Monday, 17 September 2012


Thought I would just do a little thinking out loud...

Now in November I need to be in Liverpool for a few days as I mentioned previousy. Primarily this is as support for my daughter but I may well have to take my paperwork with me, cannot see how I wont be requested to do so in all honesty.

Now to do this I will need to drive up there so will need a car and up until now I have had a couple of ideas abut how this would happen...

First off and as mentioned previously I put in a claim for a Community Care Grant via the DWP, though I am convinced this will go the way everything else does with those inhuman tosspots despite people telling me they will have to because it is for a court appearance.

Secondly there was the possibility this would be funded by the solicitors and the monies recouped from the Council to be nailed to the wall, if everyone does their jobs properly, like the JUDGE?!

When I first thought of this there was a THIRD possibility and I was more inclined to think this thrid wone would be the case. I had forgotten it and thought it would be a good idea to put this in now as a lead up to another area I have and will be covering...

It had occurred to me that certain journalists will, OR SHOULD, by then want to be travelling up themselves t the court and that it is possible they may get in contact with me beforehand and offer to take me with them, with the opportunity to ask questions along the route and see any paperwork I have on me.

However and especially with me things never go quite to plan! LOL.

It is journalism I want to cover in the next instalment and I do fear by then that there will be a very curious state of affairs that I would like answers to at some point down the road...

...maybe not but I always expect my plans to go awry and hence why I now always have a couple of back up plans.

Now there is nothing more annoying, putting it mildly as DISGUSTING and INHUMAN spring to mind, than wanting to do something, or indeed having to do something, especially to do with family and there are no authorities around willing to help you...

When this happens to people with health and disabilities then I am afraid to say that the people behind this deserve to be 'burned at the stake'!

Now in this particular case it may be just another refusal in a long line of refusals but in this instance it involves the law and a possibility they may refuse to help cover it up, or help it fail. After all by the time they realise what the money is for and who against, once the letter containing court date is received, it may be obvious that this case can lead to a high amount of damage to not only the DWP themselves but also various others too.

They will not like it up 'em!!!

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