Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Thought of that title for two reasons, one cheeky moo keeps calling me it and the other is that i can easily explain a couple of things using that as a title to explain VERY SIMPLY why I did all this..

Taking the title as a reference I can state that if you ask me that I would answer thus...

Doing it for the Queen? I would not know the answer to that and I suggest the only way of knowing is to ask her?!

However I can say that I AM doing it for her country and primarily her SUBJECTS!

At least the honest and decent ones, not the greedy and power mad ones that rob of of money and then play with it in such away that you could convince yourself they were playing the famous game of Monopoly!!

I might be ashamed of my country and yes and as I have stated to various people I am ashamed to be British...

...but that does not mean I would refuse to help my country if I was able to and indeed I have!!


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