Thursday, 18 October 2012


Well I think that is nigh on near all the SCREEN TESTS.

To my mind it is no different, what I have done here, in doing what the journalists claim in that the public has a right to know! What I do is after all in the public's best interest and this is a little wall building in my defence!! LOL!!!

But whereas many curiously do not get much mainstream news attention if at all here I have collected them all together as best as I can. I believe this helps to see the bigger picture I have been tirelessly working towards and helps back up many of my decades long views.

It is no different to showing newspaper clippings only in this new digital age it is done somewhat differently and I am only glad I was able to amass the tools to be able to achieve many of the things I have done here.

Albeit at a cost and sacrifices I must admit! But still I always deemed it a worthy and worthwhile investment and I state investment not to mean making money but to help a country and possibly others too, who knows. Maybe governments all teach each other TRICKS to pull on the public, Atos HQ is in Paris after all?!

Who knows what the real truth is and will turn out to be. I only hoped that if I could enlighten enough people to may things and point them in the same direction then this fooling of the general population and treating them like mindless fools would came to an end?!

Unfortunately despite the many urges from various sources for me to attempt something like this I did think it somewhat of a tall order, and IMPOSSIBLE if I am honest!



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