Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Oh God so much for the break away for a couple of days...

Writing the post For Queen & Country James? I remembered a conversation I had recently about mental health and the way Doctors, on the whole anyway, deal with it badly.

In this conversation and as I explained at the time I was speaking from experience. In one section of the two books I wrote about all this I speak about how I kind of cracked up over being hounded and stalked by a complete FRUITLOOP!!

Now this gentleman was also trained in the same style of MARTIAL ARTS I did years earlier but had forgotten mine for the most part. I became trapped in his house for 3 weeks and while there, a very long story and frightening in places and hilarious in others, I trained with him one on one and with HIS Sifu too.

When I returned from Norfolk I decided to turn down his offer of a business partnership and it did not go down that well and before I knew it all hell broke loose. I was being hounded, sent hate mail by both post and the Internet and even on Facebook!!

He crept around in my garden despite living 130 miles away and removed things and that I found surprisingly difficult to handle. Added to this was someone I had come across that even if faced with I might not be able to handle.

I did not fair too well with these possibilities!!

Doctor after Doctor I spoke to and no one had a damned clue and salvation came from self realisation. I had ended up this way because I had lost confidence and I had not come across this before and in saying that I mean in dealing with individuals. The DWP, Local Councils and NHS had all had their dramatic affect on my life previously but this was something new.

Once I realised this I realised what I had to do! I had to not only re-educate myself in my beloved martial arts style, oh yeah have another blog about that lol, but I had to go far beyond whatever I had achieved in the past!

So I set about training in various ways and with the forms; Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kui & Bil Jee of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system previously made famous than none other than Bruce Lee and Ip Man before him and Leung Jan before him not forgetting Wong Wah Bo and others.

Hours of daily training then commenced and at the same time speed punching, or Chain Punching, along with hand and arm conditioning. This means punching bags of stones very hard and very rapidly for 10 minutes then 20 minutes and so on.

Once all this was done I switched to something I never managed to get my head around before, or rather they ended up wrapped around my head and i on the floor, the deadly Nunchaku.

Once this was achieved i was still not happy and before long I became adept at using TWO at the same time.

My garden was not wide enough for the Wing Chun Pole, Six and a Half Point Pole, at 9 feet long so I trained with a 6ft Bo Staff instead and could perform the close handed flower at great speed and the various Wing Chun moves much to the utter shock and horror of friends and family.

The result? Not only my confidence BACK but a confidence I had not had EVER?!

Now mentally and physically I was prepared for ANYTHING and ANYONE!

This was how I managed to identify I was having a mental breakdown and then deal with it, with no help from no one anywhere, and then set about doing things in such a way that I am NEVER going to end up like I had been previous by ANYONE nor ANYTHING!!

As I mentioned previously that I stated to others ANY LEGALISED CROOKS ever come to my door again with evil intentions well all I can say is that I WILL DEAL WITH THEM AS IF THEY WERE EVIL DOERS!!!

Make absolutely no mistake about that, the Police had better come with body bags?!

You might be wondering who I said this to?

That would be the Metropolitan Police!!! LMFAO!!!

That is how I dealt with a nasty and potentially self harming and fatally real situation and how I taught myself...

... a bit like I discovered that one of my afflictions Doctors knew NOTHING about, RLS or Restless Legs Syndrome, is a sudden alomst allergic reaction to Coffee, or more acuurately CAFFEINE.

RLS is not painful but by god it IS a real horrible thing to have, only affected when you lie down and want to sleep and it wont let you. An itch you cannot get to and your legs are twitchy. On telling a Doctor I deserted for being an idiot she said 'REALLY?! CAFFEINE??'

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