Monday, 3 September 2012



When I started this blog, which I failed to realise was a Google Blog, I was not aware of the fact that there was an option to make money from it. This was done by allowing and placing advertising banners within the blog and in all honesty it never crossed me mind at all.

The odd thing is I am all against advertisements and banners for the most part as they are done to death in many places and can have a deterimental affect on what it is that you are doing on the internet to drastic affect.

I state this with an air of authority because, quite simply, because I can. Technology degrees are not the geek field they once were in in doing mine you had to be taught various other things besides and this is something a great deal of people have failed to realise over the years, quite simply because even those with degree did not do the same subject as I did.

Of the different, 18 Modules not including college course, subjects one of these was HCI or Human Computer Interaction which specifically teaches you good from bad webpage design and in all honesty I come across good ones very little.

So I had a bit of a dilemma as I would have to be in the North West of England come November 12th one way or another and would likely have to take all my paperwork with me. Last time was excrutiating and I do nto want to repeat that experience again so with the papwerork also being dragged up their think it better I rented a car. So I then thought about this advertising banner option available on this Blog, called Google Adsense, and thought maybe I could keep it minimal while still amassing money. So I started up an account and have to have my blog approved and set up the nbank details but unfortunately this has been refused by Google and I am not entirely sure why this is. There was some mention of sensetive material which I fail to see how this comes into the equation without then removing the blog. Then there was a mention that nothing in my blog can link the appropriate ads?! Well at the size of my blog I find that somewhat startling. I do remember something mentioned somewhere of a 1,000 viewers so maybe I have to achieve that first?

So unless something changes, the numbers start rising exponentially and I am contacted by Google regarding the Adsense account I will have to come up with another idea. I will make an application for a loan from the DWP, god knows why as I wont get it but at least i will get another damning letter that backfires on them. You never know, maybe my reputation is beginning to preceed me and the DWP and namely the DLA and Atos have gone EXTREMELY quiet?!

Will be nice to drive again as thank to the powers that be I have not done that for around 3 years or more now. Losing my 12 years of unblemished no claims bonus in the process.

I did have a few other ideas on raising some cash quick which include getting something for nothing, but I have no way of getting there, and selling some MORE treasured items of my Pink Floyd collection, Shine On boxset and High Hopes Laser Etched Blue Vinyl, but no one seems to be buying anything.

Always exhausting all avenues.

What is bizarre about all this is that i believe that in time money will cease to be an issue and I know that was my plan for my daughter.

You see once I had got some justice for her and my grandchildren I could then turn my attentions to myself and I have various ways of doing and achieveing what I want to do. Like I said in the previous post that once one is achieved the others will become much easier to fight and hence the remark about Dominoes in an even earlier post.

Now it is entirely possible that my daughter's solicitor may actually want to acquire damages for me, either on the day or at a later date? But even IF this was to take place that is not help right now with getting up there, rather annoyingly.

As far as damages are concerned I have no idea what will happen and certainly do not rely on the fact at all that I might recieve damages nor relly do I expect to which is why I have my other plans afoot. Now IF this legal case goes as I and my daughter's solicitor expect that it will it would not really matter anyway as things are in place that my own career will then take off, whether gradually or in rocket like fashion and would not matter to me either way. It will give me a start and something to work with and expand on and the directions I can then take are absolutely endless. It is also something I have often thought about doing for a great many years and have even made a start to attempt it several times since my father died.

So my daughter's plight is done, or at least the hardest part is...

My own situation can then dramatically improve and in a number of various ways that I will not get into straight away but there are half a dozen or more avenues that will then present themselves. The beauty of it is this is also true for my daughter too. Then my biggest headache is to not let the money, if she gets a silly amount, go to her head or affect her. I will corss that bridge when I come to it and IF I come to it.


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