Monday, 8 October 2012


Despite my seemingly over abundance of confidence I do sometimes have to stop and take stock, go over things, rethink things and try to predict any possible obstacles. I do not allow my confidence, or over confidence, to allow me to make any mistakes. Or at least that has been the plan and so far only minor mistakes have taken place that i have managed to work around.

Today I am having a lazy day and a day I have now allowed myself to take stock of the situation that I have spent a long time struggling to get to grips with.

The weather and a friend I expected might arrive but failed to turn up has allowed me time to actually give some forethought into my next moves, or rethink the moves I have planned.

Very recently I had not heard much from my daughter and indeed still await the Court paperwork with the court date on which I want to post up on here. The length of time that was passing since we last spoke was becoming worrying and I started to wonder if yet again the Council had talked her out of taking action, or speaking to me or something else had happened. But I spoke to her yesterday and turns out she has broken yet another phone, and a laptop, and she has quite understandable anger issues which would not surprise anyone considering what these people treat the public like?!

I have given her the addresses of ALL 11 of my blogs, others being on much LIGHTER notes and in the subject areas I am interested in far more fun that a bunch of lying, cold-hearted, self-interested and greedy bunch of people supposed to be running, governing and SERVING the public interest which they seem to do even worse that the JOURNALISTS and the News Media do and have unfortunately done so for a VERY LONG TIME!!

I have been speaking of late with a great many people about the subject of Jimmy Savile, ex Radio 1 DJ, and the offences he has caused against under age girls of a sexual nature, well abused! I have listened to a number of LBC Radio DJs speak of this and most notable was James O'Brien. The talk amongst friends is just how rife this is, who has come out and mentioned being assaulted sexually (Sandy Toxvig & Liz Kershaw) and those that heard about it like Esther Rantzen?! I stated to people in conversations that this was not only shocking but going to be big due to that very large corporation that my own family had a run-in with the BBC.

I have had flurries of information come my way, likely due to the nature of what occurred with my own daughter, on all of this and Freddie Star has been bought up in conversation along with Jonathan King and the common consensus is that there is an almighty RING that was based at the BBC?!?!

Well if I was not shocked at the treatment of my father at their hands for ratings, of which he then died some months later, I am bloody well shocked now!!!

Unfortunately this is the price you pay for corruption and bending the rules and lying along with large scale cover-ups. How did this not get into the media years ago, how? HOW?! I belies belief that this could occur at such a large organisation as the BBC?! Also and as I stated to everyone that this is just the beginning and already people are thinking of everyone inked the the BBC, mostly the eccentric ones, that are likely to have been involved in this and the list and names is kind of surprising to say the least.

No one came forward so as far as I am concerned with journalists it is OPEN SEASON!!! Whatever attention they may get from the news media i am afraid to say that in this instance, there are NO EXCUSES and there are a great many people that are going to have to explain themselves. I mean I am not surprised in the least that there is corruption within the BBC, especially after what they did to my father, but of THIS NATURE?!

Now I have made on important point in all this to everyone I have spoken to and it involves none other than the NEWS MEDIA! I had a long chat with everyone and I pointed out the nature of what has gone on and how dreadful this is and it will likely take years to get over the shock of the organisation involved, the people involved and the scale and I even had that now infamous children's home on Jersey mentioned?! I dread to think what will come out next as does everyone else. But I deliberately had these in depth conversations about his story and the media coverage of it before I then asked them a question. I first reminded them of it being similar to what my daughter was put through and the covering up of it. I then explained that I sent details of this to the media many, MANY months ago and said I never even got an answer despite it being too SHOCKING for the Jeremy Kyle Show?!

I said the following...

Why is it that the dreadful abuse of my daughter at the hands of Social Workers, Councils, Civil Servants, Police, Evil Mother and others not even get me a reply from ANYONE I listed previously but because it is Jimmy Savile it does?!

How is the abuse any different?

The consensus of opinion now is thus .... JOURNALISM IS MORE CORRUPT THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT!!!

Oh dear!!

I stated to many that this was the one thing that could have over shadowed what we went through and what i did but I did not tell the media yesterday, I did not tell the media last week and I did not ell them last MONTH?! In fact I told them many, MANY months ago and provided DVDs with names and places and I likely first mentioned it prior to Christmas 2011?!?!

The media do not report and bad, evil and cruel things to have happened to people they only want to report it when someone is famous albeit 3 years late?!?!?!?!

Now how does this work, exactly? I mean I have known this for years now but surely the public will realise this in a grand scale now? No possibly not?


This leads me onto the topic I started out on. I have to post a large document up here at some point and I
have stated that I will do this on Wednesday 10th October 2012 in two days time...

But I cannot help but wonder if there are enough people for the document I post to make a difference. How many people care enough? How many people out there have not become AMORAL? Every industry i look at seems to be AMORAL and the saying 'start as you mean to go on' sends shivers down my spine currently and I already get those due to my back conditions!!

Yes the numbers are impressive but the total viewers are around 950 approximately for this particular blog and two followers. I do not know how long these documents will stay up for and this could be already being watched to see WHAT they are and IF I should be in possession of them and indeed if the blog can be taken down because of it?!

So I have to ask myself these questions...

1-How many viewers do I need?

2-Is it down to the amount of followers I need?

3-Will the BLOG be removed in a matter of hours or even minutes?

4-Is there a chance it will stay up long enough to do its job?

5-What numbers of viewers and followers do I need and how will that link to the amount of time I will need for these documents to be up for, for the posting to do as it is intended?



Oh how I hate conundrums!

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