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OK well i thought I would do a little write up ... a kind first part to a summing up really. As I am waiting for a software upgrade to finalise on a friend's phone! Grrr!!!

So I have made over 100 posts to date on this subject alone!

I have covered a great many organisations, both public and private, to show you how these people could not care less about human life, pain, suffering, DYING or the safety and welfare of children.

By now you should realise that they are KNOWINGLY doing all the things I refer to and it matters not where appeals, tribunals and any other method is in place to get the correct forms of action to take place.

It really is as many of you, or us, suspected and IS nothing more than WINDOW DRESSING and at the same time an absolute fortune of the tax payers money which goes far beyond that they are trying to save from mugging the sick, dying, elderly AND children and this is an utter crime to humanity in my estimations. No ifs and no buts!

Hopefully many of you have, or will in a few days, have gone though the Home Office UK Border Agency File and seen for yourself the oddities, peculiarities and shocking disregard for proper vetting and to my mind highly suspect but I will cover that next month!

I will also add that I have just seen a brief view of an article by the Daily Express regarding 'benefit scroungers' nice one Daily Express, you will end up regretting that I can assure you of this.

The public have been led for years, worryingly easy at times, and have been herded like the proverbial herd of sheep. The government relies on the fact that people, for the most part, are fickle animals and soon forget the previous thing that bothered them or indeed tragedy. Maybe someone should point out the Hillsborough disaster but then how convenient it is that many managed to get away with this for so long and may do yet!

I cannot help but wonder that in the light of the, or what most thought, would be inevitable restrictions placed on the media that there is some kind of secret agreement going on at the moment and that this may even involve myself?!

After all I am astounded that the Daily Express would take that line against people on benefits and then tar them all with the same brush for what is a small minority of people in essence. I have no doubt that there will be repercussions over this but quite what they are I do not know.

Now what will they do in a years time when all this years graduates and next years graduates are all on benefits?! It is half-witted comments like this that NO LONGER BELONG in journalism. I for one would not want to be a journalist today chasing after bloody celebrities to see what they get up to in the private lives, I for one do not care as long as they are not hurting or killing anyone!

But then like a conversation I had with a previous friends live in girlfriend she and other women seem to love that kind of gossip in the news and indeed her boyfriend, my ex friend, refused to watch the news on TV because of all the bad things going on. Yes we would all like to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening but that will not make it go away

Instead of refusing to believe it, which in turn allows the mind to trick itself into believing it will not happen to you, your family or anyone you love maybe it might be a good idea to face up to that fact that these things ARE happening and that keeping abreast of these things would put you in a better position of PROTECTING these things from happening to anyone you care about?!

It is the naivety, ignorance and unwillingness to face the truth that has got us to the stage we are in and have been for more years than the recession has been with us. Stagnated and going backwards!! All so a number of rich wan*ers can keep the money piling up?! What the feck for, I ask of you??? Missing three Ferraris to make up a collection? How many super cars can you drive at once??

This same rule applies to going green, the general public will be expected to go over to electric cars while the rich and super rich shoot around in their petrol driven cars! As the worlds supply of oil is running out the worry is their expensive collection of toys will be useless. Here is an idea, why do you not make a persistent charge to get people into economic cars like electric powered ones that run on batteries that are actually NOT green at all so that the oil will go down less you you can still drive... Oh wait! You are already doing that!!

You must be slipping as you have not charged for the AIR we breath yet, must be the only commodity you have not placed a charge on?!

What amuses me is the charge on light bulbs that would need disposing of but we are still ... DISPOSING THEM?! That is a stealth tax that is in no way err STEALTHY when i can stand in a local Pet Shop and have the conversation with several other people about it!!

Still there must still be a great deal of naive people out there as you are still currently getting way with it and despite my gong on 2 year involvement in the subject I just declared in this blog no one has reported about it.

Nor indeed have they about my daughter either, or the cover up of 16 years or more by Wirral Council?! Or the incompetence, cover-up ad bare facing lying caught on audio tape, like all the others. Odd then that you covered, or at least some did, the raid on the two terror cells in Manchester and Birmingham but did not even so much as ask me about this by email.

The funny thing is that despite my anger and frustration on that latter part I refer to I am not even sure who I am angry with because the exact reasons are unknown to me. Maybe it could not be helped as their hands were tied. But then again maybe it was some kind of pay off or secret agreement? I really did lose count a very ling time ago of the number of times I expected a call from my daughter to say she had been inundated by journalists from all the major newspapers. After all the Jeremy Kyle Show were interested until the heard the whole story and decided it was far too sensitive and alarming for even THEIR SHOW?!

Any one of the subjects could have been covered while leaving others out deemed too risky or too sensitive but no. Not a single question, letter, phone-call or even a simple and free email was put to me regarding any of this or contact details for my daughter!

How can this be?

Maybe if I can find a bunch of straight bananas in a local supermarket I might gain their attention, or perhaps if Prince Harry was swimming in his y-fronts in my local river, or a snapshot of poor Kate Middleton trying on clothing in a store changing room where she forgot to pull the curtains together completely?!

