Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I thought I would go into something here that I have hinted at several times to kind of get a certain message across. It is one I thought the listed authorities may make a stab at in an attempt to ... well beat me and try and muddy the waters and make me look something that I am not. Whatever the hell that may be?!

My late friend Ken Bunn used to state something to me while drunk and speaking about these subjects and it was indeed he that thought I could actually DO something and make a difference, I thought the exact opposite and I have stated this a couple of times throughout.

I have often contacted different organisations that are against corruption of which there are many. Half or more of these specify a particular area which I have stated many times only allows the government to pick and choose smaller battles and therefore continue to win. I have suggested that these groups join up or kind of bunch and huddle together. This way it is harder to defeat you in the face of adversity and you are more liable to get your message across. I seem to fail in these attempts and this blog was always in the back of my mind to get that message across further afield. I just merely needed the time as there was a lot to say and even more in the way of evidence to post.

Now that I have been doing this and to try and counter anything that any authority might cook up to counter my actions I want to say this...

I am not a leader, I do not want to be a leader and that is NOT the intention of this blog at all. I am not trying to rally groups of people together to do that at all I am merely trying to show things for what they truly are, whether this is technically illegal or not is IS MORAL!

One intention is that I DO meet like-minded people though and would be cool if I discovered someone honourable who COULD be a leader?!

Stephen Fry and Vince Cable spring to mind off the top of my head, lol.

If I was wanting to do this I would be VLOGGING and not BLOGGING!!

I do not have some grand plan to master a huge organisation together to do battle with the government and get my name in lights and TV coverage day after day. In fact the opposite is true! I am constantly have in the back of my mind that fear of a front garden full of journalists and if I DO appear in court and as my daughter's solicitor believes that the media will be there in a frenzy I am NOT looking forward to that either.

I would rather all the above had done there JOBS, been compassionate towards their fellow man and not spent the last twenty years destroying the lives of friends, family, my daughter and grandchildren and stopping people, including myself, from having a NORMAL life. Like I have never been MARRIED for one thing and I have been single due to all this for 8 years now.

So I just wanted to get that message across loud and clear as now at this stage just about ANYONE could be reading this and concocting stories and accusations to stop people taking notice of what I have here.

This story is also in a VERY public domain and was sent to various newspapers and TV New networks and I never spoke of money nor being paid in any way, though I was kind of hoping an offer might come through to help with travelling expenses up and down when I needed to for courts and emergencies. But I never even received an acknowledged so that went south for the winter.

In fact to date I have not had a single solitary penny for anything I have done.

Just to be absolutely clear on these issues, LOL.

As said I have hinted as much but sometimes ... well you just have to join up the dots before someone joins them up by their own hand and own design.

And yes I may have mentioned elsewhere that I have been in a situation where I have led several times in the past but I was thrown into these situations and normally placed in this position by the groups I was forced into. Normally unanimously voted in by all the group members, eh Van, Andy and Remi?!


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