and that the vast majority of the British public are extremely naive or stupid...primarily because they kept voting both groups of tossers into power, do not think Liberal's either as they are just bonkers presently and mostly.

However I got one tonight from the conservative's and they stated that Labour are getting millions and millions of pounds from the Unions and that we should not let them drag Britain down ... so want the public to donate millions and millions to them instead?!

I mean are you for fecking real? LMAO! You are basically saying that Labour is getting loads and loads of free money so you want the public to give you theirs too?!

You have got the NHS telling the NHS to lie to patients, the DWP to lie to disabled people, the local councils to state that they are not servants of the people anymore and you want people to give you money to keep on lying?! Also, so no civil servants any more either then?

I would find it extremely worrying if I found out that a large number actually did this?! I would not want to have any contact or realationship with anyone of any kind who were naive and stupid enough to do this and if it was a large enough fraction of society ... well I would not want to live among people like that!

If you are able top make stupid decisions like that, unless your getting fringe benefits from it of course, then you are not making rational decisions when you vote, to be frank.

In which case this country will continue on down the path to darkness and just like the banks when the weasel went pop no doubt everyone would hold their hands up and say ... 'Well how we supposed to know that'll happen?!'

This is Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman and I find his emails patronizing in all honesty among many other things, lol.

Anyway I took a screenshot of the email ...

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