I have referred to the jimmy Savile incident on previous blogs and despite a little tweet to BBC London I later regretted you might have noticed a curious absence of contact to the one organisation you might expect me to contact and that is the BBC?! Well I have good reasons for that which concern the untimely death of my father!

I do believe I may have emailed the BBC World Service, I cannot recall if I decided to email them or not now. You have to understand that this grew and grew while everyone took a back seat to it all. It would not surprise me in the least to find out a number of people took undue credit, promotions, raises, titles and even medals for all the work that both my daughter and I did for around 20 months now and still are doing. After all one has to appear in court next month and god knows where the others are as no one decided to tell us directly whether or not all of us were safe or not. If they ARE locked up and have been for awhile it would be nice to know this as ... well I do have to watch my back wherever I go as dropping my guard at the wrong time would be and could be ... no would DEFINITELY be fatal! Too much of a risk and ... I will be honest BLOODY STUPID to just assume that we were ALL SAFE! People like that are normally dead and cannot tell you there mistakes!

So far I have been OK and I believe that no one will get the better of me at all. But my daughter and grandchildren are 250 miles away and this I cannot control and it is they and NOT me, that I fear for and care about.

But in today's society the efforts, risks, trials and tribulations that we have all been put through and the extra length we went to actually help the people who have, in essence, forsaken us is somewhat heart breaking. Still we did the right thing, the moral thing and we still are and I for one always will do!

According to medical professionals and science i should be dead. Either by taking my own life due to the stresses and horrors I have witnessed and experienced or someone should have popped me off by now. Indeed even the fact that I stick to the truth and doggedly moral is somewhat of a surprise and I think many and some even state that I should be a criminal or indeed an evil genius hell bent on world domination. Nahh, I will leave that to Stewie Griffin! But yes I have good reason to be this way but I am not.

Another fact that wold be lost on the tabloids, journalists and TV News people among thousands or indeed millions of others who have managed to wrap themselves up in the own small worlds and their survival as they have been placed there by the government who are manipulating them.

So this blog was an attempt to counter that. It was an attempt to expose the disregard for human life including that of children. It was designed to teach YOU the reader as to what really goes on as if you know this you are better prepared for anything that may come your way?!

No I do not think you would have everything thrown at you that I have but in the event that one or other affects you then you KNOW what to expect and this makes it easier to deal with.

Indeed maybe not you but someone you care about like a parent or a child. I had hoped that this would help at least one person to make it all worth it. I will have to rely on the fact that despite this I might never knowingly find out if I succeeded or not which would be a shame. But the simple knowledge that I followed the wishes if a dying friend and at least TRIED gives me some comfort.

What will happen at the court? I do not know. Will the journalists be there and report to the public what is stealthily being done to them and being stabbed in the backs while telling you while smiling that this is for YOUR benefit and that they are suffering just as you are and are in this with you? Who knows? I certainly do not.

What I did do as well with this blog is kind of make it hard for them NOT to do the jobs they trained for and act in the PUBLIC's INTEREST...

The linger this blog stays live with all that I have told and provided the more members of the public will talk, download, listen, read and realise and keep asking themselves why. Together and in time maybe YOU ALL can ask THEM WHY?!

It has now been most of a year since I started feeding things to all the newspapers I listed previously and the news channels.

If these journalists come across this blog or indeed are already reading it maybe they will read this one day and shouut out on their offices .... 'SHIT!! You know that guy we was ignoring? Well we played into his hands and now we are royally fecked?!'

Or maybe 'SHIT! We heeded the warnings of the government NOT t contact him and now we are fecked?!'

Or maybe 'SHIT! You know we did not bother with that IT department and therefore too scared to put those DVDs in this guy sent us? Well now we are fecked?!?!'

Well you get the idea!

In fact this blog was entirely thought up so just every single organisation, well bar ONE, would eventually find this blog, I have not told any of them as this would defeat the object ed forewarn those that chose to be enemies, would react the EXACT SAME WAY!!

That reads ALL THE ABOVE!

It is also a type of social experiment too. Those of you reading could have found this blog in all manner of places I deliberately ad purposely placed it...

1 Many Social sites like Facebook and Twitter among others...
2 Other dodgy sites I am listed on whereby 99% of people are foreign and fake scammers and con men pretending to be women
3 It is mentioned on Date Sites i am on even
4 It has been placed elsewhere by one of FIVE campaign groups I know of
5 It was posted to every campaign group imaginable and especially those of who are connected by one of the subjects
6 It was posted in such a manner to show everyone the bigger picture as without it your war is ... WELL LOST, as admitted to me by the Ombudsman Watchers and i admired their honesty on that.

So just how much do people care? I do not know but there maybe many professionals and scientists that will pull this apart to find out?!

Do people care enough about each other to tell everyone they know about this blog? I do not know and despite this being unique to Britain, I leave out the great as it no longer applies, but may be used by other governments and as I have never lived abroad personally cannot say one way or the other.

I certainly cannot go running off on more and endless vendettas to find out if this is the case. Maybe people overseas might in fact be reading through this blog and thinking 'wait a darn minute?!...'

Only time, as they say. WILL TELL!!

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