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The Rise of the Radicals
forenote: apologies for this quick type run through and any errors!

It was January 2011 when my daughter got in contact with me again. It had been a little time since I last heard from her and she contacted me via Facebook. She was in a property in the Liverpool area and not more than a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street Station.

It started off with the usual sort of conversations on how we both were and what we had been up to during the period of incommunicado. I found out she had and lived with a boyfriend called Sabah and that he had a friend staying there too called Star.

However and before long it became clear that she was not happy and started to tell me about what was really going on. In time I soon discovered that, besides the promises of NOT being like other Muslims, he had taken her bank card away from her and helped himself to her money. He also would not allow her to eat pork, used to keep on about wearing the hijab, kebab or whatever it is called and if she used the words ‘oh God’ together would beat her?!

If this was not bad enough his bizarre and crazy sounding friend was to be far, far worse. He himself, known as Star, would flirt with my daughter and not let her out of his sight. He was also very provocative whenever the Police were around, I later found out was a regular occurrence. These visits later turned out to have her evil and manipulating, scheming and mad mother behind them as the evil mother had planned the whole situation my daughter was now in. Previously being in a council flat this was engineered by her evil mother so that the council would reclaim it and leave her homeless. In the meantime she had also sold all her daughter’s brand new belongings and kept the money and managed to steal my two grandchildren away from my daughter and not allow them to go back and managed to acquire the help of the council, once again, to do her bidding.

You would be forgiven for thinking at this stage that it was a mess, but trust me to those that do not know that this is only the beginning!

Before long I started to learn more about my daughter’s captors and while trying to plan and work things out for my daughter, mainly focusing on her evil and deceptive mother, my attention and realisation were drawn more and more to the two Muslims that were holding her captive. She was hardly allowed out and was not allowed out far enough or long enough to visit her own children. Sabir had come on the phone each time I was speaking to my daughter and each time demanded to know who I was and then ask me when I was coming up to see Sophie. Not wanting him to know exactly WHEN I arrived in the area I would give him a throw-away line to deal with in ‘oh in two weeks time’. I continued with this for months while I found out as much as I could about the two of them especially as every time Star flirted with my daughter it was SHE that later got beaten up! There was something quite definitely not right with these two and it turned out that Sabir had not known Star that long, despite his hospitality towards him and reluctance to challenge him over the flirting! Also Star’s command of English was terrible whereas Sabir could actually speak with a Scouse accent and it was revealed to me that Star had only been in the country two years?!

There was also questionable websites being viewed and it was obvious that there was more to these to than even I could believe and despite my reluctance to believe my initial thoughts it was obvious that these two were indeed radical Muslims which I came to the conclusion of when I was told that Star would pray 5 times a day while crying and banging his head against a wall?! He had also been burning Arabic symbols into his forearm which he froze in fear over when weeks later he visited a Doctor with my daughter and the symbols were spotted! Luckily for him the GP did not speak Arabic despite her horrified reaction to what she saw. Unluckily for him I already was well aware of what he was the question for me was now both WHERE AND WHEN!

I was pretty confident about my estimates all this but still I needed to know more if I was going to act on it and the more information I had to hand the better equipped I would be to have them dealt with. For weeks he never left the property and then one time he suddenly announced he had to travel to London to see the Home Office and curiously left his mobile behind which was spotted to my daughter. AT this time I had already started recording phone calls both internally and externally, one feat of which I had to crack the security software on my smartphone to achieve. I told her to go through it as she was alone and look for any videos or pictures. She found a few of them filming John Moore’s University and Liverpool Lime Street Station and there was someone else with him and they were laughing and joking in Arabic while filming a peak period with a great deal of people around. Not that I needed any more convincing but I now had something I could convince the authorities with and I prepared a CD of what I knew and this was NOT the jurisdiction of the Police but of that of MI5 and off it went. As time went on I recorded many, many more audio recordings of conversations and many whereby my daughter had overheard something or spotted something. As more faces began to emerge I had to work out what their roles were and if they were involved too. One of these was a guy called Maswad, who was a hacker and regular did so with Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo and I later found out that he and Sabir would regularly dismantle mobile phones into their individual components which was some time after my daughter spotted a 500 VOLT FUSE in the property! The property itself belonged to an older gentleman called Salin. He came across as genuine, well at least to my daughter who thought him the only nice one, only that later on and after I scared Star into running off, he turned up and grabbed their laptop and went through the history deleting stuff. I think this was the first time, took them four months, before they realised that maybe there was MORE TO ME THAN MEETS THE EYE!!

