Wednesday, 31 October 2012


It occurred to me while I was out today of the fact that organisations are going about shutting people up on the Internet and this occurred because someone on YouTube who had something to do with the Birkenhead Court video bust up asked me if I had a copy as it had been banned?!

If it was his and he filmed it well where is it?

But that got me thinking..

Who is it that does this and how is it they can do this when many authorities state it is impossible to Police the Internet?! I have been getting emails from Facebook for different causes and one of these consists of the fact that there is explicit pictures of children on Facebook they have not removed, how can this be?

How have we got to the stage where sexually explicit images are posted on websites of the big names but that a video of disorder in a courtroom, when you could only see the backs of most people anyway and certainly I could not see the judge, get BANNED?!

...then I started to think about the organisations that are doing this and the way they are structured and who exactly presses the button, as I can tell you now the ones that make the decisions have not the ability with IT to do this. This made me wonder at how many people that ACTUALLY press these buttons are now happy about doing it?

I would imagine within each corporation the ones WITH MORALS number the ones without 20 to 1. I often wonder what they think when they get home at night and wonder if they are happy with their decision? Maybe they are just worrying about paying their own mortgage and looking out for the own family. Or just looking after Number One? Only one is a very small number and of these people those without morals are in the tiny majority. Indeed I would go as far as saying that many that have been forced to do rotten things really do not want to have to do that and if given the choice wished the world, and the UK, was a better place.

While thinking this a bus went by me with the poster to the latest James Bond film Skyfall along its side and I then thought if people were mostly amoral then films depicting heroes like that would never succeed. SO there must be the urge and rive to do good in most people even those that are considered The Devil's Minions!


I wondered how many it would need to really upset the Apple-cart and force change, one or two from each organisation? Talk to each other and join forces and come out together as team?

Now if I was i one of these positions that is what I would do and as for LOSING their jobs well there would be a legal case for damages, say, and a book deal involved for each of the team?!

Newspapers, well the right ones of there indeed are any left, I would imagine would pay for your story too!

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