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One of the things that I intending to be doing after the two year period is up is to actively look for affiliates to partner with, though from experience I am not sure that partnering is the correct term?

An affiliate in this respect of an internet webpage, sometimes called associate, is where you, the blog writer or author, partner with someone directly or though an agent, affiliate group, and ... well they advertise, or at least you advertise for them. You choose the ads when it comes to text based, images sizes and placement and although this is an option I kind of opted out, lol.

You end up clock watching in a manner of speaking and waiting for ages for anything to happen, watching paint dry is quite literally a damn site faster. My own suggestion to others intending to go this route is to not even think about getting involved in anything like this too early as you only end up giving away free brand awareness and advertising for months on end, which is a damn cheek I think.

Added to this you have to not only rely on their honesty with their own algorithms and if its difficult to detect 9 times out of 10 companies cheat! Then you start thinking about other things, like if someone clicked to a page, saw something that wanted to buy because of a deal on and then decided a few days later to buy it. This is what people often do and it is what I myself do.

However none of them explain what happens in this instance and if you only get paid when someone directly links and then buys then I guarantee you your not getting anywhere near what you should get. The percentage of those that decide to buy later I would estimate to be anywhere between 60 and 90 percent, therefore your losing out on that percentage of transactions you helped them achieve, which is not very trustworthy is it. One thing I know about companies is that if this was taken into account it would be the first thing that anyone wanting to advertise would assure you!

No one eve has nor answered any of my email pertaining to this information!

So everything I did have or was associated with was switched off, except for Google's Adsense because their numbers were doing quite impossible things, like going backwards?!

Now ask yourself how do you and up PAYING someone to advertise for them? Well Google seem to know the answer to this but have never answered any emails and I even sent a letter to their UK HQ and still not had an answer and that was several months ago and possibly a year ago.

So in anyone's life that is trying to actually do something with no money I have also shown along the way what the pitfalls are. Many people I have spoken to thinks its all easy and straightforward and they will readily except that most are corrupt and cheating but then when it comes to finding a job, remember where everyone is corrupt, suddenly they think it is easy when they simply could not be more wrong. Unless your naive to it, do not care or indeed have not spent two years pissing off most of them!

Ahh the penny drops.

I had one company contact me and the lady in question was very nice and stated some very nice things about me and what I had achieved on here. I thought that was the start of many, despite saying no at the time, but it has been a bit quiet. But then anyone that finds this will realise I like to be honest and play fair and expose anyone who is corrupt. So I guess I can safely assume that the vast majority will be too terrified to deal with me? In case I might discover what they are doing? Lol!

I had never considered this previously.

So as the lady was very nice and very polite I told her that she would be the first person I contact and I always stick to my word. As for any others I would not even know where to start and would rather leave it for companies that are genuine to contact me. Ones that really do put their customers first as this is what I have always done. Until they show that are not deserving of being put first that is.

I was just thinking how hard pushed I would be to come up with a name when John Lewis popped into my head! Maplin are OK to I just wish they would realise they are too expensive as many of their things can be bought for up to half price online, though in fairness I would much rather go in their store locally and pick up my wanted items rather than having them delivered. Ooh except for Scan that is who were brilliant with their delivery despite being 200 miles away in Bolton!

Hmm now there see, sometimes my brain is a bit slow and now I have three names! Lol. Hmm I wonder of they do their own affiliate programs? I will have to email them and see.

But I do not want my pages cluttered with adverts either so there will only be a few and only those that are OK and have not pulled anything with me or anything I have heard about.

Though I have a couple of things left to finish up I certainly am not going after anyone or any organisation any more. It is time I changed track and set off on a different path and the time is now approaching for this to take place after a pregnant pause.

My summer of wildlife filing and photography has also taken a massive hit this year and I am hoping this picks up pace too in the forthcoming days. My blog on cpus & computers has had many videos added and have many to come over the next month and due to building and setting up a new PC I have guaranteed plenty of content to come with that blog for the next year! Not reliant on weather that one and likely to build faster in the Autumn and Winter.

