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As anyone who has been reading this who may be interested in the last topic to come up I have given it some thought and decided on the following...

I will make a start after this weekend and this will eventually be covered in several parts.

I shall explain it as it first appeared to me and explain how it came about and that steps I took to deal with it. I will also explain that there was in NO WAY I was going to trust anyone to deal with this and I certainly had nothing in the way of assurances and at times even a response?!

There have been a great many ideas to the reasons and procedures involving something like this which also includes the reaction, or lack of it thereof, of the News Media and the ones I have mentioned previously ... see there is NORMALLY a reason I do things in order!

You also have to remember, and a emphasise this again now, that this subject started in January 2011 and the realisation of how serious it is was about 6 weeks later, so end of February to mid March 2011.

It will be obvious that this is still, or result of it, unknown to me even today and therefore STILL a situation for both my daughter and myself.

You will also realise early on that there were indeed TWO GROUPS that I, before long, had to deal with and second guess. Though this has all now died down for the most part I have no idea WHAT the situation is, if there still exists a situation.

It will also become clear as to WHY some of the reactions I have hod from people have taken place and even why my Dentist said what he did.

As it may sound fantastical and therefore will be difficult to swallow as plausible it still, nevertheless, IS WHAT took place and there is nothing that can change that.

Whatever details I do NOT know I cannot state them on here and it is as simple as that!

However I will speculate a great deal and especially towards the end but exactly WHERE I do speculate I will make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that this is merely my opinion and an educated guess it what took place behind the scenes.

There will be some very unusual and very bizarre things and events that took place and though my knowing what was really taking place will not help you in realising that this was the case. But it was real and provided that you do believe the events that I will talk about taking place you will realise it is real too.

I would also like to point out that a number of people that I have known locally for sometime have now been provided this blog address and some of you WILL KNOW of what I am about to reveal.

I also do realise that some of you, provided people HAVE been returning to see what subject I talk about next, may have already GUESSED or even KNOW what it is I will speak about.

When I state that those of you that KNOW well these would be the ones that have listened to the very long audio recording of the visiting Merseyside Police Detectives as the subject is spoken of at that time, though you hear me point out that it is NOT the jurisdiction of the Police and that the proper authorities had been made aware a few months earlier.

You might laugh when you hear me warn them about any officers after an instant promotion going and storming a certain property and that I would be most piss*d off if this was the case. I may even warn about violence towards them too, I just cannot recall.

They was down for ONE reasons while there was also a far more serious side to what I had become embroiled with. It also, once again, has my daughter right in the thick of it and the situation was encouraged AND forced upon her by her mentally unbalanced and evil mother. This will ALSO be the subject of the up and coming court case but I dare say they will not be allowed to divulge certain aspects of it.

I am NOT bound by the same protocols and rules, however, as they are and I believe the public has a right to know what occurred.

Also remember that I contacted all the media groups I previously mentioned about this and lack of reporting of it can have many reasons, good or bad and is NOT for me to decide upon but I can list the possibilities.

I do not want to cause finger pointing is there were genuine reasons for the behaviour of any groups involved...

I just do not trust anyone and I am not happy that I did not get a a thank you from anyone, nor help and though I upset the apple-cart I did warn everyone concerned that if they choose to ignore me despite my help I will do as I do wish and I did.

AT one point this caused a bit of a stir! Though they had no idea that when it did that I was not only WELL AWARE that it did I planned it so that a reaction DID TAKE PLACE to reveal, let us say hidden pieces on a chess board?!

Wit pains aplenty and armed to the teeth with painkillers and carrying 4 sets of Nunchaku and a Bo Staff I breezed right into the centre of the Dragon's Den?! Not those plonkers on that TV series I cannot stand no this has a sign up stating 'BEWARE FOR HERE BE DRAGONS!'

I would have the two groups quite possibly waiting for me, only I did NOT materialise WHERE I was booked to!! Oh that little stunt certainly drew people out into the open!!

So coming up early next week is the first of , hmm let us say EIGHT PARTS for now, a series of posts on this the FINAL SUBJECT.

Believing what has gone before and what still is to come is entirely down to the reader and I hope that I have provided enough so far to make people realise that these unfortunate sets of circumstances did take place.

I will also add that despite the size of this particular blog, even when it is complete and achieved what it was created for, it is still only the 'TIP of the ICEBERG'!! After all I wrote two books on this that amount to 180,000 words and likely have enough, along with what happens NEXT, to write a third!!

Now I hope your sitting comfortably and have a strong drink close to hand?!

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