Wednesday, 10 October 2012


OK now I have mentioned most of my plans foe this blog I will mention a few others...

To start with when i started this I intended to help others and despite my low view of and on human nature I refuse to believe that society is mostly bad, just blind and misguided in places.

I was not aware when i set this up that I could make money from this blog and though looked into it I am not so sure it is that easy to achieve either and there are scores of people complaining that after writing a blog for a year they only get up to $5 USD each month. As this is only paid monthly and in chunks of $100 (£60) they have a long wait for each payment!

Ahh the iPhone has finally Jailbroken after what was a freeze up?!

This was a side benefit I did not expect and nor do I of any of the others I will now mention for the simple fact as, and as I am often reminded bu TRUE friends, nothing has ever quite worked out in my favour to date. Just read the BLOG for that?! LOL.

But as well as helping others and an unexpected possibility to make money, albeit for too confusing (DO YOU HEAR ME GOOGLE?! LOL), there was the possibility that...

1 A literary agent would read this and contact me or better still...

2 A publisher would contact me

3 A solicitor would read this and discover I had a case or three and contact me (fed up with contacting them!!)

4 A newspaper would contact me or my daughter and offer for us to tell our story, show our evidence

5 My daughters solicitor could access what I had and decide what was most important and relevant to him so that I did not have to drag all my original files up as the DWP are refusing to help finance me getting up there with it all?!

6 Like minded and smart people could contact me

7 Campaigners wuld realise their mistakes and speak to each other, maybe even a central hub like Ombudsman or governing bodies should have to make life easier.

8 The Royal Family might hear of it and read it as if Her Majesty does not know she should KNOW!

9 People who thought they could ignore me will realise that was PURE folly and that I make good on my innuendos

10 All of those that I mentioned would eventually discover its existence, hopefully too damned late, and the LIVING DAYLIGHTS would be scared out of them?! Which may make them STOP before they do this country and its people so much damage that both the public and themselves will EVER get over?!

11 Any possibility that the Judges of this land are in and out of the pockets of public organisations, like Local Councils, that could predetermine a failure in my daughter;s case though more arrogance and ignorance would be ruled out by the discovery and the reporting by journalists of this BLOG?!?!

NOTE: If you have not worked it out by now I prepare for WORST CASE SCENARIOS and something that the moronic government and rich people and bankers who played with the public's money like a bunch of drunks playing the board game Monopoly, might want to realise!!

Now there were a great deal of possibilities as far as side benefits are concerned there have and were a great many and quite if I have recalled them all right here and now I could not honestly say. I have listed MOST of them that IS for sure!

If I think of any others I will jot them down and come back and check to see if they have already been listed.

I also stated that I laid traps in earlier postings and that my planning always has more than you can possibly imagine or spot and I did promise that over time I would reveal all?! Well I hope I have satisfied the curiosity of those that had wondered and patiently waited for the secrets in my planning to be revealed?!

I also apologise that I could not really speak about all of it or even just refer to it at an earlier stage, I just could not be sure that I would just shoot myself in the foot and scupper my own plans. i am not entirely sure that I have not done that by posting the last set of documents when I did either and originally wanted to post these in the first week in November. With some thought I did think this was too close to the court date to have an immediate effect on the Judge on the day, and indeed still may not.

But despite the number of goals, well side benefits, this blog could achieve its main objective was to not only show YOU the reader what really went on with us and what really goes on in this country and the amount of lying and cheating allowed to go on but was primarily to help others...

After all i would not wish my life on the DEVIL HIMSELF!

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