Saturday, 27 October 2012


Well here is an interesting story and only because to me there are two sides to it...

On the BBC News 24 channel this morning was a feature about a businessman, a Mr Herman, who recorded repeated phone calls from a telesales service for wasting his time. The bill amount was £195 and he filed a small claims court application.

Bloody good for him is what I say and about time someone did that.

What annoyed me was that in their letter they stated that they "should not have contacted him a second time after he said the first time he did not want any more calls"?!

No idiots you should NOT HAVE CALLED AT ALL PERIOD!

He was also told that he had previously had PPI and that he should claim back but he said he had never had it?

Now the really annoying side and from my point of view.

This chap recorded two short phone calls and billed them for £195 but ... they covered this in the mainstream news?!

Are you for REAL BBC?!?!

Now compare that to what I have done here, the lives that were at stake, including that of children and I do not even get a 'thanks for the discs'?!


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