Monday, 29 October 2012

Me Against the World?!

At least that is how it feels a majority of the time.

Alone and unaffiliated it seemed a daunting prospect. Still I had to try and do at least something as after all I knew the facts but how could I do this. My backlog of paperwork had indeed gone back for a great many years but it did not contain the vast majority that I knew were corrupt or just incompetent but I still maintain that the latter is just a smoke-screen.

I had always been willing to help others even if the majority of the time the word reciprocation was missing from many a vocabulary. I would never succumb and never submit and refused to become the norm to that which existed around me. The saying that if you cannot beat them you should therefore join them I had long since banned from the forefront of my own bedazzled mind.

Not me!

The truth of it is it also became apparent the to improve the quality of my daughter's life and that of my grandchildren as well as my family there was only one way to achieve this and this was to attempt the things in my blog. An Ostrich sees nothing, learns nothing and is able to do nothing about any oncoming danger when his or her head is buried in the sand.

The very idea that if everyone knew the truth then the lies just fail to work any longer. Yes I personally would like to see all the parties dissolved ad everyone kicked out of the House of Commons and start again as I have trouble seeing any other way of moving forwards and actually progressing as a society. Do I think that would ever happen, well no not really.

If the lies do not work any more though then something different has to supplant it and something based on truth. All the bullshit that you hear every MP utter, which is only to put his opposing force down at all costs which I hope the vast majority see for what it really is, drives me to despair. I saw a Newsnight talk with two MPs over the 1% growth that means we are out of recession. Jesus, Mary mother of God they were BOTH pathetic. I could argue that purely based on this conversation ... no SPAT alone I can state that a triple-dip recession is pretty much a given.

Someone I know posted a joke on her Facebook Wall only yesterday that read 'Why did Nick Clegg cross the road? Because he said he would not!' I had to laugh at this but it seems to be the way of life for all at or near the top. This is the way it has always been. They all state what they are going to do when they are in power but then 90% of it never happens and that which does only occurs on a smaller scale. Why is this so?

Now to me it always appears that it is not they that is actually in power and that once in someone else then says, no you cannot do this and no you cannot do that?! But who? Like everything else I have gone to war against in this blog the government and even the Prime Minister appears to be just eye candy to the general public in the UK. Bizarre then that many of the companies getting away with 'Blue Murder' and 'Daylight Robbery' are owned by Americans; eBay, Starbucks and others as far as paying taxes goes. I would wager that Shop Direct are American owned too as the crap phone they sold me was sourced from America!

A curious set of facts.

So me against the British Government seems somewhat of an understatement when considering who might be pulling the strings and coat tails behind the scenes. More to the point is ... WHY?!

So at times it seems like it is me against the world! Well the western world at any rate.

Maybe in time and with a little luck and a growing belief out there amongst decent and honest people this will one day soon change and become...


Which would be a strange turn of phrase as the vast majority would itself be considered 'the world'...

WORLD UNITED AGAINST CORRUPTION would probably be better!


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