Monday, 24 September 2012


A Realisation of the Hypocracy of Civil Servants with NO GREY MATTER!!

I just took some time out from my previous posting as well as installing a new, or old game of mine, on my laptop to run some errands at Sainsburys.

The walk there was surprisingly easy but then I have not done much since Wednesday and kept things to a minimum. However the walk back was slightly different in that I started to get an ache in my right groin region, no puns please?!

I was about half way back when I was thinking of the crap existence I have most of the time when something popped up from my memory that took place when I first lost my Disability Living Allowance...

Now my local council, London Borough of Enfield, are like most councils I have come across and run by a bunch of lazy incompetent idiots with 'Delusions of Grandeur'. Not only had I experienced this in the past I had hoped that under Enfield things wold be different but not so.

On finding my current home I entered the building around 6 times, wielding a walking stick, and I asked if there was a maximum rent payment and if so what was it. I am pretty sure I mentioned this previously but it is important to keep this in mind due to what I recalled.

Now when I moved in I had to pay £1,500 in deposits and month in advance but then I ended up paying another £250 for the shortfall in the rent payments. This was because all the staff at the council I asked about the maximum amount, no one could tell me if there was one let alone what it was. Thinking what I had been told was just talk I moved in as I had lost a couple of previous places waiting for their stupid and pointless Pre-Determined Tenancy agreement forms to come back?! I started to suspect these were invented to STOP people on Benefits from actually getting properties ahead of cash payers, like it was not hard enough already?!

Funny then that within a matter of weeks suddenly ALL THE STAFF KNEW that there first WAS a maximum and secondly WHAT IT WAS. This was £50 under my monthly rent despite the fact that you could not find ANYTHING in the Enfield area of under mine?! Some silent alarms were tripping but I ignored them.

Now this all came back to me when my DLA was stopped and suddenly the Council wanted me to pay £100 towards my rent each month. I went crazy and let of a volley of abuse, the intelligent type you cannot argue against lol, and told them that there Job Titles and badges stating Information Revenue Officers were misleading and not true as they were all think. Reacting sarcastically towards this I then reminded them of the SIX VISITS whereby none were able to warn me of the MAXIMUM rent prior to me moving in DESPITE THE FACT THEY HAVE COMPUTERS IN FRONT OF THEM AND PHONES BY THEIR SIDES?!?!

That just about destroyed the cocky bastards in their tracks and I followed up with... ' ... and if you even THINK of using this computer says NO crap from Little Britain I will warn you now I am BSc Applied Computing at Middlesex University and believe me when I state that you will NOT be able to face the embarrassment I will cause you in front of all the waiting people!!'

I was often smiled at, clapped and one lady said 'God, I wanted to laugh, you really let them have it! About time someone put them in their place?!'

No I am not liked much and it would not surprise me to find their is a file on me, or in an office somewhere hidden on the higher levels someone half asleep is suddenly jarred into life abruptly as a red flashing light like that on a Police car, except its blue, and akin to something that would go off when a guy selling finance put Homer Simpson's name into his computer. Hell YEAH!! LOL.

No from the moment I lost my DLA things went from bad to worse on the crazy and stupid scale with civil Servants everywhere, like the were following a script written by the dumbest person in Britain and failed to see it's faults?! An Oxymoron!

What I came to today while walking back from Sainburys is that it suddenly occurred to me of the ATTITUDE towards wheelchair bound people with lives of pain and suffering and suddenly these Civil Servants (god I HATE that titles I so do!) are expecting there people with there ailments to start WORKING 5 or 6 days a week then they can not even PICK UP A DAMN PHONE OR PRESS BUTTONS ON THEIR COMPUTER OR IF IT SAYS NO WALKING UP THE DAMN STAIRS AND ASKING SOMEONE!!!


But they will all go on marches expecting sympathy from the public I can assure you.

Well heres my sympathy vote for them FECK OFF you bone idle twats I would NEVER employ you in a MILLION YEARS, LOL.


Well food for thought ... err I thought?!

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