Friday, 12 October 2012

Parlez Vouz Francaise? REVOLUTION!!!

We are an odd lot us British as we are conditioned to not complain and suffer in silence.

It has been a long time joke, and indeed belief among many, that the French do not like us and that we do not like THEM because they do not like us! lol.

The one thing that I and many others have noticed about the French and we are unfortunately NOT like them for this part but that they do not put up with any bullshit. I watched them go out 'en masse' on the streets over a raising of the pension age of two years. Us? Nothing.

The french public do not like being lied to or made fools of nor used or blamed and made to pay for things that were not of their making! Oh no! Over here the attitude I get from most is 'it does not affect me so I do not care' or 'that will NEVER happen to me' and even 'oh but that is just the way things are, what can you do about it?' So nowadays now that we have been conditioned we do not even gain compassion let alone any real help. It is as if anyone with disabilities now, as an example, secretly own a magic wand and one wave of it can solve our problems and make the obstacles that prevent us doing the things we LIKE and ENJOY doing will magically disappear now and that a full time job regardless of where it is located is now very possible. Not so much a stick and a carrot method more a 2 by 4 with 9 inch nails and a Cat O'Nine Tails WHIP?!?!

Meanwhile the public just look on and believe the hyped up bullshit?!

Very unfortunate and very sad.

I was thinking while I was out today that had I been French and this had all happened to me in France that there would have been a revolution by now and that the number of viewers I had would have skyrocketed by the time word had got out about my first couple of posts! LOL.

Despite my dislike of violence and destruction I very much doubt that if the set of circumstances that had affected my daughter and I had ever got out that there would be public or government buildings that would have remained unscathed after 6 months! I dare say that there may well be other countries like this too but without sitting down and having a real think I cannot mention them right now.

Of all the countries in the world I am utterly shocked and devastated that all this has happened here in the UK despite the stupid amounts of money spent on departments to prevent them.

Indeed when I did things they way that I did it was for reasons such as this really. I myself had become conditioned that nothing ever happens and that justice is NEVER done, EVER. I have failed to get recognition or even acknowledgement in the plights I have had over the last 20 years. As each one has been more devastating than the last I wondered how bad things would have to get before someone somewhere actually does something, unless provoked to do so by a team of solicitors and a judge.

But then the Legal Aid system has been slowly and with the intention to eventually ROYALLY screw it up so that there is NO right to justice for those that cannot afford it.

In essence Britain has left behind the financial sector after royally screwing that up and now looks to sell justice to the highest bidders?! This is how it looks to me and many others.

I have no idea how popular this blog is in the big picture and whether or not the numbers match up to something that could be considered viral or postal even. Even with everything else I posted up on here and by no means everything I thought that once I posted up the Home Office file that this would then surely lead to that effect.

The next big post I will put up is a whole series of BBCi News bulletins I have taken photos of for over a year now that related to stories, that often did not even make the mainstream news, that are directly related to the things I have mentioned. There are quite a few and could pot possibly hazard a guess regarding them but several hundred at a wild stab wold not surprise me. First and foremost though I need to separate them into their respective folders so I can then provide each subject and the articles related to it. This will make it a great deal easier for readers to dive into the post that they are particularly interested in or they have been affected by.

Of course the idea of this blog is to make the readers, provided that they live in the UK, realise that they are not safe from any of these people and that this is indeed happening to them, eve if they do not realise it!


Also as that there appears to be a possibilty that this blog can actually help me, like financing my own legal action for one, I am at a loss presently to know whether it would be a good thing to continue putting so much time and emphasis into it. After all I had divulged all this information and it is there for the most part to show what really goes on and what these people really think of me, you & US! I have tried to enlighten you and though I can continue this it is difficult to know if I should do this as I do not know what else I could possibly do to convince those who are not yet convinced despite the facts staring them in their faces on this blog!

I had originally thought that there would be a point whereby any reader would realise the truth. he would then tell his closest friends and family members of these horrors and documents and each of them would then do the same. So I thought that if it was actually working that at some point, I thought 500 to 1000 separate viewers, this would start climbing exponentially.

Well I have surpassed that latter figure of 1000 and not it is truth time for this blog. I had hoped that by the time the main hearing was upon me that the numbers, was just guessing at the time, might be over 10,000 and that this would likely help with all the intended goals of this blog.

Well I have around 5 weeks to go and the time is nigh that the numbers should start doing something. This is partly why I posted the Home Office file early and after all it is not everyday you get one of those on a terrorist suspect that got into the UK by some weird miracle posted up on the web!

So by November 1st 2012 I should have a better idea on if I got the timing right and where this is likely to head and in the meantime I will have to have a think as to whether or not to post something on a daily basis or a weekly one?

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