Monday, 8 October 2012

An Unstoppable Force Against an Immovable Object

I had a thought for this tonight when an age old favourite saying cropped up while I was relaxing and it made me think of the VERY idea that was to become the basis of everything I did.

I had and still have been up against an immovable force and the only way I could see a way through that was to become an unstoppable object!

Unfortunately and despite the hundreds of solicitors I email and sent letters to, the insurmountable amount of tabloids and TV news channels I did the same with and the many help agencies and such like I turned to nothing gets done no matter how serious, illegal or utterly horrifying and/or immoral the things carried out against you that seem to have the backing of government and the law!

I had spent years with each of the subjects I raised within this blog to achieve what should be mine and my daughter's by RIGHT. But it would seem that these RIGHTS are not what they are portrayed to be.

Indeed these horrors were so unimaginably cruel to ones feelings that a dance on the tightrope of death was a semi regular occurrence for me. Indeed just today and in a conversation with two friends in the local pet shop we were speaking about what was going on in Libya and Syria. I said that what goes on there is not all that different to what goes on here and it is this one main difference that makes ... well all the difference.

To explain this I came up with a little anecdote...

I said let us suppose that I had filmed short clips of the worst elements of my life. On film would be what I was to go through at time and also what I would feel losing my daughter all my life and then discover all the things she gone through and had them all on a small device. I said that if I was able to travel back to an earlier time in my life and show a 20 year old version of myself I know what I would do! I would shoot myself then and there!!!

A life of torment and pain is far worse than dying before your time and that is the be all and end all of it. I honestly believe this to be the case and nothing and no one could ever change my mind. NOBODY! If you do not follow the rules and you have a chance of being killed then you KNOW WHERE YOU STAND at the end of the day. But in a society where you do everything you are expected to, do as you are told to do, believe in the messages that are given to you and yet time after time and over and over again a pain beyond all imagination pops up in your life to tear into shreds the very fibre of your being, well that is torture. TORTURE this is and it is as simple as that.

What has gotten me into a rage at times is when yo try to explain yourself, explain everything you have done and how much you have tried and this falls upon deaf ears over and over again. No one seems to care and no one seems to possess an ounce of compassion. Except when you ARE somebody or you ARE wealthy then it is different and that is wrong. But and as recent revelations in the media have shown it is also easier when you ARE somebody to be somebody bad and hide it.

This is a fundamental flaw in society and is why I believe that as one of those overly fanatical Jehovah's Witnesses put it ... 'it is like Satanists are running the country!'

So there I was with nothing, no real money to speak of, homeless 5 times, physical ailments piling up around me while being ignored by every single system in place to serve us, protect us and cure us?! Realising slowly I was being drawn into a world I did not want anything to do with and that of politics. Realising that there was indeed a bigger picture and that it had started to seem as if everything had a common thread and loosely knitted together. A nobody with nothing going up against the UK's biggest set of organisations worth millions upon millions of pounds and each, or at least most, with their own legal firms!!

Not just one but a whole series of immovable objects were laid out before me and the only thing I would think of to do this was to become an unstoppable force. But to be an unstoppable force you first have to be PERCEIVED to be an unstoppable force and this is what I set out to do.

This is therefore why, in my last post, I have to stop and question my decision making to see what the risks are and weigh these up against the benefits. I want it to work after all and that IS the reason I did it all and spent years cataloguing and collecting my paperwork and not binning it after a couple of years.

At any point and just about anyone I have come into contact with could have done things a variety of different ways which could have helped me, helped me to help myself and therefore help my daughter but NO. Indeed and despite the mountain of involvements I have placed within this blog over the last 7 weeks it is not ALL in ANY subject and is indeed not even ALL SUBJECTS or organisations.

For instance I have NOT gone into detail my feelings regarding MI5, as I did contact them around March or early April 2011 and continued to do so. I did mention that they called me not long after I arrived in Merseyside in October or November 2011. Yes I do have thoughts and feelings about this but I will not go into them on this blog for two reasons, one I can only assume that they managed to acquire certain people and quite possibly prevent an atrocity from taking place and two, well I do NOT know the rules they are bound by and therefore whether their hands were tied or not.

I will not go into a barrage of wild accusations when I just do not know the reasoning. I could probably research it and look it up on the Internet but I have not had the urge to do that, nor has a reason come up for me to do so. At least not yet at any rate!

No in all my planning, all my letters, all my audio recordings, all my DVD sets and all my emails these were all designed to do one thing, to show what little is done by one and all even in potentially fatal or indeed mentally challenging situations, nothing, nada, zilch!

Once it was obvious that this was going to go nowhere and once enough time had lapsed to make everyone I list look extremely dubious I would then start this blog. As I wrote this blog I would repeat my requests with the various organisations already knowing where it would get me but then being able to post it up here as it 'came in'. While the clock ticked on and the calenders keep churning the simple dubious and questionable silence and inactivity of all involved would develop over time to show it for what it was, corruption.

Of course there are many other labels you can attach to these people ALONG with corruption and not INSTEAD OF and that is LAZY, SELF-SERVING, AMORAL, INCOMPETENT (yup I typed that), ARROGANT and IGNORANT. There may well be some others too and I am sure those of you out there who yourselves have been victims of this inhuman society can come up with plenty of your own. Possible with some expletives too?!

How can anyone that has the above attributes possibly DESERVE the positions they hold and the salaries they command? These are the people trying to CALL US SPONGERS AND LAYABOUTS?! YEAH RIGHT!!

So with everything I had collected and amassed i then had to become the Unstoppable Force. Hopefully in a couple of months time I, or should I say WE, will find out just how successful this has been.

I will say this and currently as far as I am aware all of the above, and at best MOST of them, are unaware of this blog. Whoever still suffers from delusions and taken heed of my threats and does NOT perceive me as such will not for much longer. This is because if they were, say, provided with the address of this blog in a couple of months time and the numbers were in the tens of thousands of viewers and/or followers then once seeing t any doubts they had of my abilities, what I had been doing and what a danger I was to their organisations would IMMEDIATELY EVAPORATE!!

As I said to someone today, and even though I have said it myself on rare occasions, I hate the lie 'that cannot be done!' and only makes me want to achieve what others perceive to be impossible all the more.

There are indeed endless, OK exaggeration but it would seem like, possibilities that can arise from this blog along with my other blogs. In a conversation with am mate today I went through them and he was surprised at how many possibilities there were and more importantly how these should have been obvious! Well they was not all immediately obvious to me if I am honest and as time went on the possibilities either popped into my mind or ... presented themselves.

Impossible is nothing!

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