Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rupert Heath Associates & now Conville & Walsh

So now there have been two literary agents show signs of interest but not actually divulging any details?!

First Rupert Heath Associates noticed me on Twitter and requested to follow me and now a curious email from Conville & Walsh?!

What with a couple of other contacts in the last few days, someone nice in North Wales and Manchester Gazette requesting I post my story, you kidding? Not typing it all out a third time matey! LOL!

I now I contacted the latter a year ago but I do not recall contacting anyone recently. I may have sent of some emails or some other form of digital correspondence in the first week of my blog, around 8 weeks ago, but whether or not I contacted these two I have no recollection.

Yes whenever I contact anyone within a certain industry whose services I am hoping to acquire and due to the very nature and attitudes I have spoken about within this blog I tend to contact ten at a time. But there are hundreds of lit agents, I know as I have a list ... A LONG LIST.

Oddly in the respect of Literary Agents and I may have mentioned this previously is that single agents were a great deal more courteous and the feedback I got from them from the synopsis alone was quite something. Some even going as far as saying that I needed a large agency and I replied well funny you should say that as I get the impression that despite have a number of readers and secretaries, sorry Personal Assistants, I always get the feeling they have not read the synopsis and not even read the entire emails!

Considering that I stated many things I have here I expected half of them to answer 'no way?! Can you prove any of this?!'

Instead I believe that they decided it was all a work of fantasy, just as I had done on a site I am a member of with the initials PP! For those that have come here from there possibly and made some very sill statements in my diary section! LOL!

Oh and ever heard of standardising formats?

Printouts need to be justified, size 10 font, size 12 font, single line spacing, 1.5 line spacing, 2 line spacing, paragraphs 1, 5 and 10. Paragraphs 1 to 3. Paragraphs 1 to 4. Paragraphs 1 to 5. One sided, double sided, treble sided ... oh?


I did not even list all the quirks either. Some want them a certain way, post only very few email only. Some do not want chapters at all and only the synopsis (which makes a damn site more sense). Covering letter and the waste on my underpants, oh no wait that's just me thinking out loud! LOL.

Obviously missed the parts where I am penniless as I have been ripped of for tens of thousands of pounds, had my DLA illegally cancelled, defrauded of £4,000 and have a series of physical pains all over my body. Yes I can start doing cart wheels and spend loads of money running back and forth to post offices, bloody arrogant lot these tossers are! LMAO!

So I gave up until I had this blog some way down the road before I would consider going through that minefield again. As stated in an earlier post I kind of hoped there would be some chance this blog would do many of these jobs, with irritating people with mostly delusions of grandeur and a stone heart, for me.

Indeed even my enemies I have attacked here this blog can do a variety of jobs for me but it is not in the position to be able to do this just yet. Until it does I hope it either has not been picked up on their radar or indeed i have succeeded in making life very difficult as far as removing this blog goes.

Although it may already be the case, though I very much doubt it, but at a point I will not have to worry about it as it will be someone else big and powerful who will want this blog to stay and it will be them that defends both me and the blog. Like I said not just yet though I do not think. Maybe by the new year this may be the case and cold be as early as 3 weeks after this particular post, it is impossible to say.

It is the reason I have referred to previously though in the numbers game. The higher the number the more difficult it will become. Kind of a stealth attack and all the time I am muddying the waters so that if it is discovered by someone who would like it removed, i.e. THE TRUTH REMOVED it will hopefully be too late or will take them so long to work out if they can and then make an application to a court that ... well it will then be too late.

Would be comforting to know that I have reached that point, if and when I do that is

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