This leaves my other primary and most popular of my blogs, at least for now, or Orchids and in a months time I will do something. One chap keeps emailing me to let me know he is off to Holland every few months so I will contact him in due course, likely the next time he goes. This has to be done before October as they will not send out Orchids due to the cold, and quite rightly so.

I am going to make a sticky note on my desktop of those companies ...

DONE! I will forget otherwise.

So this is one of the things I intend to do that some people did not quite understand. People could not figure out why I put off the chance of making money but there were and are several reasons. One of these gets explained on here in the latter half of August though people I know still do not quite get it but only will if it has its desired effect. The others were to do with the fact that even with several debilitating things wrong their is no help or understanding from British organisations. Unless your fully fit, just arrived into the UK for the first time and do no speak English. Oddly I have said this before but while I was in my local council officers I found myself sitting next to a sign that said exactly that I have taken the piss out of many times on here "If you cannot speak English then please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau"?!


Funny how they want me to think highly of them as they are a non profit help organisation when the only people they help are the ones that cannot speak English who the vast majority of today are only here to do very sinister/depraved/murderous things and you can delete where necessary.

I was talking to a guy the other day who has a friend confined to a wheelchair and I said, well if you work and make £20 then they deduct £20 from you and he said well yeah, like that was OK.

I said, well no as for starters even with people that are fit and on benefits that immediately defeats that you want to achieve, it puts people off and no incentives. Added to this mathematically and financially it does not stand up nor add up!

I then explained that you are giving a minimum amount of money to live on and if you ever fill out budgeting forms they tell you to eat bread and water, well not exactly but you get the idea. I have known them to say beans on toast, believe me and to a pensioner too.

The word 'work' does not mean what most people thinks it does. It is from science and literally means any effort that involves working against the Earth's gravity. Getting out of bed is work! It is used to mean doing more work than your already going, while being paid, and this involves leaving the house most of the time. There may well be work you can do from home but many I have seen over the years have been doing repetitive menial things, which I cannot do, lol. But let us leave that aside for a moment ...

Work means more ... work, effort if you prefer and you cannot get around the fact that effort means more energy. This means more energy is required to be put in, to you, to get the energy required out. No rocket science here I assure you. Leaving the house while doing this means not only even more effort so more energy burned but it also means leaving the house whereby beans on toast are out and even water costs money!

Whatever moron thought that they could get jobless working whether disabled or not by offering them not only no extra money at all but then expecting the people to be out of pocket is beyond me.

It was just fecking stupid and thje person that ever thought this up should be publicly shamed for being a half witted moron. No wonder why they started firing scientists. Quite how they fired those that advised them of the facts and then thought that their half-baked plans would succeed I simply am staggered to even think they could get away with.

But then my theory is that things have taken longer and longer over the years deliberately so so that when anyone found out they had, had all their money, fame, luxurious lives family lives and whatnot ... oooh wait a minute?! We are back on Rolf Harris again are we not?!

I never watch TV but I was being told about many of the celebrity names that appeared in court to defend him?! Shock and horror at some of the names! Of course I was right again when greedy family members had no care to the victims and was there because they were bothered about losing their money.

This should not stop with celebrities I am afraid to say and I cannot help think of falling on swords and tokenism. There may be something that is long overdue that would balance out the laws of probability in that a paper handed over about a paedophile ring in government subsequently disappeared years ago and more to the point I do not member the news at the time ever mentioning anything about this?!

Everyone knows that celebrities and politicians have cosied up for years and of late this has included the news media. So it stands to reason that there should be as many political names being thrown around as there are celebrity names. Or is the celebrity world no one big giant paedophile club no one ever knew about?

Members of the public still mention names to me that knew this stuff was going on but that did or said nothing about it. Now I actually blame this on the completed twisted and useless industry that is the British justice system that has systematically been rotted from the inside out like the NHS, Police and many others along with them.

Certainly the whiff of a smell drifted past my nostrils a long time ago and the only reason that I could come up with me being the only one is that because people did not see it on the TV news or front page of a national tabloid then it did not happen, or cannot be true?

Hmm now this is funny as I am now remembering that someone I know has had this issue with the News media, someone else was ignored despite all that he had and done and was first ignored but none other than Max Clifford!

Hmm now let me fink for a moment ... now who was that?

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