The one thing that kept creeping up in my mind at the time was that the Olympics were just one year away and that despite them filming and performing obvious reconnaissance on Liverpool Lime Street and John Moore’s University I failed to see Liverpool as a viable target and that the Olympic Games would be just too much of a temptation to ignore?!

Eventually and trying to now get my daughter out I had contacted the Police but explained the situation but requested they STOP going round there at my daughter’s mother’s request! Eventually I was called, while out cycling one day with a friend, by someone at Merseyside Police called John Middleton and we spoke in the phone for around 30 minutes. To my friends surprise they were sending two Detectives the next day and they were leaving at 6am! Just after midday the following day these two detectives arrived at my door, one Simon Broadhurst DC and his partner Louise. I did not trust them, well I did not trust anyone and from what I have put here I fail to see how anyone can blame me, and I set my smartphone to record them while they were here. I failed to realise how long this would take and the phone stopped recording around 3 or 4 hours in and when I realised and right in front of them sitting two feet away and showing them something online I said ‘oh sorry I have lost my internet connection … wait one sec’ while I set up a new audio file and set it recording once again!!

While hear I wanted some assurances from them and that my daughter would have somewhere to go as we could not rely on the councils as I do not trust them. I had stated I wanted a safe-house for her or a council property, wrongly taken away from her in the first place, given back to her and they said they would do this. I also emphasized the fact that I had now been feeding data to MI5 and did not want to hear that some wooden top had gone flying round there after a promotion and getting everyone killed?! I got that too but with odd looks from them and I knew they were non-believers and when Simon made a remark about them not entering the realms of fantasy not yet I said ‘well I hope your right but I am confident you are wrong … but do not worry I am sure you will find out soon enough’.

I spent a good while too speaking about my daughter’s mother (though I hate referring to her as that as she is anything but) and I warned them and I warned them and then I EMPHASIZED that I was warning them and NOT to ignore my warnings!!

THEY DID!!! They then made calamitous errors and then lied to my face about many things that they were supposed to do and did nothing of the kind. They were LYING and they KNEW IT!! I was so glad and I was vindicated for taking such dramatic action of this one of a great many Police visits and now I could expose them for what they are.

In fact Pleb Gate in the recent news I have found laughable, ohh which one is lying? Well they both do so who gives a flying shit who did and who did not? But no that has media attention and the use of the word PLEB as does John Terry, despite my dislike for him as a person, and the utter fiasco and millions of pounds spent of the tax-payers money at what amounts to bugger all in the real world! END OF STORY!! Oh and Kate Middleton’s boobs! I would call it an indiscretion but the reality there is it is not, is it! The guy taking pictures was half a mile away or more for the love of God!! Now Harry in Las Vegas that WAS an indiscretion but still I do not care and do not think it should be in the news. So what if they show they are human just like the rest of us?! I have no problem with that! Oddly I am hearing many talk radio DJs now saying the same things I have listed above and no less so than Clive Bull and another LBC DJ on my new DAB Radio. I digress.

They even told me that it was THEY that had helped my daughter escape her captors and when DC Simon Broadhurst stated this I said ‘what?!’ He repeated the claim and I said that this was a lie and that not only that but it was I that helped her get out, once she had plucked up the courage to do it, and that I had guided her using the maps function on my smartphone all the way to Admiral Street Police Station and that the Police that after a ROW with a 999 Operator who was more stupid than helpful a Police car arrived to pick her up only she had been standing in Admiral Street Police Station for TEN MINUTE ALREADY and that the on duty officer replied ‘what do you want ME to do about it??’ when my daughter had told him of her predicament. I, of course, was on the phone and I told her to hand it to him and after a few swift short words within seconds he was fetching her tea and sandwiches!!

