Monday, 22 October 2012

eBay & UK TAX BILL?!?!

Oh dear...

So a report just came out that declares eBay have made £800 Million GBP, not sure of the period involved, but that over the same period they paid...

£1.2 Million in TAX?!

So HMRC, 40% of 800 is 1.2 is it?! I think you will find 300 would be a damn site CLOSER?!


I bet Simon Cowell is chomping at the bit what with his annual Tax Bill being in the region of...

£24 Million?!


What a bloody mess!!

This is only going to fuel anger amongst the general public even more who are not only struggling in their lives financially, which itself has a knock on effect, but that there are bound to be a few more of these revelations to come out over the coming months...

...everyone will get scrutinised now!

My favourite company too, could not happen to a nice outfit!!

TOSSERS!! I did warn them but no they know it all!

They get obsessed with money, customers treated with disrespect and disregarded, get too big, corporate, greedy and cocky and then they get taught that 'THE BIGGER YOU ARE THE FURTHER YOU FALL'.

Ohhh dear. LMAO

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