Friday, 26 October 2012


Well I had just had a visit from a friend when this letter arrived and we was busy speaking about the latest names surrounding the BBC and the paedophile ring names that no one in the media is 'allowed' to mention.

i had been told that Max Clifford had been approached by a great many celebrities regarding fear of the finger being pointed at them. I think my friend must have been mistaken when Mr Clifford, a man I had attempted to contact and had spoken to his secretary over subjects in this blog, was supposed to have said something along the lines of 'they are not all involved' or 'most are not involved'.

Everyone then said why would you go to him, he is the one that makes money selling big stories and I said well maybe that IS why they went to him! Everyone realised then what I was getting at and burst out laughing.

just as he was about to leave i opened up this letter from Eon and read it with fury, as I had already contacted them about this payment. My friend said 'cheeky bastards!' to which i said well just you wait until I email them, swearing and name calling will be very much so the order of the day.

Then he left and i read the whole thing!!

Now you will note from the letter that they are stating that I had agreed to pay £50 a week indefinitely  well NO I DID NOT and can produce several emails where I stated THIS!!

Second of all I only owed them £50 when I paid that last £10 so owed them £40, now think about it ... now read on in the letter to where it states...

'...if you don't pay us the agreed £50 then you are going to have to pay the outstanding balance of £39'??!?!?!

I am sure you will be interested to know exactly the type of correspondence they will now get off me and I will post it up here once I have finished composing it and sent it. Right now I am heading out of the house but wanted to get this up in the meantime!!

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