Friday, 26 October 2012


Been worse than this but this is a pain in the arse attempt at replying to an email from a Literary Agent who recently contacted me out of the blue and I am somewhat surprised.

Been here before though and likely turn out to be from a correspondence I sent many months ago I had forgotten all about?!


We will see and I pointed them to this BLOG saying look I am real busy and printing out and sending even only FIVE CHAPTERS is time consuming and expensive, especially when you send of ten at a time?! lol.

If they cannot just read and view a couple of posts of posts on this blog then they will be unable to read five chapters will they? Then LOOK at this blog?! LOL.

Grrr had this crap since January 2012?! 40 emails/letters/recorded delivery and total silence over than...

send it back to us (once and yeah right send evidence to large crooked company when I NEED THE PHONE?!)

No! YOU send ME a NEW phone and I will send this one back!! No answer!!



"you are using a BOT program, we have recorded all correspondence and are sending it the the authorities and the POLICE!?!" LMFAO!!

Umm I am WHAT?!?! Go on then send them, if you don't mind looking like complete FECKWITS?! LOL!

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