Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Term used in air to air combat for a take down! LOL.

Well it is technically three that have fallen by the wayside thus far but...

Wirral Council has a DATE to reach!

Very might NOT come to an agreement?!

Enfield Council may be feeling confident for a comeback against me, that I am now stronger than I ever have been previously and grow stronger with each day they had better make it damned quick to stand any chance of succeeding?! lol.

Be interesting if Very remark about this blog too or just the YouTube Video. There is even the possibility that they just marked me down as not being honest, which is what I marked THEM down as, lol, and now realise they screwed up?!

Possible, we will see soon enough.

As for the others in my line of sight...

Police take down could happen on the court date or within a few months after it.

DWP and Local Councils already being secretly investigated, that much is obvious just from the few BBCi snippets I already posted! I dare say that around Spring 2013 they will be for it.

That laves just the NHS as far as my personal stuff goes. They would be around the same time as above I would guess.

Then that leaves a few loose ends, like Ombudsman and the BBC. Oh yes the BBC and I have only ever remarked towards this without any real details. Those particular details I refer to will come in the coming two weeks and that will be as a first part of TWO. The reality and the facts to be divulged here will be somewhat... staggering. that is if they can manage to shock you any more than they have done so far?! They need to say everything they can in whatever lame excuses for a public enquiry are setup that do nothing!

Like that entertaining Keiser chap said on Russia Today the 24 hour news channel, that Britain is a joke, Cameron talking about crime punishments when the biggest offenders going are getting nothing at all and wriggling out of it and that the banks behind the PPI scandal are the same that were rigging the LIBOR rates?!

Oh deary my!!


Now it is a common phrase used to say that these people are cut off from reality. It is one thing too to divulge that they are still travelling first class. Scandalous that they have allowed a number of large companies to go without paying tens of millions and others hundreds of millions on tax while kicking disabled people between the legs while lying down.

No what makes me mad is that they behave this way without any regard for the public, think the public are too damned thick to realise or notice and worst of all? Have no idea how over time the public are going to react to all these revelations?!

I knew the recession was coming 5 years before it hit. I knew the riots would come and I know it is not the end. I smell the BS when they dish it out too and I am furious the accused the Children's Society, Disability Rights UK and the Citizen's Advice Bureau of scaremongering when they stated 100,000 families were going to seriously suffer and lose £28 per week when the benefits change over?!

Scaremongering?" Jesus are you people really that THICK? Are you people really that PATHETIC?! To accuse these three charities as scaremongering?! Hmm what are the behind the scenes possibilities there?

Three major organisations come together to say this? Christ I have been telling them this for 4 years or more, it seems being late is not only all the rage lately but highly fashionable to boot!!

Worst part if it is happens to be the deliberate mistake on a simple figure of £28, I mean where the hell did they pull that from? The Sky? Their Asses? They cannot even do simple research to find out how much the weekly DLA is? What is more they actually believe that a weekly DLA is £28?!?!

The UK is full or morons and must be down to screwing up the schooling, after all another report I read on BBCi stated that some organisations has come forward and suggested to employers that they teach their staff basic math?!

You really cannot make this crap up! LOL.

I have long since seen this kind of practice as a defencive 'salvo' launching. Oddly it is difficult NOT to think it is because they have realised that I have certain information, a certain understanding, a view and maybe even the evidence too. Maybe someone somewhere has long since realised that I COULD be a threat and just better to take a defencive stance before hand. maybe they half expect me to end up doing that which I am doing right now?!

Who knows?

This is why I have never announced this blog to anyone. very found the YouTube movie, so they would have seen me doing my martial arts moves too, or some of them.

Maybe hoards of people who have acted like complete and utter arseholes are in unison going 'oops, got that one wrong!'



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