Thursday, 25 October 2012


Well after leaving an email on a comment on my VIDEO of one of the phones faults, god I have three more to go yet, I emailed them and below is the reply!

Same old shit I am afraid!


Send us it for inspection? Oh yes I am going to send a phone off to a company that KNOWINGLY sent me a USED phone?! Even IF they did not know, and that is not possible, if they could not tell it was used when they sent it out (as they claimed they check EVERY ITEMS THAT LEAVES THERE WAREHOUSE) even though it had a scratch on the phone and a box that looked like it had been used by David Beckham to take a dozen penalties with then what exactly are they going to achieve? NOTHING.

They then said to call them and that they could provide me with Motorola's phone number to their engineers, wait ... what? the only way Motorola would fix this phone, for FREE I MIGHT ADD, is that they KNOWINGLY provided these mail order catalogues with the phones in the first place and knew they would be sold as NEW!

Even IF this was the case there is still NO WAY that Very did not know and this is easy to tell purely by their ignoring my claims, did not ask for proof nor how I found out. Did not then apologise and offer to trade the phone over for something else and NOR did they state any anger towards their suppliers and nor was there any case mentioned in the news?!

Ergo, they KNEW.

This was only confirmed over an 8 month period whereby the ignored me, then sent me two letters, all posted here, where they try to claim I ignored them?! I EVER got in contact they claimed.

Oh well if they have nothing to worry about why go on to my YouTube account and request I email them?

Phone probably only cost them £20, if anything at all, and they have a debt collector after me so why comment?!

Jesus you may as well have a neon sign on your head stating...

'we are crooks, you give us your cash and we will provide you with shit from America that does not work?!'


No you can feck off.

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