Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Well I have mentioned about my other blogs concerning my interests, well at least MOST of them.

I was working on a spreadsheet to help me understand the numbers and try to get an idea of what goes up that draws people onto them for a read and an idea of what I might have to do to others to make them more interesting to readers.

As I previously stated on this blog that I will have to now take time out for a month, until say the 7th November, off this blog to concentrate on my others and I remembered something...

I often wondered how easy it is for people reading one blog to know I had others, this could be easy or people could be unaware, probably blissfully, that I even have other blogs that are ALL on lighter notes and subjects.

So I took a screen shot of my Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet which contains all the blog addresses and thought I would just post them up here!

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