Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Well I had covered the cell I was aware of, or correctly had GUESSED was there and informed MI5 about, previously but now it seems the one in Birmingham is getting attention ... over a year after they apprehended them?!

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, EH?! Still not as late as the BBC with their 'so called' NEWS?!

I did expect more people to be involved and convicted in this particular instance due to what I read at the time about the time. It had sounded like there was a dozen or more in this particular cell so the few mentioned here is somewhat of a surprise if I am honest!

Bigger than the 7th July bombings? Yes you could say that as I have often said and been totally ignored about they were plotting against the London Olympics, and is all honesty be sensible about this; How could the target have been ANYTHING ELSE?!

Which one actually possessed the beheading of westerner videos in his book shops cellar among these three I do not know. Or even if he has been named at all?!

Time ... MAY tell.


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