During this whole time I had tried to get my daughter to come down here to my home and I had even offered to come up and bring her back with me but she was reluctant to do so. Maybe it was the knowledge that her careless and evil mother had her children in her clutches or that she did not know me that well or maybe BOTH of the above. I just do not know but no matter how many times I asked and said we would sort it from down here she still would not come. Although at times she would give in and say she was coming only to change her mind.

I of course tried to get up there and just as I had done so several times in the past I tried to raise the cash by approaching the DWP only this time I had evidence that not only was my daughter in mortal danger but so was my two grandchildren. Well apparently and according to the DWP no they are not in danger?! I was turned down for both grants and loans as I had been a dozen times before.

THEY ARE DISGUSTINGLY INHUMAN. Oh I still have an on-going spat with the CCG and the DLA of the DWP and I so much want to tell them about this blog but I cannot have the powers that be running around after court orders against me at this time. Not until enough people KNOW THE TRUTH.

Indeed from the moment I planned this I knew that this would only have the effect I desired IF word of mouth spread quickly. I know there will be a point when this would cause a stir among the organisations I speak about and they would queue around the block with solicitors aplenty to close it down. It may already be the case and that they are gleaning this for anything that they could use to do exactly that. I am, however, trying to word things extremely carefully to not give them the excuse they need to stop the blog. As time goes on over the next month this will become harder but whether or not this becomes impossible or not, I know not. Hence the reason for the need for the number of viewers, well British ones anyway, to go up as fast as possible so that if there comes a day when this is taken down then as many people as I can manage can know what went on. I even have the hope that viewers copy the documents, download the audio files and send them around to others too. Hopefully that has already begun and I do hope this is the case whether or not it has started but at least at some point before this is removed.

During the time I was corresponding with MI5, albeit one way traffic, I never received a reply … well at least not for about 8 months anyway. After the Police had visited I had to pay a visit to my Dentist, who himself was from Iraq and his name is Hadi and a nice chap. I had not told anyone for a couple of months after realising there was a dangerous situation and even then I only told two people that I knew that I could trust. None of my family knew about it and neither did other friends I had and I just could not take the risk that the story would go round and some bright spark somewhere would think that could make a load of cash by phoning up a national tabloid. Oddly my contacting MI5 was a little odd as little known to those that know me I had almost worked for GCHQ back in 2001 and was asked to attend an interview! I did not attend the interview, sadly … I think, because of a relation break up, well I was being beaten to death regularly, and moved back to London when GCHQ was only a few miles from me before I moved they were now in the region of 130 miles away. Also I did not receive the letter until I had been back in London around 4 months and had missed the interview date. On my visit to my Dentist and despite him being himself an Iraqi I decided to tell him as he was chatty with me anyway. His reaction was that of utter shock and before long he was telling me that he thinks I will receive an MBE and a medal and to be honest the very idea had NEVER occurred to me beforehand but after whatever it was at the time was removed from my mouth I laughed at the prospect. I told him that it was my belief that you had to make a lot of money from something really stupid or be a rich celebrity who gives up a couple of their days appearing in children in need for free a few times to receive that kind of recognition.

That was over a year ago and this is the exact SAME Dentist who recently admitted that there was corruption in the NHS, was fed up with it and the once flourishing Dentist was now struggling and that when I became famous, this was two weeks ago, in November or whenever it turns out that I am, he is going to quite dentistry and work for me?! I thought he was joking but apparently he was not!

Having someone of the profession actually state something like that was somewhat of a big surprise and the fact that he is the nationality that he is made it even more so. After all the fact that we got on and the fact he was a health professional was the only reason I gambled on telling him as I relied on the patient & Doctor confidentiality clause to actually speak to someone about it I thought I could do without fear of loose lips. Indeed the fact he was Iraqi I was kind of interested to hear his views on what I had uncovered and that was a gamble on its own. As ever my gambles paid off but not without a great deal of forethought.

