Friday, 26 October 2012


I owned both these phones, as you can see. I told Very this but I think they banked on me telling porkies probably because they tell porkies.

The one on the left came pristine, shrink wrapped and three years ago. The one on the right came battered, torn and with NO shrink wrapping. I will post a video of the boxes next and ... errr the APPS that I left on the phone?! LOL.

I am a bit particular about gadgets and even keep the boxes they come in in pristine condition, god knows why, and have a loft full of them!

Obviously this did not give the game away about the phones sourcing but raised suspicions immediately.

Next was a scratch on the top edge of the phones casing... then the apps a few weeks later and then the faults started piling up one after the other.

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