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Now I infer there is one more to go but I have been convinced of late that I am indeed missing one so do not be surprised if another crops up?!

Right well I shall get into this now...

First of all I would like to point out, if I have not remarked about it previously, is that I contacted a great deal of news media people about all this. Not only did I do this but I did it several times with each and started quite sometime ago.

I had some people that I trusted to be able to speak to about this making references to Dr David Kelly and Princess Diana and though the latter never crossed my mind the FORMER did!

Now at the time I made a decision to send bits off it was purely as a means of a kind of insurance and at the same time as doing this I also stored my data in various locations too. At the end of the day and whether or not I was being watched and monitored it was better to err on the side of caution and NOT being caught with my pants down?!

I figured that I could send of sets of FOUR DVDs to various news outlets and at the end of the day I thought it highly likely that they would not be allowed to publish anything until around the end of August 2012 at the earliest. I did think that I might actually have some form of contact and that quite possibly I would be informed of this? Well other than a brief conversation with someone at the Private Eye magazine and Max Clifford's secretary briefly I did not get anything in the way of a response from anyone else.

Still I kept them update with any new information and documents that arrived with emails with attachments and letters. Many people joked that maybe my 'packages' were being intercepted, not joking as in taking the p*ss kind of way but seriously, and this was a real possibility. One or two with egos did joke in a p*ss taking kind of way but I am afraid the only people that looked foolish was them. After all it was and would be foolish to not think that with the consequences involved if something went horribly wrong (more on that in November) it would be incompetent for THEM not to watch and monitor me!

Some people really do not THINK before making knee jerk reaction statements out of envy or jealousy! Oh dear.

So around February 2012, give or take a month or two, I sent off the following...

Packages by Recorded Delivery containing data that filled FOUR DVDs, this was what I had at the time.

This was followed by several emails and several letters over the next 6 months.

Now due to the peculiar fact that I had no correspondence whatsoever and now that it has been several weeks since the Olympics are finally over, and nothing dreadful happening, I will now speak of those of who that I did contact....


The Independent
The Observer
The Guardian
The Daily Mail
The Daily Express
The Mirror
The Telegraph


Liverpool Echo & one other
Manchester Evening News
Evening Standard
Metro (London)


Morning Star (know nothing about them other than being socialists)


Sky News
Channel 4 News
ITV News
Channel 5 News (not entirely sure about this one)

There were others that I contacted too but nothing much came of this either and I cannot recall them all and these lists were just 'off the top of my head'.

Now I might have given up on Channel 5 as many organisations need some real lessons in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) on how to set up websites and NOT bury their email addresses, deliberately (bad service) under pages and pages of bumpf!!

I have also posted to them on Twitter but have to admit I am not familiar with it though I have had an account for a number of years. It seemed cumbersome and annoying at the time and still does and i have NO IDEA whether to tweets to them are actually getting there, going on their TWEET PAGE or what?!

Now maybe I just d not know how these people all operate but there are a few possibilites...

1 - That they somehow managed to MISS the story (they need to rethink their business quite frankly)

2 - That someone was smarter than me at preventing them from finding out

3 - They are being PREVENTED, MEDIA BLACKOUT, from publishing

4 - They are in the POCKETS of the Government and report on whatever they are TOLD TO?!

Now No 1 seems highly unlikely that all the listed are THAT incompetent. No 2 is possible I guess but is linked in to No 3 and surely that any MEDIA BLACKOUT would not exist AFTER the Olympics had finished?! No 4 is the one I find extremely disturbing and I really do not want to believe that is the case and I certainly do not want to discover that it is down to number 4?!

Now I have ALWAYS stated to my daughter that EVERY ASPECT of what we have been involved in is front page news material. Indeed everyone I know,even the very few egotistical naysayers, admit this is the case and indeed some that WERE believers even asked my WHY none of these had been in contact, though this was PRIOR to the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Now if you recall my daughter's solicitor who is very experienced is now telling my daughter the exact same thing about attention from the newspapers,TV News and stated it would be a frenzy. So due to lack of contact that I have had I do actually find myself wondering if indeed they WILL be present at the court hearing?!

IF the are NOT I am looking forward to seeing and hearing the reaction of my daughter's solicitor, oh I REALLY AM!! LOL.

As someone I spoke on Facebook recently who seems very nice and caring said to me that she did not trust the media and others are stating the same thing more and more...

After all the talk of the town, though living to state they will not SHOW nor PUBLISH them is poor Kate Middleton's exposed mammory glands?!

I mean ... REALLY!?!?!?!

You know the more I set all these traps for each industry the more worried I became about what I would find out and the more concerned I would become about what the future may hold?!


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