Monday, 1 October 2012


Right just a little point to make hear...

I have been amazed by the number of people, including family members. asking me why i bothered to do this for so long?

Note: They do not ask this now of course!!

Well like someone quoted on Facebook recently who follows my blog, hi Helen, when she posted ...

The only thing that allows evil to succeed is when good men do nothing! (or similar lol)
- Edward Burke...

.. if I remember correctly and I love that quote!

Well think of everything I did as thinking EXACTLY along those lines along with things a few friends said to me, one who sadly passed away RIP Kenneth Walter Bunn,  that made me realise I should do something.

It is odd that I have now emailed both Clive Bull and James O'Brien on LBC Radio 97.3, albeit on DAB LOL, as both he and my late grandmother adored this station and the Talk DJ's that worked there.

I KNEW damn well that this would be long and I knew damn well it would be hard. When the situation arose with my daughter and the Radical Muslims I knew the difficulty grew exponentially and there was the fear that I would be initially thought of a raving nutter!!

But I still had to do something. I did not have a choice and I, due to my 'horrors' in my life as people often put it, I just did not trust anyone to do anything as they should do. That means everyone so at every step of the way and without hearing or receiving anything in the way of assurances from anyone I just had to continue and get what I could and find out what I could.

If I had done nothing and some major catastrophe took place at the Olympics with a grand scale loss of innocent life and it later it emerged that I had suspicions, well I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO, then exactly....



Quite simply I would not have been able to live with myself!

So I had to take the risk and prepare myself that neither my daughter, grandchildren nor I would get any PROPER help or even ADVICE and ... well we did not!

I consider myself a moral man and in stating that I am NOT in anyway STATING I am perfect. But I could not sit idly by and leave the lives of my daughter, my grandchildren and potentially hundreds of lives of Olympic spectators in the hands of a bunch of people that have done NOTHING to prove to me in thirty years that they can do there jobs properly or even the slightest amount of compassion.

THAT is why I had NO CHOICE!

You could factor in that although I did not like the Olympics and never really been a fan and nor does anyone I know it is not beyond the realms of reality that it could have turned out that someone I know could have been attending!

One heavy handed ex-girlfriend would have been there, that I am sure of!

Also to keep on unabated and relentless does do one thing, it piles on pressure and continuously and the longer I continue it the worse it gets for those front line staff and eventually these pressures succeed in INSTALLING LIVING FEAR into all, or most, that I have dealt with.

Eventually something has to give and already has in a number of occasions and this is good as it shows that my plan is working and encourages me to continue.

I get cocky and i outsmart them in arguments. Any excuses or reasons they give over I immediately shoot down in flames and this shocks them. The speed with which I can react they find difficult to deal with, which is highly likely the reason that after twice requesting appeals forms I get no letters and just a leaflet. I also no longer get emails from them nor do I get phone-calls too as they just cannot agrue with me and nor do they ever have an argument when I accuse them of LYING, BLUNDERING DELIBERATELY, CONSPIRING and ORDERING ATOS to pull there trickery and is of THEIR DESIGN and any other form of accusation I have thrown at them.

This applies to ALL that I accuse in this blog.

This BLOG is, in essence, 'the tightening of the screws'.

Only I have not put this into effect yet :) WINK WINK!!

At a guess I would estimate that LATE NOVEMBER would be a likely time I will then have the BLOG pile on the pressure.

After all no one in these various offices wants to get the blame for the incompetence and/or corruption, do they??


A series of posts will apear in this blog later in the week that will contain some more documents once I have made the necassary alterations to them.

These are of this FINAL SUBJECT and clearly back-up what I am stating in this subject...

I just have not been able to mention them before hand now what they are but you can rest assured that these postings will show you beyond a shadow of a doubt what I have been saying and the incompetence that has gone on.

It is also long and somewhere between 60 and 80 pages long and will be shown in its entirety!

It may well be a dmaned good idea to copy them when I post them up, JUST IN CASE! ;)

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