My daughter had been dumped at a hostel and not even by the Detectives that had been here and this hostel turned out to be a right dive and had a bad reputation. Drug abuse and selling was rife at The Bridge and it was not long before my daughter was being picked on. AT the same time my evil-ex was now becoming worried as my daughter was free, well in her eyes but not mine, and would not be long before she had her own place and wanted her kids back! She was attacked and we suspected she had a broken nose by one girl and a crazy guy who was making threats and I was often listening to her crying and wanting to end her life! I was fuelled with rage which only become worse when you realise what was to then take place next?!

My daughter phoned every day and often several times a day but then one day nothing and this went on for three days and I knew something was up. I had phoned Simon Broadhurst to find out what was going on and he said he would get back to me. I was with some elderly neighbours and cutting down some leylandii conifers which were in my garden, or my landlords, that had got too high and I offered to cut them down. While I was chopping them down the Detective rang me back and told me that he had spoken to Sophie and everything was fine and that at HIS suggestion she had changed her mobile number so that the Arab men could not find her. I said that was great and was a load of my mind but was still pissed off that she was in this damned hostel.

The following night, so now four days, my daughter rang me and I told her I was trying to get in contact with her and had phoned the Simon and he had told me what had happened. I was surprised when she answered “What the F*CK!” and I thought she was about to get angry with me for ringing them. BUT it turned out that everything I was told was a lie and she then told me she had been there a week and that Simon had not only had NOTHING to do with her being there but that also he had NOT EVEN PHONED her since she was dumped there let alone visited in person?! I was f*cking furious despite the fact that I now had them bang t rights and remember my daughter had already been physically assaulted by the Police beforehand and had suffered a large bruise on her arm! Simon rang me again and I let him talk as he said that my daughter was being unreliable as regards helping them make an arrest of Sabir and Star and that she was messing the Police around and an unreliable person, I went mad!! I said “Have you finished?!” Then I went into a tirade about how he had lied to me and the Police had done ‘JACK SHIT!’ I reprimanded him as when I asked that as he HAD NOT even SPOKE to my daughter how did he know and he said “well I phoned her mum!” I said “Are you a bit stupid? Did I or did I not spend 30 minutes telling you NOT to speak to her mother and ONLY to ME or my daughter?! You came 250 miles to take no f*cking notice of what I said, why did you even bother?” I then went on to tell him that my daughter had NOT changed her number at his request and that Sabir had phoned mobile phone company O2 and had HER phone number switched to HIS phone and then rang her, when he did he said “aren’t I clever?” and as he had often told her that if she tried to leave him he would not be able to handle it and kill her this was a real heart stopping moment. Yes Simon it seems Simon is smart while you and your £700 Hamilton watch and all your mates in the Merseyside Police force are F*CKING stupid and they and my daughter’s evil mother are running bloody rings round you and making you look thick!”

He then told me they were dropping the case and I never heard from him again. They did, however, hear from me again and quite a bit too as did the IPCC.

It got worse for the Police with the lies as I then hounded both them and the IPCC and I pulled no punches either with either of them. I called the IPCC a front, not fit for purpose and just eye candy to allow the public to think that the Police are themselves Policed when not only do they do NOTHIN but cannot do ANYTHING ANYWAY?! After initially trying to shirk responsibility they UPHELD my complaint but this led to me discovering how the Police DON’T deal with complaints and give out the same lying crap each time.

Now to understand this I will explain that I already followed the complaints procedure against the Police once already and this is how it went…

1)      A concerned officer, Sgt Kate Roberts, showed compassion and understanding along with shock and says she will look into it. She states she will get back to me in two weeks.

2)      A month later she phones me and as we talk she says that none of this took place as she spoke to my EVIL-EX and I say, my god woman you have managed to actually do the VERY THING I am complaining about. She asks what I mean and I go through the 30 minute lecture about my daughter’s mother. She acts shocked and states she will investigate this further but to give her a month is on leave

3)      Eventually she gets back to me, speaks about the complaint like she is NOT familiar with it, states along the lines that she cannot find any evidence of that which I speak of and I tell her that she is an IDIOT because I have it and find it odd that she has come to her conclusion WITHOUT asking for it. I tell her I suspect a cover up and she is lying, she is not amused by this.

Now after they then ignore me I go to the IPCC and I drive them crazy over this. As I have found with all governing bodies AND Ombudsman they are not overly interested in this nor show any compassion. Eventually they go off and contact the Police and it turns out that they did not LOG the complaint and based on this and this reason only the UPHOLD my complaint.

