Sunday, 30 September 2012


Now after the break for lunch at the preliminary hearing which lasted all day the Judge, who I dare say had an idea about most of it already and even had a Police report of the father of my youngest grandson in which is stated of a Police record for sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl in a park, made an odd statement.

After spending the first half of the day issuing court orders and accusations, demands and making the 4 who ere there against my daughter, evil mother & EDL boyfriend along with child molester and DUMB local girl called Rachel, he said the following...

This is FAR MORE complicated than I even first thought!

Now i think I mentioned this in a previous post but wanted to remind anyone reading of this statement and to expand on it somewhat.

My daughter had no idea why he said this and I dare say there were likely many things he was aware of that he did not want to mention for fear of scaring everyone from returning and even fleeing the country, with some of them coming back as someone else which is apparently rife in the Muslim communities. So they can do as they please and the moment they get one sniff they have been found out, or arrested and released on bail, they are in the UK under a false name anyway and they then flee and come back as someone else.

Now I hope the authorities and judges are already aware of this and are trying not to scare anyone off before they have been JUDGED and passed sentences.

Now in BOLD below are each of the possible reasons for the statement shown above also in bold for why he said this. There are not many reasons that he would not been aware of beforehand that would come to light DURING a court session...

A) However and as I have now been posting about it it may well be that the judge has now realised what these guys were and that they were RADICALISED MUSLIMS with a dastardly plan.

I have no idea if my daughter's solicitor is entirely aware of this or not as yet, I cannot remember if anything was said on that in our last conversation and will have to ask her next time we speak.

But the fact of the matter is that due to the fact that she was held in this property with them and that the Police became involved, as did MI5, it is very difficult to see how this could be avoided and this might be what he was referring to.

B) Though I have not covered it just yet the Police DID actually start to realise that there was something amiss with the evil mother and on Policewoman who visited my daughter at her flat actually said she was going to investigate this and try and have my evil ex arrested.

So it could be that a report has been submitted regarding that.

C) Or it could be that the Judge realised that there was a conspiracy going on for 16 years to keep me from my daughter, the solicitor had already realised this even before getting his hands on the file held at the councils offices.

By all accounts both the Judge and my daughter's solicitor both had a pretty good handle on what had been going on, the solicitor spent the day laughing, joking and grinning like a Cheshire cat likely due to the publicity he THINKS he will get.

To make a statement like that it had to be something that came to his attention so an unforeseen event or set of circumstances.

It could be any one of A, B or C listed above or any combination or indeed ALL OF THE ABOVE. But there was no way this would be referred to at a Preliminary Hearing because forewarned is forearmed.

Whether my daughter will be told this before the main hearing I do not know and the solicitor has already worked out that my daughter is quite reactive and gets angry and that he may not take the chance of telling her anything which is likely a good idea.

He has already told her to keep calm over things and to NOT react and when she told me I said...

'I have been telling you that for over a year haven't I? I no it is not easy and I was not always this calm over these things but you really must tr and control your emotions if you lose it, you will miss key facts and you will lose eventually and i do not want you to lose you have been through hell. It is wrong that the authorities have this attitude as we are only human and have every right to be angry over what has been done to us but still it is like this and you only play into your mother's hands by doing this as this is how she works.'

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg with the evil mother and I must say, though I have no feelings towards her at all and have not had for a great many years, I am kind of curious to know that if they do look into it whether or not there IS some reasoning behind it?! My daughter's solicitor already thinks this when he said the following...

'I can tell you now, the behaviour of your mother towards you is absolutely shocking and there is something NOT RIGHT with your Mum!'

Over 800 people on THIS blog, though did think it would be 1500 by this point, and 1200 across all blogs and there are 6 weeks to go until the main hearing. If there is an adjournment I have no idea what period of time there will be until the second hearing.

Also the other parties are playing games in a desperate attempt to have the court postponed but solicitors and Judge having none of it!

Rather bizarrely and after the preliminary hearing where he was told he is going to desperately need a solicitor he has now announced he has some bad surgery coming up and wants to get married before the court hearing, NOW THERE IS A SURPRISE!!!!


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