Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm, Superstorm and Giant Tropical Depression have all become buzzwords in the last 48 hours.

My fascination for extreme weather combined with my fear of loss of human life has gone into overdrive in the last 12 hours. I have watched with both fascination, awe and fear as the horrors that were predicted have gradually all taken place in turn and indeed still are as I type out this post.

Though what provoked me into typing it and placing in this blog of all my blogs was something the Mayor of New York had stated a couple of days ago and then something a news anchor stated, while recalling Mayor Bloomberg's immortal words, just this morning.

Mayor Bloomberg along with President Obama had both told everyone to heed the warnings given to them and get out and evacuate. Lines like 'don't be stupid' were used and Mayor Bloomberg even went as far as stating that anyone that ignores this would be placing the lives of the emergency services in danger during and after Hurricane Sandy devastating path. I thought a curious choice of words and could have sounded heartless and even made some think that this is what they get paid for. However in this instance I believe they were the correct choice of words. People can be naive and people can be sticklers for believing in things that  are totally off the wall and most likely or even totally impossible. Oddly some of these might think the same about conspiracy theorists no matter how crazy or how sensible they may appear. But what they accuse conspiracy theorists of a large proportion of people that as the accusers are in a way guilty of themselves.

This point become completely clear to me when, moving on 12 hours, a news reader on Sky News made the following statement while an ambulance in New York, or perhaps Delaware I cannot recall entirely, said that there goes an ambulance going to save people AFTER Mayor Bloomberg told everyone not to be stupid and get out. I was impressed that this woman remembered Mayor Bloomberg's words and also that she chose to recollect them at that time. Insinuating that there were many stupid people still left in New York.

But then I started to wonder just who these people may be. Sure there could have been a fair amount of these religious nut-jobs and bible bashers thinking God would spare them if he deemed them worthy of sparing. Nowhere would this be more relevant than in America though I would have thought more the southern states and not in a large city like New York. Maybe they were unable to evacuate for one reason or another. Maybe they were poor or possibly homeless people and i started to think that the possibilities were endless.

However what it did make me think is that here is a situation where the facts are staring you in the face. There could be no one that did not know about Hurricane Sandy and its path of destruction and lives already lost as it made its way through the Caribbean  surely? Sixty people had already died and it was skirting the shores of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Is there a possibility that despite this many facts staring people in the face that they would still choose not to believe and stay put? It would be interesting to see if this is reported upon further and with the choice comments used while recalling the Mayor's comments I tend to think that it will now and I for one am interested to see what is reported along these lines. Will people that did not evacuate from those areas be asked, WHY? I am eagerly awaiting the answers.

You see this very blog is trying to reach out to as many people as I can albeit targeted at the UK. Now in my mind I have laid everything out as clear as I can, possibly rushed in places, and provided as much details/data/info as I can to the best of my knowledge and with any evidence I have to hand. I did always think that once I did this and it was live things would go insane within a matter of weeks. As pleased as I am with the the numbers I am getting they have not yet gone quite as insane as I initially thought, lol.

I thought that each person that read this, well those in the UK, would then realise and tell friends and family and each in turn would tell their friends and family. All the while new people would be finding this blog and start the same chain reaction. I do every now and then go round to relevant websites and inform new people or groups in different ways about this blog. Because it can only help people IF they are aware of the blog and have read it. Now as far as believing it is concerned, well like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama did there is not much more I can really do. Not on-line at any rate. Sure I have several weeks more of material to post about and there will be things that pop up in the news along the way I can analyse to death then possibly return and re-analyse it. But if a viewer comes on and does not believe there is nothing more I can do. I have 11 other blogs and I do not put anywhere near as much effort into them and I DO NOT post them around on even the relevant websites, forums and suchlike. These I prefer to just let anyone find on their own.

So you see how that comment and the follow up comments got me thinking and made me realise that sometimes and as strange as it may seem, you can stand there while holding up all the facts and people still refuse to believe. Oh of course there will be the selfish and self-preservation element that will only end up leading to what you are trying to avoid from actually taking place ... well actually taking place! Maybe they are OK during this global crisis and are one of that minuscule minority that are doing the same or even prospering on these hard times. But this would be a minuscule number.

The others are made up of refusing to believe what stares them in the face. Rich people and government members and public office staff for the vast majority. Oh and members of the Police Forces and Ombudsman staff along with NHS staff. Well I say that but only for a portion of these and I know this from experience as health staff have admitted this to me on a regular basis.

Maybe in a few days time I might just have a better understanding in the human psyche and its reluctance to go with the facts.

Fingers crossed!

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