But then they tell me to go through the proper complaints procedure and give me Sgt Kate Roberts’s name?! I ask them if they are joking as this is the person I am now complaining about along with DC Simon Broadhurst?! They do not seem to quite get it!!

Annoyed I end up thinking, OK I will do it again, after all if you shake the tree it can often bear fruit and I had already amassed a good pile on them already…

Now have a guess how it went? REFER TO SECTIONS ONE TO THREE ABOVE?!?!


Only I am now going to list a few EXTRA points for the SECOND ROUND of the COMPLINTS PROCEDURE!!

1)      Sgt Kate Roberts said exactly the same crap she did the first time around and after coming off the phone I had a suspicion that she did not know who I was and did not remember we had even spoken previously. Personally I thought I was mad and imagining things

2)      She then got into contact with me TWO weeks late, again only this time she was on her holidays?! She still spoke to me like she was unfamiliar with both me and my daughter?!?! I was now thinking ‘what the fuck?’


What was obvious to me was that my complaint was not only completely ignored therefore NOT dealt with the first time around but was now NOT being dealt with again. This is the only way that this idiot did not realise she was speaking to the same person again, despite my London accent, and that the exact same things were being said. The feeling of De Jevu was incredible and I thought I had slipped inside a mini wormhole and gone back in time 6 weeks. I could not believe what I was experiencing and what I was realising at the time!! I had NOT requested their involvement other than to get them to provide a safe-house or a council property, how fecking hard can that be?!?! Not only did they NOT provide any of these they were lying through their teeth about it all and NOT dealing with the accusation of abuse, incompetence, knowing situations of endangerment.

I can tell you I have had a number of Merseyside Police Officers hang up the phone on me after giving them one HELL OF A TIRADE of abusive language. No replies, no threats of charging me with abusive language to a Police officer, NOTHING. Just hung up!

Then and as I have covered previously I had the same from the Council and the Hostel and cause them headaches they will not forget in a hurry.

All the shenanigans with the Social Workers and council heads of staff and housing then went into overdrive!

I was also told by my daughter at one point when Sabir had phoned my daughter he launched a tirade of abuse at her because his friend Star had been arrested by the Police and that SHE was behind it?! Odd behaviour considering this so-called friend was constantly trying it on with my daughter who then got the blame, and being beaten for it?! I asked her what he was arrested for and she said ‘driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle’. I said ‘what?! Well hang on, if the Police are following an unregistered vehicle then how do they know it is Star driving the damned car and therefore how can it be anything to do with you? No he is lying he was arrested for something else I can assure you of that!’ On realising this she said ‘oh shit, god I did not realise yes your right they could not have known Star was driving the car!’

Now fast forward a little and I get a phone call from my daughter telling me that she has been told that two Arab gentlemen walked into The Bridge Hostel and banded about several thousands of pounds in cash. My daughter was staying with a friend of hers called Mikey, who had previously appeared on umm X-Factor, at a much nicer hostel and that they had apparently wanted information regarding the two of us and our whereabouts. I had some cranky phone-calls from Arab men and they had worked out that I there had been more to me than meets the eye! I even had a phone-call from Sabir to tell me that my daughter was going to be killed by a man for her behaviour, told me she was sleeping around with other men and was sleeping with his friend Star.  Told him he was lying and thought Muslims were not supposed to be dishonest, I told him that I was on the phone to my daughter several times a day and that I knew what went on in the flat more than they could possible imagine. I informed him that I only let him know what I wanted to and that I knew that after I had not come up after 6 weeks that he told my daughter that ‘your mum don’t give a shit about you and your dad does not give a shit about you, you belong to me now and I can do what I want!’ I also told him that I was the reason that his mate had ran off and I had threatened to kill him and any family he has back out in Iraq until he had no bloodlines left. I also informed him that it was me behind him being arrested and that my daughter knew nothing about it!

Hopefully this would take everyone’s focus away from my daughter and onto me and I had already removed myself from the electoral register and this is still in effect today, despite the threats of fines from the not so civil servants?!

