Saturday, 20 October 2012


I get sent a great deal of Causes on Facebook and i have often thought what a good idea this is.

I hope in the future that people participate more in the noble of causes, or even just gestures, and that I thought it would be a good idea to bring to viewers attention of the website itself...

It came to my attention by way of a email that stated that there was Child Pornography going on within the many pages of Facebook and if this is not an example of what I been been trying to convey to everyone on this blog then I do not know what is?!

Every little lie, every side-stepping of responsibilities and every shirking that goes on may seem on the face of it to be insignificant but trust me they are not and for TWO very good reasons...

1 It is always the start of something that will get bigger and far worse (give them an inch...) and...

2 Every little thing adds up all around to become one MAJOR THING, just look at the News for 30 minutes!

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