Tuesday, 30 October 2012


This has long been a real hate of mine that gets right under my skin!

The word solicitor has me steaming at the ears and despite working for one that was a friend and on and off for a couple of years with 7 months continuously, this has not changed a bit.

By now you will all have realised how serious the situation not only still is but has been for 16 years or more and in recent times somewhat horrific.

Well after trying to find details of her current solicitor at someone's request online I came across this email I had from one I had arranged for her. My daughter had got the solicitors mixed up and walked several miles to see this woman, though I am not sure that is the correct term for her. I state that as I purposely looked for women solicitors due to the nature of the case and in that they would have understanding and compassion but not in this case. I have found that in solicitors but only a couple out of 100 or so.

So I have screen shot of this email response, needless to say my response was rather harsh to say the least.

Remember the solicitor was well aware of all the facts including that she had no home phone, mobiles were crappy and old and did not last long battery wise. Couple of hours at best before dying. She could have also conversed through me too, without divulging anything sensitive until she had MET my daughter!

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