Oddly he then kept calling me ‘Sir’ just as Star had done when I was ripping shit out of him too?! Funny I recall a crying daughter that said to me after she got the phone off Star the following ‘Dad! I don’t know what you said but he is running around with a bag throwing clothes into it and now heading for the door!’ I told her I said what I needed to say and she told me that all the other Arabs were scared of him and I said well I am not!

I then had to basically scream at the council to rehouse my daughter somewhere else and that I would go to the newspapers over this now. My daughter was refusing to return to the hostel and along with abuse and violence form other residents, the Arabs trying to find her I also managed to get my evil-ex recorded trying to have my daughter sectioned and claiming she had serious mental problems. Hearing her telling Sophie ‘Yess you should, you will get a nice warm bed and out of this shit hole!’ I did not know whether to attempt to untie my knotted stomach or burst out laughing. I told her to put her on a coach to London and I will pick her up at this end. She says NO to this, despite stating she is worried about my daughter she knows I will get her all the treatment she needs IF she needed any. Her reasoning for not sending her to London is she was not old enough, at 18, and would end up falling of the coach or ending up in Wales?!

I KID YOU NOT but do not take my word for it as the recorded conversation is actually on here in a previous post!!

Eventually I put a stop to any of that and my daughter managed to start finding some allies, one in particular had my daughter’s phone thrust into her face one day while I was on the other end. Her name was Pauline and she asked who I was. I told her I was her father and I warned her about her mother. At first she was apprehensive about the conversation and I said I do not want anything from you I just need you to LISTEN. She did and after a few minutes she handed back the phone to my daughter. After coming off the phone she turned to my daughter and said ‘I am soo glad you gave me that phone and I spoke to your Dad! I have had some suspicions about your mother and your Dad just confirmed EVERYTHING I had already suspected!’

The game was afoot!

Pretty soon I was messaged via Windows Messenger and a happy daughter came on video conferencing and I was looking at a very nice room and a young child on her bed with her. He turned out to be the younger of my two grandsons and the room was in a very nice Bed and Breakfast at the council’s expense, about bloody time.

Now skirting forward a bit to stay on topic I got a phone-call one day from her to some very peculiar goings on. From the moment I had contacted MI5 and GCHQ I had warned her not to mention it to anyone but to keep an eye out for new unmarked vehicles that were suddenly appearing a great deal when they were not there before. While at the B&B one night a strange couple in their forties appeared with accents that were from down here. There was a smoking room in the basement and my daughter left her room one night to venture down there for a ‘ciggie’. When she left her room this couple then left theirs which was the next room along and walked down in front of her and on into the smoking room. The three of the sat down I the room and then after a while started asking her personal questions like what she was doing there and where would she be going next? These were well dressed individuals and by all accounts well-spoken and WHITE and also drove a brand new Audi which was a larger model which got attention from everyone. I asked if they actually smoked at all while in the smoking room and she said ‘ohhh no they didn’t!!’ and I said ‘government agents’.

The odd couple checked out of the B&B the next morning!

Fast forward past the never-ending council incompetence which was obviously becoming a cover up or gargantuan proportions and my daughter finally receives a flat albeit one bedroom and in in hell of a dive of an area to live. Rows of houses bordered up and close enough to Birkenhead Town Centre to be a concern and with her mother the same distance in the other direction. Some Arabs start to cruise around in what sounded like a 7 Series BMW and often slow down next to her and try and speak to her. She rings me one day and says ‘Dad! What is that style of martial arts that you do?’ and I tell it is called Wing Chun Kung Fu. I find out a few days later that the driver of the car states that he is highly trained in the same style by the Grandmaster of the world, I tell her that’s crap as the three best known and highly regarded ones are all dead and they are Bruce Lee, Ip Man and Wong Shun Leung and that she can look them up. Other than those two you have William Cheung in China, Samuel Kwok who only visits the UK from time to time. I said that the top guy in the UK would be Alan Gibson and he is based in Southampton and I have a signed book by him of only 250 and as this guy said he trained in Manchester then he is lying. I said that this was a message for me and they were letting me know they are checking me out. Only I could not give a flying f…ig!! That would be easy to find on the Internet!

