Wednesday, 17 October 2012

THOSE SCREEN TESTS?! Deliberate Mistakes!!

Now the very curious thing about many of the stories I have pictures of in the screen test section is that a large amount of them did not even make the mainstream news?!

AS I noted this and checked BBCi every night, besides it now being crap, half of it now missing and the fact they get their facts completely wrong...

see following POSTS on Football Racism & DLA claimers financial losses, first stated fans hurled abuse in England v Serbia (no they hurled missiles the Serbian players hurled abuse and fists?!) while the second said Disabled People will lose £20 per week?! Err fecking idiots do you know NOTHING about DLA?! Try £120 to £200 a week they will LOSE?!


So not only did they conveniently not KNOW what was going on with a Paedophile ring but while stating this they were reporting false facts about the above two subjects simultaneously?!

Now you cannot tell me there is nothing going on there?! SURELY?!?!


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