Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hmm well this is interesting?!

This was posted by a news blog on ... another site and I thought I would link it in here.

The collective known as anonymous seem to have a video stating they are going to do something to ... ISRAEL?!

This is due to the recent events that have taken place and in all honesty, maybe I need to listen to it again, but Israel are not without blame but neither are sections or Palestine, who for me by placing there own men, woman and children in danger are worse.

You do not measure inhumanity be levels of brutality.

I do worry that if you start taking sides in situations like this you may be heading down a slippery slope? I hope not but I fear you might, or lay yourself open to being accused of having some political agenda?

For instance if you punish one over the other you could be accused of going after those with the money, when the other side wont be happy unless they take your lives.

It might make people think your whole collective is predominantly Middle Eastern origin?

If your not I suggest your careful about creating labels for the political bodies that would like to see the end of you.

In the meantime take a look, or rather listen, to their warnings over Israel and Palestine.

Palestine wont be happy with what anyone dies to Israel and the only thing they will be happy with is the one thing that NO ONE WILL EVER AGREE TO!

Mark my words!

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