I said do not worry about it.

Eventually she acquired a council flat, albeit a shoddy one on a shoddy area.

I will NOT take anything for granted!! This is what I have stuck to for several years in a build-up to achieve these things I did and I will NOT alter that at all for no one. They have to prove themselves to ME.

To give an example of this my daughter eventually got his flat and I promised I would go up and stay with her for a week or two. The fact I was walking into the Lion’s Den with a possible crossfire that could turn out to be literal was not going to stop me. I had also warned everyone that come the time I WILL go up there and if it all kicks off then … TOUGH SHIT as no one spoke to me and I will now extend them the same courtesy and I meant what I said. I booked a coach ticket to get up there, yet again being refused any help financially to go up by the DWP, and I was booked online to arrive in Liverpool Lime Street. However now realising this would make it too easy for everyone involved to monitor, watch, apprehend or kill me I decided some little skulduggery was the order of the day! So I decided to have a word with the two drivers just north of Birmingham and stated I wanted to get off at the Chester stop, it always stops somewhere just short of Liverpool and could have been Warrington, Runcorn or somewhere else. Late at night I got off the coach, armed to the teeth with Nunchaku and a staff, even getting asked by a drunken passenger in a MPV what it was at a set of traffic lights and I said GUESS. I turned up at my daughter’s new flat the very day she had been given the keys and was around 1am. I was greeted by a sea of faces as my daughter’s two brothers were there, surprisingly, as was my two grandchildren, the younger of which had fallen asleep. I realised immediately that my EX had been told of my arrival and she, as I predicted she would have done had I known this, decided that while I was around it was best to play nice. She had even spent a fortune doing her hair and covering face with make up when she arrived Sunday to pick the children up. She saw me and barged through the doorway and along the hall past the door openings to various rooms which originally were occupied by different children before being knocked out of the way by billiard balls!!


My daughter wanted carpets fitted and I said I had not done it before but would give it a go and as my evil ex was now playing nice my daughter capitalised on this by getting her mother to run her to pick them up. She returned with the first and disappeared again and while I was sweating like a hog one of my two phones rang. Not many people had my number and those that did were all in my contacts, save the Police who had vanished into the ether with their tales between their legs, and of course the security agencies. Upon reaching the phone it said unknown number before ringing off before I could answer. The other phone started ringing immediately and again an unknown number and curious at this without thinking of my plan I answered the phone to ‘Hello … MI5 here!’ yea right. I was asked questions about the various and now nefarious members of this little gang and what each one did and looked like and I had a pretty good idea then of what everyone did. I felt like he was shooting the breeze and I remember playing along thinking, I have been feeding you data for 8 months and as SOON as I arrive in Liverpool you are ringing me up on my first morning?! Yeah more like checking to see I had not gone round and slain all their suspects, which it became obvious they only had because I HAD PROVIDED the two cells in Manchester and Birmingham as well as the splinter group in Liverpool to lead them to the other two.

He also called me a genius! Yes I get that a lot, I said!

I will also add that these cells in these locations WERE raided ain apprehended by both MI5 and the Police!

A common act by me evil ex is that of stealing passports and she had taken my daughters several times since I was in contact but God knows what for. While there her passport went missing yet again and I decided it was her mother but my daughter would not have it. We failed to find it when my daughter noticed a message from someone she did not know on Facebook telling her that he had found her passport in a street we had not used?! He came round that evening, pressed the buzzer and handed it to her?! Bizarre!

That evening we were chatting about what these guys were going to get up to and I told her that despite what they were filming and the video I will still convinced that they would target the Olympics and would be too much for them to resist. But I said it was strange that after 6 months or more I had just about everything bar 1) The Olympic Games mentioned and 2) Large quantities of fertilizer and everything else had been seen. She was telling me that she thought it was weird to and in the conversation she mentioned something she found odd. I asked what and she went on to say that Star had been asking her about a place in Stratford in London but she knew nothing about it. I turned and my mouth dropped open and my daughter asked me what was it? I said, are you serious? They were asking you about Stratford? She said yes, why and I explained that that is where the Olympic Games were being held but she had thought it was called the Olympic Park and I said that it is but is in Stratford! Then she realised I was right about that too and I then said I was annoyed with myself because something had not occurred to me beforehand. Despite having a Scouse accent my daughter was actually born right here in London! They KNEW this and hence WHY they were asking her about London, them not realising that she was only 16 months old when she left London as a baby.

