Saturday, 29 September 2012


I was preparing my first of a series of posts concerning the Final Subject I mentioned I was about to cover over the next couple of weeks.

While typing it out in a Word document it occurred to be that it would be wise to first stress a few points due to the nature of what went on.

Now as many other things were going on at the same time I skirted over these briefly as they are not the really key points towards convincing the readers and also would just make it very long.

Now the points I will now list MUST be kept in mind..

I have not been arrested for wasting anyone's time...

I have not been arrested for LYING about this ...

I have not been locked up in a straight jacket and labelled as crazy!

Now what took place happened as I described it, though I did realise I had got something in the wrong order so had to cut and paste and hope it is now in the right order.


Also remember that my data likely is around 27GB and definitely over 25GB and I can assure you that what I have placed on here is not even CLOSE to half of it. Many important things have merely been forgotten or I had so many files on certain important dates the latter of which I cannot recall.

Also remember the media were sent a great deal of all this too.

What has been going on behind the scenes I have NO IDEA. Though I can hazard some guesses?!

My next post will now be a quick run through of this final subject.... then a series of posts about key points and research and information from experts without letting on what it was about, though a guy in the local Maplin pretty much guessed?! Smart guy and his name is Ed.

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