Did I feel like a right dick?! Yes I did! Of course MI5 were informed of this upon my return to London.

One night I get a phone-call from a shaken and worried daughter and she tells me not to react or get worried but has something to tell me. One night her BROKEN door intercom goes off and not being able to speak she goes downstairs to see who it is only it is the two Arab men from the BMW and they burst into the property, attack her and get into the flat! They take her phone, probably the one I bought her and likely broken but still know not the details of its demise. She screams for help and three neighbours hear her and phone the Police. Unbelievably they manage to do a ten minute drive, five at speed, in less than a minute?! The main culprit, a guy I later find out is called Friyad (not Fee Ad lol) is arrested and taken to a custody suite The next day she calls me from the custody suite to tell me she wants assurances that he will be locked up. This man is a new face and none that neither I nor my daughter had come across before. While waiting a man exits the building and she comes off the phone to ask him for a cigarette and a light. She calls me back about ten minutes later and says that something strange just happened. This odd man had an Irish accent and in Birkenhead you would be hard pushed to find ANYONE with a strange accent, other than the locals that is! He tells my daughter on being asked that the Police were being RACIST towards him because he was Irish and that he was going to complain and stated that she should do the same. He then said that he was going to complain about Sergeant Kate Roberts and DC Simon Broadhurst?! The same two I had complained about and as this was Birkenhead and they were based across the Mersey in LIVERPOOL made this even more bizarre. He then gave her a packet of 20 cigarettes and a lighter before leaping into a waiting Porsche Cayenne, a vehicle you DON’T SEE in that area EVER, with a blond lay at the wheel chatted for a while before driving off?! I then told my daughter that these were agents and that I now suspect that this guy was about to be released and that he was likely one of the planners and ring leaders of the two terror cells Star was visiting, oh I failed to mention that but LOL, which I informed MI5 about and they wanted to KNOW what we KNEW which was why they were banding about money to find us. It was what I expected and what I had warned my daughter would likely happen at some point.

In fact all of my guesses at who would make a move next and what they would do had been spot on, there is a reason the solicitor my daughter has said what he did about me and the case he now has to deal with. But it is not over yet, there IS a MAIN HEARING in November after a Preliminary 6 weeks ago but until the situation is dead and buried I was not rest and hence WHY this blog exists!

Just as I predicted this Friyad came walking out of the custody suite and the Police state they could not charge him with anything and would not comment any further. Angry and in broad daylight in front of others my daughter pursued him despite my appeals to her to leave it alone. Still I was on the phone to her and STILL I was recording the conversation. She called after him but he ignored her and was on his phone to someone. Eventually she grabbed him and demanded to know why he had done that. He said ‘I came a long way to get you!’ and that was it. Nothing more and nothing less and eventually my daughter walked away. He was never seen nor heard of again, well not in person anyway.

One night around midnight my daughter phoned me and was annoyed and around 11.30pm at night she got a visit from a couple of plain clothes detectives both of which were women. They had identity cards and my daughter was annoyed as she was under the impression that as they were looking for this Friyad character with two warrants for his arrest that they assumed that she was hiding him in the flat. I asked her if she had enquired as to what the warrants were for and she said umm something I do not recall which was nothing and two plain clothes detectives certainly would not be knocking on someone’s door at that time of night. I asked what the other warrant was for and she said they could not let her know that and THAT was what I was expecting to hear. Then she said something odd and said that they had been told that this Friyad was now in London and this was about 3 months prior to the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Stratford! I said I think they are agents and that they are trying to get a message to me to watch myself. I did not think she believed me and she called me a few days later after going to the Police to find out more about these women and the warrants, only the Police knew NOTHING about it, nor what my daughter was on about and could NOT identify the two women my daughter described?!

Now is that more incompetence or something more sinister? Who knows? Nothing more ever came up about the two mystery women.

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